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[Music] child don’t give up because this journey is for the courageous I picked you on

purpose to do something really important I’m making my plan clear walking with

you every step of the way together we’ll get through tough times jump over obstacles and beat the

challenges we’ll keep fighting never giving up because you’re meant to do

great things your being here isn’t a coincidence Ence I’ve had your name in

my book since the very beginning way before you were born I’ve loved you from

the start looking forward to the moment you’d see my Guiding Light you might

start asking questions you’ve never thought of especially when you’re going through tough times you might wonder where I was when

you were hurting here’s what I want you to know trust me I can heal your pain

and make the hurtful past fade away my love is so strong that it has

taken away all your mistakes and now I want to help you forget those sad memories

too I don’t want you to keep thinking about the past it only brings the hurt

back and makes you feel worse what’s important is that you’re

alive right now and there’s a lot of good stuff coming your way dreams will

come true you’ll reach your goals see your family happy again and even feel as

strong and energetic as you once did look forward where good things start

growing and blessings happen get ready for an amazing new chapter in your life

your heart is all set to take on new adventures and the happiness that comes from doing what you’re meant to do

forget about the old hurts they’re gone and I’ve forgiven all your mistakes you don’t owe anything anymore

if some people don’t accept you or forgive you it’s time to find new friends who see your true

value I don’t want anyone to disrespect the kindness and freedom my spirit

offers you shouldn’t stick around in any situation that brings you down or embarrasses you listen to me alone and

keep your freedom safe from those who misuse my words to control you you are

free so step out of any situation that feels like a prison your kids

need protection too leave such situations behind and you’ll be grateful

for this warning you’ll see today how much I really care about you and how

much you mean to me but if you decide to stay with those who don’t treat you right remember you

can’t expect things to change without making a choice to step away do your part you are a wise and responsible

person your life and your family will continue to suffer as long as you remain trapped in a vicious cycle of pain and

humiliation you do not deserve such suffering you are my child and I have paid for your sins with my own

blood now I ask you what more shall I do for you ask me anything you desire call out

to me and I will surely respond with wonders beyond your imagination but tell me will you believe

in me I do not want you to remain in the same place leave your land and your relatives

for the promised dream land where blessings rain down and provision Springs from the ground my dear child

with all my affection I tell you you are special if only you could feel what I

feel see yourself as I see you and understand this Supernatural World

seeing yourself in the spiritual mirror you would know you would fall to your knees

and thank me with your loyalty your time your smile your thoughts you would rise with a profound

love for life and embark on Conquering the promised land I have for

you break those bonds that restrain you for you are fortified with the courage

my voice instills in your soul you would finally understand that

you are already victorious in all things through my sacrifice and Resurrection

my doors are always open just come and talk to me with a thankful and humble

heart I’ll show you love in a way only I can come and sit next to me look in my

direction with your faith filled eyes you’re incredibly blessed and have full

access to my strength all that I have is yours just as I’ve promised and written down ask

and you shall receive I will nourish you with sweetness and the best provis

Visions don’t lose heart or feel down for you have an important role to

play my love for you is so vast and deep it’s more than you can grasp right now

but trust in it feel it and walk by faith knowing I never deceive and I’m always with you from the bottom of my

heart I tell you I love you deeply and wish no more pain for you I see the tough times you’re

enduring feeling like you’re running out of strength you try to hide your pain aiming to look strong yet I understand

you more than you understand yourself you might fool the mirror but I

see your true self your spirit your heart even if you’re courageous come and

share with me what’s holding you back from discussing your worries I will

catch every tear and raise you up stop doubting give me your worries and I’ll

bear them for you be being my child comes with many blessings and wonders

that will touch you and your family profoundly you’ll feel Joy and

contentment as my promises come to life in you I’ll never leave your side my

angels will watch over you keeping you safe each morning reach out to me pray

and you’ll notice how blessed your day becomes filled with my gentle love keeping you at peace should an

unexpected difficulty arise simply converse with me and I shall illuminate

your path enabling you to make the right decision I shall impart upon you the

necessary wisdom and offer signs to guide you ensuring your certainty in the

direction to take rest assured I have always sought the best for you because

you deserve it as long as your heart remains loyal to me and brims with good intentions ask

and it shall be given to you according to my will you are a child of the omnipotent

God and Faithfully I Am with You therefore none can stand against you

or cause you harm with love I guide you every step of

the way walking alongside you I open New Paths for you and everything you do in

my name will be blessed you will experience abundance and success in your endeavor ende with

me by your side your dreams and plans will Thrive because only I can see and

determine your future your family will be blessed and your efforts will bear fruit for I your

almighty God am always with you Misfortune will not reach your home for

my presence surrounds you warding off harmful Spirits serious illnesses difficulties hate and

bitterness your family is under the Divine protection of my Holy Spirit I’ve given you my promise of

faithfulness and so it shall stand forever remember your faith should be as

strong as a mustard seed which though tiny grows into the largest of trees so

it is with you and I know how high you will rise my word is so powerful that if you were to

command mountains to move in my name they would obey never doubt me for I am

the only faithful God no matter what happens I will never leave you alone I

will love you eternally don’t forget I know every part of you your

feelings thoughts and deeds thus I know you deserve all the love I have to

offer no one knows you better than I do for I am the one who created you in my

image let go of all hatred and desire for Revenge I invite you to pray for those who have

wronged you so they might find their way to me their lives are devoid of my word and

Commandments but leave them to me for I will perform wonders I will reach their

hearts and unveil the truth don’t waste time on trivial matters focus on me on my promises and

all that I’m ready to give you I’ve accompanied you since the moment of your birth and even long

before I have witnessed your growth and all that you have had to endure

undoubtedly you are very brave and I am here to give you the strength to

continue I ask only that you believe in me and keep your faith strong for I

shall completely transform your life you will see how the wounds of the

past shall heal and you shall suffer no more today is your day this is your

moment lift your hands Surrender Your Heart to me and begin to live again fill

yourself with joy for this year shall change your life if you hold fast to this beautiful love

that I offer you today I’m here to give you strength and chase away all your

fears I promise there’s a good reason for everything you face and there’s

always something good waiting for you after every tough time I want you to see yourself the way I see

you you’re very important to me no matter what you’ve done whether you’ve

succeeded or failed my love for you just keeps getting bigger all the things

you’ve been through are preparing you for something amazing for you and your family don’t waste your time or energy

pointing out the mistakes in the people you care about this will all change they

will grow in their understanding wisdom and spiritual life the people around you

now will be different soon I’m working on transforming them keep praying this

challenging time will end your family will find happiness again and there will be peace and Harmony at

home but I ask you to bring all your worries and prayers to me first don’t let anything upset you or take away the

joy you’re looking for speak kindly and don’t say things that could hurt others

don’t compare them to anyone or hurt their feelings yes there are rules to follow

at home but don’t yell or insult anyone before you try to correct your family calm down first take a moment ask for my

guidance and let me fill you with hope and strength I’ll help you offer guidance

filled with love to your loved ones I’ll be with you all day every day even as

you sleep watching over you I’ll talk to to you through my teachings so you can

dream about the wonderful plans I have for you you’ll wake up joyful and strong

you’ll be able to get through anything calmly I won’t let you face anything too hard to handle but if you feel like it’s

too much right now trust me you can keep going because you’re already on your way

out to Victory just stand up and March without weeping and without complaining

for a few steps more you shall find the reward for your persistence the prize for your loyalty the fruit of your

effort this is my way of showing you that I value your faithfulness and your

commitment to fight until the end with your head held high with determination

and dignity I’m giving you such strength that you shall tread upon serpents and

scorpions deceitful demons and all hosts of evil and nothing and no one shall harm you never do I wish to see you

filled with unwavering confidence with unbreakable spirit with that certainty

that all the beautiful things you anticipate will soon arrive this is your

faith that spark of trust you bestow upon me when you open your eyes every

Dawn you please me greatly and my way of rewarding you is through this medium

where I shall reveal to you many wonders that I shall bring into your life I

cherish you deeply and as I pause to ponder the bright future awaiting you grasp this

truth don’t be scared of life’s challenges don’t shy away from difficulties and don’t evade conflicts

with my guidance and by holding my hand bravely confront your troubles assure me

that you will stand firm not allowing your feelings to overwhelm you or any sickness to detain you I’m your healer

your caretaker Aker your provider and your supporter I Supply your Necessities

enhance the rewards of your labor bolster your faith and stabilize your

thoughts above all today I embed in your heart a firm belief a steadfast trust

that my love for you is boundless even when you stumble or air my love remains

constant forever aiding you in all things your life is a journey filled

with delightful surprises abundant opportunities and growth that leads to

Greater achievements your faith lit face and confident smile Enlighten everyone around you your interactions

particularly with your family reflect my strength and love demonstrating to

others the Miracles I can perform In Those who commit their hearts to me I assure you today every challenge you

face serves a purpose therefore fear not nor let anxiety unsettle your spirit

continue on this path with resolve for I am ever by your side offering love peace

patience and fortitude infusing Your Existence with joy and serenity my love for you is

immense your resilience amazes me I urged you to be strong and you responded

with remarkable Vigor fighting valiantly beyond what I requested your actions

exemplify devotion and faithfulness I observe with delight how

the seeds I planted within you have flourished yielding wonderful results be

assured better and brighter days lie ahead you are outdoing your aspirations

and dreams advancing steadily toward a realm brimming with blessings and

joy I know that sometimes you see things differently your emotions plummet when you begin to feel envy and rejection

from people even from those who claim to love you instead of seeing the good in

you they constantly seek ways to make you feel bad revisiting the past and

bringing back memories to hurt and shatter your spirit but today as you listen to me

make this decision just as you have shown your faith and been strong in the midst of

pain also adopt an attitude of Victory don’t let anyone ruin your

effort efforts to do good don’t let them mess with your feelings trust in what I say and follow the promises I’ve made to

you remember you’re mine I’ll wrap you in my love and stand up to anyone who

tries to upset you or make fun of your belief so ignore those negative thoughts

when you’re surrounded by problems facing arguments feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by choices and your spirit

feels low come and take a break with me in my

presence you’ll find peace and hope no matter how big your troubles seem they don’t make you less important because

you’re under my care know this I didn’t cause your troubles but I promise you

I’ll pull you out of them with my strong hand I’ve never meant for you to go through more than you can handle I

wouldn’t give you a challenge that’s too tough for you I’ll take off the heavy loads you’re

carrying I don’t want you to feel lonely or sad your future is so bright that

some might try to steal your joy but remember you get to choose how to react

and your faith is like a sword that cuts through barriers if you let negative thoughts

and feelings in they’ll drag you down but if you put my spirit first in your

life and heart you’ll win I’ve played my part I’ve saved you I’ve got a victory

ready for you now it’s up to you to keep standing strong as you’ve been doing I’m

telling you you just in time that you’re close to reaching a spiritual level where everyday miracles

happen Don’t Turn back you’ve come so far don’t let your past efforts tears

and battles go to waste at this moment it matters not whether your family

appreciates your efforts focus on the goal your faith and your power of

decision are stronger than steal strive and be brave many of us abandoned their purpose

and lament their situation but a different future awaits you my presence surrounds you my spirit

Reigns in your home the windows of heaven will open upon you blessings and gifts will come upon you filling your

house with joy the hearts that turn back to me will find forgiveness and unity don’t be

afraid I’m right here with you don’t get anxious for I am your God I’ll give you

strength help you out and support you strongly I’ve given you blessings from

heaven so that my goodness can be seen in your family and extend to your friends relatives neighbors their lives

and homes you’ll be the channel for healing to reach many people you

know this amazing journey starts now so I encourage you to join me every morning

to listen remember all the Miracles you’ve already seen how my word helped

you through tough times you thought you couldn’t get past I’ve been there for you up to now

don’t turn back or waste what you’ve achieved from now on more blessings will

come your way but I want to see you each morning grateful welcoming my words

warmly today marks the end of your storm your troubles are over my breath moves

across your horizon clearing away the clouds that hide my light a fresh day breaks for you from now on

you’ll walk on Solid Ground moving towards my blessings finding great peace

and endless happiness I listen carefully to you and in the quiet I’m there

because I care your prayers are like beautiful songs to me your sadness will turn into

happiness and your pain will turn into celebration my dear child never doubt

what I tell you when I promise something it’s as good as done you can’t imagine

how far I’d go for you because my love is bigger than anything you can imagine I will hold you close bless your home

and send blessings like rain to make your life flourish you’ll see the good things come

and feel thankful for them every morning the birds will sing for you and you’ll

wake up feeling joyful seeing my good works and everything around you big changes are coming for you and

your family a time when you’ll see the rewards of all your hard work and

courage you’ve been strong through tough times keeping your faith alive I’ve

listened to every prayer praise song of thanks and plea you’ve made it touches

my heart when even in hard times you show gratitude it’s so beautiful when my

children trust in me even when it’s tough lifting their hands and saying

with all their hearts dear God I love you that’s all I need to hear because I

know you mean it you can’t fool me your Victory is close hang in there because

soon you’ll see days filled with blessings While others took it easy you prayed and worked hard now it’s time to

enjoy the fruits of your faith and thankful heart the heavens shall open and showers

of Happiness shall pour forth my affection surrounds you my love envelops

you and my desire to bless you knows no bounds it does not depend on your

feelings or emotions if you seek me I am there if

discor your me and lonliness assail you if you feel abandoned know this I am

there beside you I was with you yesterday I’m here now and I’ll stick by

you forever so don’t lose hope when things get tough just call on me and don’t fall

for the harmful lies others might tell you I love you you’re mine and you’re

way more valuable than you think I’ll never leave you I’ll always be right

there with you you’ve already beaten so many

challenges and gotten through tough times with your faith and determination you’ve seen how things that looked

impossible became doable because you held on to your faith and my word words and love now think about it who can stop

you I’m the one who decides your future and I want you to move forward and claim the spiritual blessings I’ve got for you

here on Earth I’m the almighty you’re a Precious part of my family a brave soul

I’m proud to call my own I’ve sent my angels to look out for you so you can live without fear or

sickness you’re going to be so happy jumping for joy and thankful for all the

good things coming your way remember all the blessings you get are from me so

stay humble I’ll keep on blessing you more and more you’ll grow more confident

and see it in yourself ready to face any challenges with me by your side to help

you win they shall retreat at the sight of my power within you now is the time to

lift your head high and leave behind the past offenses and mistreatments you endured without losing faith in

me cease lowering your gaze and losing sight of all I have to show you lift

your countenance and revel in the goodness you shall receive for I your

God have decreed it my promises to you are beautiful and I shall never leave

you I am the creator of all that is seen and unseen therefore I offer you my word

that I shall always be with you bestowing upon you my most Exquisite blessings I love you for

eternity this moment so beautiful is one I also eagerly

anticipate I speak and you listen I can tell you that I love you dearly and you

can feel it I demonstrate with Supernatural tenderness that I am always with you whether it be day or night in

times of prosperity or adversity I’m ever Vigilant in your

protection providing for you Timely and lavishly calling your attention with

lovely details I breathe my Divine breath upon your life filling you with peace even

amidst your battles you shall find me wherever you are for this moment when you call out to me and I respond in a

supernatural manner is crucial to me as well I send you the Sun for your

mornings the breeze for your Dawn my love envelopes you with its Divine warmth imparting the strength to

to walk securely transforming your path of pain into one of prosperity so that

you may believe in my eternal commitment that nothing and no one shall ever

snatch you from my hand I know the hardships you have endured I’m acquainted with your present

and your past ha today I urge you to hold on to my promises firmly remember

I’ve been supporting you keeping you on your feet you have life a few future and

a purpose because you are cherished and you are mine don’t let your experiences and

feelings pull you away from me I’ve chosen today to talk to you to reassure

you of my constant presence in your life and the promises that will guide you to Lush Meadows and Peaceful Waters let any

uncertainty vanish from your heart don’t give into fear or worry again I’m at

work in your home your future your personality your dreams and your plans

trust in me and let me bring my plans for you to fruition follow my lead

fearlessly and step forward with Assurance knowing I’m here with open arms to welcome you I want to

lift your burdens and wash away any negative feelings that drain your energy with my love stop fighting the current

or relying solely on your strength dive into the flow of my spirit and feel feel

secure take my hand and you’ll be safe even if today you’re in a tough spot I

will rescue you and raise you up you won’t be defeated or

humiliated don’t let anything or anyone hold you back I wish for your life to

overflow with joy and love so noticeably that everyone can see it and for you to

have all your heart longs for let everyone see that you are my cherished child let me lead you from the Dark

Places you’ve been into Paths of Peace away from this world’s troubles if I’m

reminding you of my promises today it’s because of my love for you wanting only the best for

you dare to tackle the things that bring you down my ways will guide you on

carefully prepared paths to recover what you’ve lost remember that I sacrificed my life

on the cross for you and Rose with power to death demonstrate my greatness to the

world distance yourself from those who seek to divert your path and cause you

harm they only seek to rob you of the blessings I have in store for you they

wish to see you defeated devoid of Peace purpose and reason to live but by my

side they cannot make you stumble for I will be with you guarding and loving you

forever once you commit to following me with certainty and determination not nothing and no one can separate you from

my side your past sins and errors have no place in your new life for I have

forgiven you you have nothing to be ashamed of for you are a new person my

blood has purified you broken your chains and set you free from all

evil do not dwell on the past that I have forgotten live in the present

without fear I encourage you to start each day with a pray prayer asking for my

blessing whenever you’re feeling weak or scared know that I’m there to refresh your faith strength and hope feel free

to tell me about your worries I’ll guide you to Solutions and

show you the answers you’re looking for my love for you knows no bounds and will

last forever right now you can feel that love I have the power to break down any

evil force heal every ailment and cut through all chain of sorrow and

lack I’m here to support you in every way no one can bring you down because I am lifting you up no one can conquer you

because I’m your protector no one can curse you because I’m your blessing no discouragement can touch you for my holy

spirit is there to boost your moral every day giving you confidence

excitement and happiness if you fully trust in my care and love truly believing I’m always by

side and hold on to what I’m telling you today your hard times will end

especially when despair hits hard when life’s attacks push you into

desper and confusion listen closely I am the one talking to you I am your

almighty God the creator of everything your parent Your Leader your buddy the

ruler of your life always ready to help when you call I only ask for your true

devotion and faith Faith life’s trials might come during weak moments but I get

your struggles deep inside I know you don’t want to give up if you turn back

to me saying you’re sorry and ready to stay true to me I’ll forgive you and give you a fresh

start even if a good person falls many times my kindness will pick them up

every single time you have my word for Endless compassion because with the love

I give you won’t be led astray you won’t be like those who live a lie misusing my

name or exploiting others they might look good on the outside but are full of

Deceit instead stay alert and steer clear of their traps know that I have abundant love

mercy and forgiveness for you and for those committed to my word with all their hearts but I am also a consuming

fire I protect those I love and will not allow them to fall into the clutches of

the Devourer therefore today I address your spirit directly urging you to open your

ears and give me your attention I desire your freedom I long for your healing

come each morning to listen to my word and to pray in trust your life and your family into my hands and place total

confidence in the wonderful plans I have designed for you do not believe those who tell you

that your destiny is misery and bitterness that your past is so Bleak no

one will give you a chance and that your defeat is inevitable do not believe them

I’m telling you you are mine and I will always be by your

side I have seen your repentant heart and your sincere intentions to continue

on my path to strengthen yourself and grow you will not return to the Past you

will not associate with the wicked again you will distance yourself from those who criticize and

attack you and you will seek out good people who encourage and uplift you I

want you to get to know me in a new and genuine way to understand that my love

for you goes beyond what you’ve heard before I’m not upset with you I want you

to change for your betterment I will give you the power to manage your feelings and remain calm no

matter what happens around you I plan to change you so much that people

might not even recognize you you’ll be full of joy no longer scared walking

confidently and speaking kindly I’ll fill you with strong faith

reminding you of what I’ve promised every morning when you wake up you’ll hear my guidance leading you on good

paths and making things clear for you I’ll protect you from hidden enemies and

deceit keeping those who want to bring you down at Bay you’ll feel safe with my

protection around you as I look after your peace and wellbe all I ask from you is your trust your heart your loyalty

and your total commitment to me I don’t want to take you away from your dreams or make you give up on what you hope for

I just want to be the first thing in your plans letting me guide your way as you go forward you’ll see amazing

things because my love for you is strong NeverEnding and real you won’t be scared

by troubles or fooled by the world for I give you life boost your faith and make your spiritual vision

clear my love for you Remains unaltered by your shortcomings or the multitude of

your troubles I extend my hand to lift you from the abyss leading you to a

realm of spiritual fortitude you are precious to me and I

declare your freedom from Despair and anguish believe in this love that sets

you free inscribed with indelible devotion your Liberation is not earned

but bestowed out of boundless affection Embrace this newfound life devoid of solitude and fear enveloped in my tender

Embrace sing toward the harbor of Victory you shall be crowned with

eternal joy prosperity and sacred riches impervious to theft renounce all

disbelief for your Victory is assured secured by my promises sealed with immense love experience this wondrous

love that fills your heart transforming you dispelling doubts and reaffirming

your identity know that I am here the creator of the universe to profess my love to

you let these words resonate within you for I seek to touch your heart here and

now even if you resist my love shall never waver ensuring that you remain

close to me don’t Stop trusting me listen closely to my words and you’ll see the promises

I’ve made come true in your life my dear daughter my beloved Son you are the

finest piece of work I’ve ever created the most valuable to me you weren’t made by accident or by

some Twist of luck I’ve loved you since before you even existed I carefully

crafted you with love and intention I gave you life and a reason for being

setting you up for success and preparing wonderful blessings for your journey you

stand as a magnificent example of beauty and value in my eyes and nothing and no

one can change that I get that sometimes you might feel let down or stuck because of what’s

happening around you you might wonder why you haven’t received the blessings you expect as my

child I want to reassure you it’s not that I’m holding back blessings but

rather you’ve stopped leaning on me your heart has been caught up in the temporary things of this world instead

of vibing with my message you’ve been swept up by what Society demands and have set aside my

teachings your prayers and your faith Now’s the Time to come back to me with a

humble and sorry heart ready to leave behind all the distractions and worries

that keep you away from me ReDiscover your faith in my power to change things

and in my grace to save you that’s when you’ll really start to see the blessings I have for you pour out in

abundance understand that these blessings will come to fruition when you once again place your trust in me for I

am the Lord your God if you trust in me you will be like a tree planted by streams of water

yielding fruit in due season and your leaves shall not wither but remain

Evergreen even in times of drought you shall not wither nor cease to

prosper dear one today I ask you to put your trust in me because I’m the only

one who can bring back what you’ve lost heal your hurts and make whole what’s broken inside you Let My Words change

your today and fill your tomorrow with hope believe in me and you’ll see the

amazing ways my promises come to life in your world for I am acting in your favor

guiding you to the Abundant Life I’ve planned for you since the beginning of time so don’t lose heart on this path

you’re meant to walk don’t be overwhelmed by what’s around you move forward knowing I’m giving you a

strength Mighty like a buffalo so you can stand up again just trust in me again and hold on to my promises because

all that I’ve said about you will happen you’ll experience my power and glory in your life you’ll see my plans for you

take shape from now on don’t just trust what you see with your eyes as it could lead

to disappointment and frustration instead open your Faith’s eyes and start seeing things as they could be in every

problem find a chance for a solution in the darkness visualize the light of

my presence trust in my power to transform your reality and to open doors

that seem closed doubt not what I tell you today I will work for your good even

in your most challenging circumstances so trust in me with all

your heart and not in your own understanding cease to lean on humanity

and place all Your Faith and Hope in me for only I can revive what was dead and

make a way where there seems to be none it is time for your mouth to

confess words of blessing you will see how my blessings begin to unfold in every area of your life confess my word

proclaim it even in the midst of adversity and it will yield its fruit to

you remember true faith is tested amid life’s challenges therefore rise now and

come to my altar cease wasting your time trying to do things your way come and

lay before me all your plans and trust me with your goals and dreams take my hand and cling to my

promises I assure you your faith will ignite and you will see everything you

once dreamed of come to fruition for I do not disappoint those who trust in me

rise now no matter how dire your situation may seem at this moment my

love for you will never waver I am here extending my arms of

forgiveness and restoration toward you awaiting your return to me with humility and repentance do not fear Drawing Near

to me for my love surpasses any mistake you may have made so

today I’m inviting you to lean on me again speak of my love at all times and

walk knowing I’m Forever by your side from now on make it your mission to

look for me morning and night I’ll handle everything for you your life will

be filled to the brim with good things and blessings you’ll witness the incredible ways my love and faithfulness

show up in your life trust in what I’m telling you believe and you’ll see your

life transform I hear the ache in your heart I listen to your Soul’s Deep Cries let

me bring you comfort I’m aware of every challenge all and sorrow you face as well as your dreams and hopes I know

what weighs on you and the pressure each issue places on your shoulders you’re

never out of my sight my dear child I understand all that you go through so today remember I’ve felt every tear

you’ve shed and every bit of pain you’ve experienced I’ve never left you to face

the dark times alone I’ve always been right there enveloping you in my love there’s never

been a moment when I’ve stepped away from you my love is forever and

unconditional and even if you feel knocked down or overwhelmed now know

that I’m always with you I will never abandon you not in the deepest

Darkness fear not to Bear your heart before me beloved daughter cherished son

I’m acquainted with the deepest recesses of your being cognizant of your triumphs

and accomp lishments yet equally aware of your vulnerabilities and

shortcomings I understand you felt lost and alone many times as if you’ve lost

your way but I want to assure you my love for you has never changed I love you

completely and forever no matter how much you stray or stumble I’m always

right here waiting for you to come back to me remember there’s no limit to my

forgiveness in my love you’ll find the joy and peace you are looking for come

closer to me explore my words for they hold comfort and the Insight you need to

face your troubles in them you’ll find your escape and answers to all problems

just trust in me because my kindness is more powerful than any hardship ready to

rescue you from any tough spot remember my love for you doesn’t depend on what

you do do are your achievements I’m always here to help and welcome you with open

arms step into my presence my cherished child feel me with you let me heal the

hurts marking your heart Bring me all your heavy loads and worries I will

carry them my power can change every pain into strength every sadness into

hope dare to trust me now lay it all out before me I’ll fill you with the courage

to break free from the gloom and despair pressing down on you just hold my hand

let my presence is light chase away your Darkness don’t be afraid to seek me even

When Storms rage around you in the middle of your distress I’ll be your calm in loneliness your companion in

pain your comfort and might never forget my love surround you

greater than any trial you might face stay close to me I am your

protector and Solid Ground even when troubles seem too much I’m there to pick you up and Elevate

you so do not fear and allow my love to transform your life and that of your

family let my light illuminate your path and lead you to Joy and

optimism my desire is to see your heart filled with joy and hope never doubt as

you draw near to me in prayer for I am always willing to listen and respond to your pleas please whenever you ask

something from me believing it’s good for you and others I’ll make sure you

get it so have faith in my plan for you because I only think of what’s best for

you let me remind you come closer to me anytime you need I’m here to light up

your path with my words and to give you the knowledge and advice you need in life if you ever stumble or feel weak

don’t worry I’m here to forgive your mistakes and give you the strength you need believe in me let me fill your

heart with love and your life with my presence this way you can show others

the same kindness and love I’ve given you today’s a special day because I’m

freeing you from all your troubles and sadness I’m removing all the heavy

burdens that have been making you feel down guilty or sad forget what’s behind

you and look forward to the bright future I’ve got planned for you don’t

dwell on past mistakes or listen to negative voices if this revised message aligns

with your request feel free to share it or let me know if there are any other adjustments you’d

like remember that in my love you will always find forgiveness and restoration

for your soul so do not halt this journey home do

not let yourself be influenced by thoughts or ideas that are far from my word do not let malicious comments

affect you remember that you are my child my most precious treasure and I

will always be with you in every moment of your life starting today go forward

knowing I’ll always be with you I’ll guide you toward the wonderful life I’ve

promised just put your faith in me and you’ll see how My Love Changes you

giving you strength beyond your imagination I love you deeply beyond

what you can grasp remember I’ll be with you every day no matter what look ahead

to a future brimming with happiness purpose and Abundant Blessings I’m aware of the tough times

you’re facing life has thrown challenges at you unexpectedly but remember I’m always

right there with you never leaving you behind like others might have when you chose a path of

Faith it’s easy to lose faith when the going gets tough to think everything’s

lost but remember I’m bigger than any problem there’s always a solution an

answer even if it’s not what you expected so my dear child don’t give up

don’t throw in the towel or bow your head I’ve given you the strength and bravery to confront any obstacle with

trust in me you’ll get through this tough time you’re facing

now remember nothing’s too hard for me when all seems hopeless I’m here to take

your hand and lead you to victory no matter how tough it gets never lose hope

keep believing in me and you’ll get through any hardship any test or challenge that comes your

way I believe in you my child have faith in my plan for your life

you’ll witness my power working in your favor please my child do not waver in

your faith in my authority nor in the power of my words though circumstances

May occasionally unfold in unexpected ways do not doubt that I have a purpose

for you and I am diligently at work in your life to bring it to

fruition do not allow circumstances to Define you you possess a strength

greater than you realize and you are are designed to overcome do not surrender do

not yield do not abandon your dreams nor forsake what you have begun I’m here for you assisting you in

achieving all the goals you have set simply trust and you will witness how my

power manifests in your life remember that I am always with you

no matter how dark the path you tread may seem I will never leave your side

for there is nothing you can do to cause me to forsake you much less to cease

loving you also remember that you are not alone in this life you have your family

friends loved ones whom I have placed before you to love and support you at all times my dear child always remember

to trust in me wholeheartedly don’t let fear or doubt stop you in your tracks Stand Tall move

ahead bravely and always look toward the bright future even when time times seem

tough remember I am Forever by your side in this life offering my love and giving

you the strength to face any challenge don’t be scared of tough times or obstacles because you have already

won you have the power and determination inside you to achieve anything you dream of as I’ve given you the inner strength

and resolve to get through tough spots this courage and strength I’ve

provided are your tools to conquer any difficult life throws your way so

whenever you feel lost or uncertain remind yourself that you are my beloved

child capable and strong enough to overcome anything deep within you is the wisdom

to find Solutions and make the right choices on your life’s journey never

forget that you’re not walking alone my love and strength accompany you at every step lifting you when you’re

down and encouraging you when you’re unsure I’m here to guide and support you through hard times because Victory is

your destiny believe that with my presence in your life you can reach all your

aspirations and objectives don’t lose heart continue with boldness and

resolve your future is filled with opportunities and blessings waiting for you to find them maintain your faith in

me trust in my might that will reveal itself in your life in

unexpected ways leading you to a prosperous and rewarding future remember that you are stronger

than you think you have the potential to transcend any difficulty and achieve

everything you set out to do for I am with you holding your hand every step of

the way towards your destiny of blessing and victory keep moving forward my child a

future awaits you filled with joy purpose and great

promises only I know what is best for you trust in me I will take care of your

worries doubts and fears my dear child listen carefully to

what I’m telling you and don’t ignore the guidance I offer so you can Thrive and succeed in everything you

do remember I’m your God your father in Heaven the one who made you




and [Music]

n [Music]

[Music] gave you life I called you from the

farthest reaches of the earth chose you and said you are mine I’ve picked you

for a reason so there’s no need to be scared I’m with you don’t get

discouraged because I’m your God who gives you strength I’ll always be there to help and support

you today it’s essential to understand that to enjoy a truly rich and joyful

life you need to pay attention to me and follow the path I lay out for you it

might be tough but it’s the best way because I’m the one who created

you I shaped you with my own hands and only I know what’s truly good for

you so I’m asking you don’t ignore what I teach or look away from my words

because they’re the key to a life full of joy and countless blessings heed my advice and you’ll find

yourself living in peace surrounded by love and flourishing you’ll experience remarkable

achievements and receive new numerous blessings and when tough times hit or

you feel like you’re on your own remember I am always with you you can

rely on me I brought you into this world for a very special and holy reason not

to abandon you or watch you suffer take hold of my hand beloved Son

grasp it firmly at all times walk with the certainty and conviction that I will

never let you go instead I shall be your constant guide your steadfast support

with every step you take it shall be I who AIDS you in achieving your goals realizing all your

dreams for my hand shall always be there holding yours you need only trust and keep in

mind that if you entrust to me all your worries doubts and fears I shall make them

disappear I will resolve your problems and dispel your fears for I am your God

strong and jealous who safeguards the Integrity of his children and supplies their needs my dear child I urge you

today to avoid dark and harmful paths stay strong in your faith firmly rooted

in Jesus no one can defeat you not even the evil one who lurks around like a

fierce lion looking for someone to attack so don’t give up my dear

child believe in what I tell you because I have wonderful plans for you even if

you can’t see where you’re going right now trust that I’m leading you in every step just trust in me and let my wisdom

and words light your way they’ll show you the path to real happiness and

success this path will take you to peaceful and refreshing places where

you’ll find Victory joy and abundance so keep going be strong and

brave live in a way that you’re proud of showing others what faith looks like be

a person who listens and shares the true message remember I’m always with you in

good times and bad every challenge is a chance to grow stronger and every hurdle can lead you

to new discoveries and learning believe that even when times are tough my light will shine on your

way I have plans for you that go beyond any trouble you face I will turn big challenges into chances for you every

Brave step you take lays down the groundwork for the trust and bravery you

need to follow your dreams so don’t ever give up because I’m

your strength and your savior I’m your caring dad who will always be there to support look after you and give you all

you need trust in me as I will lead you to a place where all my promises Bloom where

you can achieve what you aim for keep in mind that I picked you destined you to be significant joyful and blessed

listen to what I say and it will happen you’ll live a life full of blessings and

joy nothing will stop my promises from enriching your life continue on your journey knowing

that I your father will guide you towards a prosperous

future I’ll push you toward a future brimming with love success and

happiness believe and find peace in my care I’m in charge of your life do not

fear for I’m your protector always watching over you every morning when you

wake up I’m there with you hoping you feel my presence as you start your day

avoid letting distractions interfere with these first Precious Moments instead focus on my words to you listen

as I guide you reminding you that I am in control and you should trust in me do

not be scared of hard times because with me by your side you will not face danger

alone even the problems that worry you now will be solved quicker than you

think as you pray know that I am planning your journey writing your story

nothing is beyond my knowledge and power those blessings you are asking for are

on their way I am strengthening your faith ready to raise you up and guide you to a new

chapter where everything will be renewed do not worry about what others say keep

your dignity and live with faith there will always be those who speak out of

jealousy but my view of you is what truly matters I see you as truly amazing

with a heart that’s honest and true hold on to my words keep them in

your thoughts especially when you feel under attack turn to my love for safety I’ve


[Music] been




with you through every challenge every time you stumbled every loss every win

and every tough moment now it’s your time to shine to lift your life to new

heights Leave the Past struggles behind and step into a new chapter filled with

victories and Fresh Starts this is when I change your life starting a brand new story with you let

me lead you down a path path filled with blessings and wisdom giving you my love

and peace to calm your heart and mind I’m the only one who can pull you out of

your troubles and help you overcome the challenges you’re facing open your heart to me and watch how things start to

change miraculously how answers to your problems appear you’ve done the right

thing by turning to me in your tough times what I want is for you to keep me first in your life

always loving me completely with all your heart soul and

mind commit to me today and see how having Me In Your Heart Makes a real and

Powerful difference you felt it for some time now The Emptiness in your life that

needs to be filled let me into your heart and watch how everything starts to

transform those who have caused you pain will come back your hearts heavy with

remorse seeking your pardon the doors that seemed firmly shut will open wide

before you revealing Pathways you never imagined those who once turned their

backs on you will look upon you with new found respect and admiration in your

life I will introduce sincere and steadfast companions erasing the shadows

of sadness and isolation that you may have felt trust in the word words I

impart to you they are imbued with divine power capable of transforming

your circumstances for the better do not be disheartened by

unforeseen challenges or disheartened by the harshness of others

judgments ignore the spiteful actions and comments fueled by jealousy intended

to bring you down for you are safely cradled in my protective Embrace each

morning Let My Words Be the first to stir your heart and set the tone for

your day live in the assurance that you are enveloped in the love and protection

of your Almighty and cherished God you are under the watchful care of your

heavenly father forever held in his Loving Arms know that you are dearly

loved now and always



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