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my beloved child do not fret I’m cradling your heart with boundless love

and warmth right now even as worries surface and storms rage around you I am

here wrapping You In My Embrace shielding you from letting these tribulations steal your

joy the gifts I lay before you today surpass anything you’ve ever sought in

prayer you have endured much to reach this moment generously nurturing the lives of

those dear to you yet in this time of Plenty adversities test your faith and

resolve hear me now embrace my promise and do not fear I understand what you

are facing nobody can ruin your dreams spoil your good fortune or take away

these joyful moments from you what I’m about to give you is Way Beyond anything

you’ve lost before I’m the one who writes your story and I allowed these

challenges because I’m getting you ready for even bigger and better things get ready to see a miracle so

amazing and wonderful that you and your family will be stunned it will touch their hearts so

deeply that they’ll have no choice but to bow down realizing my love for them

feeling sorry for ever doubting even you will see those who doubted you asked for

your forgiveness they laughed at your faith but my kindness is so immense that

I came personally to show them my love so I’m here now speaking gently and

with affection urging you stay calm stand strong hold on to your dreams and

don’t be scared of the tough times in this world there might be times when it feels

like everything is falling apart While others around you are consumed by fear

turning to hate ignoring my teachings and abandoning The Hope I’ve given you

stand strong like a tree by the water’s edge you grow in wisdom and Faith

producing good things in your life and your hope stays alive you experience peace safety and

plenty of spiritual blessings even when others are caught up in their worries feeling lost and empty because they’ve

turned away from my guidance don’t follow the crowd Keep Your Home Free from arguments

and conflicts stay away from people who try to make you doubt ignore hurtful and

silly talk keep evil outside your door don’t look at things that pollute your

heart and mind stay alert and brave encourage every member of your family to

forgive and be kind to one another make sure they don’t go to sleep

holding on to anger or bad feelings because that would let the bad dreams of illness and ruin into their lives

so work on forgiving each other I’ve already forgiven everyone and don’t keep

reminding them of what they did wrong I forgive and forget their mistakes which I’ve tossed into the

Sea’s depths don’t keep bringing up old wounds don’t dredge up mistakes from long ago

don’t upset each other by rehashing faults I’ve already forgiven or by blaming each other for things that

happened just yesterday forgive and let go and my holy spirit will live

in your hearts those who really love and understand me always try to forgive and

forget not letting guilt or arguments control their feelings actions or

thoughts listen to what I’m saying be loyal and follow my guidance and you’ll

see your life change for the better witnessing many of the blessings I’ve promised come to

life your feelings won’t be upset by unexp expected changes and your troubles

won’t make you sad I want you to live peacefully strong in your inner calm I’m

not saying you’ll have a life without challenges only those who are afraid want a life without having to try hard

or take charge I’ve told you over and over to put in the effort and be brave not to be

scared or give up you don’t have to be paralyzed by fear or filled with doubt

just like I’ve been there for you in the past and got you through tough times

I’ll do it again and again my love is Limitless my kindness never runs out

your life is safe with me your achievement is recorded in my ledger your success is guaranteed your Victory

is certain tomorrow I’ll give you the strength your heart needs once more I

will shower joy and blessings on your family Heaven’s Gates will open and

prosperity will pour down on your home tell me you trust in what I’ve planned for you for nothing and nobody can ruin

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