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DO THIS NOW | God Message Today | God’s Message Now for You Today

my beloved Child come close and let us

commune a

while there are treasured truths I long

to impress upon your heart precious

wisdom about the nature of blessing and

reward in this

life you may shuffle through dreary days

overwhelmed by struggles to stay

afloat Financial woses Relentless health

issues fractured

relationships didn’t I prom promise you

more where is this fruitful life when

you find yourself

Barren my beloved true Prosperity has

little to do with external

realities some of History’s godliest

Heroes were pennyless Afflicted

imprisoned yet in their adversity faces

radiant with my presence transformed

Bleak cells into beautiful cathedrals

with vaulted ceilings arching into


eyes that had witnessed unspeakable evil

Shone instead with irrepressible joy and

hope though storms of chaos swirled

fiercely outside prison bars locked

tight inside Sacred Refuge

blossomed in wounds left by life’s dread

and disappointments I poured streams of

comfort out of broken shards I fashioned

vessels to carry Heavenly Glory into



dare you believe that present trials

might actually be the rich soil in which

my spirit grows lasting

abundance beloved how does my kingdom


Prosperity not by increases in this

world’s wealth so prone to moth and

rust rather in the yielding of your

Earthbound dreams to the destiny I

uniquely crafted before times Dawning it

lies not in what you chase but who you


not in gold coins clutched tight but in

generosity flowing freely from Open

Hands he who seeks Fortune to Pat his

own Coffer finds it empty in the

end yet those who spend life on Eternal

things reap fortune unspent in ageless

days to come if you cling tightly to

this world you’ll lose life

himself but if you release all to follow

me you gain everything forever more

the Abundant road though narrow and

steep leads to Heights of joy you cannot


imagine what about those dark Seasons

when life feels brutally

unfair when thieves break in and plunder


Treasures when the ground crumbles

underfoot leaving you broken in


loss what then of

prosperity here is a mystery of the ages


in your deepest Agony weapons aimed to

destroy you can be reforged into Divine

instruments shaped for

Glory as I meet you in the ashes and

guide you gently through valleys

shadowed in death’s Gloom seeds of

vibrant life take root in your

mourning Grace washes over you in tides

of such extravagant excess that rivers

of my love spill from your soul into


wastelands the the crushing blow meant

to destroy becomes the hammer that

shatters glass

ceilings I transfigure traumatic loss

into remarkable gain do not lose heart


beloved have I not said through my

servant that I will restore to you the

years the locusts have eaten and you

will praise me for what I the Lord your

God have done is anything too marvelous

for me nothing can thwart my purposes or

block the BL blessing i ordain for you

rest in this unshakable truth your

heavenly father knows how to give

perfect gifts to his

children no matter how loudly despair

rages or hope deflates in tattered

shreds at your feet take

courage liftoff is coming the night is

Inky black but joy appears on the

horizon radiant with New Beginnings that

will make broken Souls take

flight you will shine like Zion bathed

in dawn’s early

light now is the time to Anchor deep

your soul in Timeless truth unchanged by

The Mad pace of Shifting

Shadows build on foundations laid long

before you

arrived fortify mind body and spirit in

my Word Alive with power and breath that

never Fades though Heaven and Earth pass


let these truths steady your steps

through churning chaos I Am Lord of the

Harvest and hold your times in my hand I

am defender of the defenseless and hear

the Cry of the crushed I am healer of

the broken and see the tears of the

Wounded I am father to the orphaned and

come gently to bind up shattered

Hearts not one tear Falls unnoticed so

lift wet eyes heavenward into the Gaze

of the one who understands completely

and holds you

close the hand that wo you together now

men’s torn

seams I am making all things new your

dreams rust in forgotten piles desires

once firy now covered in Gray

Ash but watch what happens when the

Breath of Heaven touches faint Embers

Sparks ignite into brilliant

flame in my hands lies the power to

resurrect dead things and open hard

tombs with just a whisper I Infuse

wearied bones with Vigor to dance and


again I know how to make Wasted Years

fruitful in a single

season I prophesy over valleys of dry

bones and watch as Senus flesh and skin

knit together and stand to form Mighty

armies yes I know how to breathe life

into long buried dreams and awakened

gifts hidden under layers of

disappointment and

regret just watch what I will do hear me

now beloved child the enemies you see

aim to convince you Prosperity will

always lay just Out Of Reach for you but

their taunts cannot drown out the voice

of truth that resides within your spirit

you bear my image and nature woven into

the fiber of your being is an

indestructible seed carrying

Resurrection Life not even the grave


extinguish that life Springs forth

chasing Darkness as light pierces

night’s strangling

Veil The rejected Stone rolls away

untapped potential to become a catalyst

that sets many

free gone the former things limitations

and labels that cannot contain the

destiny I

ordained no more barrenness only

joy no more lack only abundance

abundance no more failure only

Victory the Spirit who raised Christ

Jesus from darkness of death now infuses

you with inextinguishable light I have

spoken these words over you before time

was Now set your face with holy resolve

and live them out beloved your time has

come my precious child I see your hearts

cry for more not more more of fleeting

Treasures but of that which truly

satisfies the hunger panging deep in


soul how intimately I know that ache and

long to fill its void with good things

that never

disappoint my deepest desire is to share

the Abundant Delights of my table with

you not only take away your tattered

Rags but clothe you in royalty’s robes

to set you high in Honor’s seat that

none can

Lodge can you Glimpse my great

affection then why do you settle for

lesser lovers that cannot complete you

what does a healthy Soul Fully Alive

look like vibrant in spirit because

Roots reach my streams of Living

Water Unshackled from past wounds and

regrets that held you hostage forgiven

and free confident in your worth and

belonging at rest in my love

awake to Glorious potential seeds

dormant within longing to

unfurl passionate and

purposeful overflowing with contagious

joy that enlivens every environment you

enter with my fragrance I crafted your

original design for justice Beauty

creativity and relationship but Decay

corrupted Perfection so that now you

struggle to discern the voice of life

within from those hellbent on destru

ction all around the tests you face

determine whether you will surrender to

the Great Deceiver or see through

facades to the triumphant love waiting

to infuse your bones with Vigor to carry


reward in me you find the Abundant Life

your soul

craves will you daily lift your cup to

receive fresh infusions of

Grace the Overflow of Joy Integrity

wisdom and passion that course from my

my veins into willing ones electrifies

everything in its path dry ground soaks

up spilled drops and Sprouts rivers in

the desert

Wasteland broken ruins reconstitute

stronger than

before this is the life I offer you

beloved one Untouched by blight of

disease betrayal lack anxiety or failure

a life that overcomes because Anchored

In The Fortress of my peace do not miss

the holy exchange offered at such


cost anything less invites robbers to

return and steal kill and destroy what I

desire to prosper through

you I paid the ultimate price for your

absolute freedom and wholeness do not

toy with counterfeits or attempt to fill

your cup from polluted streams bound to

disappoint only one pure Fountain flows

without taint from which you are meant

to drink your fill

keep returning to be refreshed and made

new in my healing

presence allow me to continually realign

your mind will desires and perception

until they mirror my truth this is the

path into the broad place of Destiny

where you walk shoulder-to-shoulder with

me surrounded by Joy so palpable that

nothing life hurls can dim victory’s

bright song resonating through your

spirit here your soul discovers its

reason for being these words may seem

but distant Rumblings of a far off world

when your reality holds only dim

flickers of light steadily fading yet

dare to

believe allow this truth to take root

hidden in your heart nothing is beyond

the reach of Redeeming Grace no one is

too insignificant for my full attention

or too soiled for me to

cleanse never doubt that I am able to

lift you from Ash and fragments to

rebuild the broken vessel through

streams of living water flowing from

within as I open your eyes to restored

Vision you awaken to

Clarity the narrow way opens up to


abundance here is the feast your

famished heart has

sought come

now the table is set and the banquet


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