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Don’t Lose Faith | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

my dearest child I speak to you with a

heart overflowing with love and empathy

don’t let your faith waver hold on to

your trust in me even when the road gets

bumpy and exhaustion sets in reach out

to the Heavens For My Love Burns

brightly within you a fire that never

flickers don’t get caught up in the

inconsistency of people they may

disappoint you so don’t rely on their

approval for your

spirit I created you for love both to

give and receive it but the only

everlasting love unwavering and secure

is M A Love That Will Never abandon

you don’t invest your heart in those who

might leave you or place your future in

the hands of those whose love may fade

don’t give the most precious space in

your soul to those who could turn away

hurt you or break

you you sought hope and here it is you

prayed for peace and here it is if you

need rest take it and if you must

persevere keep going for within my

embrace you find safety and under my

mighty hand protection from the

world always remember you are not alone

or deserted even when Earthly


falter my love the most beautiful and

magnificent of all affections remains

accessible to you it’s a comfort to know

your heavenly father cares for you

deeply I understand your need for these

words humans don’t live by bread alone

but by every word that comes from my

heart in this moment you require

encouragement Serenity and unwavering

belief I bestow upon you my peace a

peace that the world and its people

cannot offer receive it in your heart

today the struggles you face now are

insignificant compared to the blessings

I will soon shower upon you I will bring

an end to this time of hardship you

faced many challenges and shed many

tears but my love has sustained

you as you absorb my words know it’s no

accident that your life’s purpose

remains firm amidst anxieties and

worries you can escape

sadness my Solace and Grace have filled

you with hope while my love and

tenderness have calmed your

heart you are alive and you will thrive

in Victory and Triumph my desire for

you I implore you to rise now leave the

past behind and stride forward through

the doors I open for

you my blessings won’t cause grief

Prosperity won’t bring financial

hardship and abundance won’t lead to


focus on your future unwavering and

untroubled by negativity and doubt

challenges and pessimism might try to

shake your faith but trust in my

promises uncertainty can dishearten you

but believe firmly that through

difficulties I love you I will Empower

and guide

you many of your worries will soon

disappear and you’ll experience my

immense love

directly I understand your heart and

trust you won’t falter if doubt Creeps

in then kneel and speak to me tell me

you have unwavering

Faith let’s discuss the emotions that

weigh you down and hinder your

happiness the pain you’ve carried the

hidden feelings share them with me don’t

be ashamed I know you well and your

secrets don’t phase

me choose to talk to me today embrace

the chance to live in Freedom and find

true happiness in a heart free of

burdens you can’t carry these alone I

offer you a powerful love that can heal

past hurts internal wounds change your

beliefs and Grant you strength and


Joy recognize it’s not a fluke that you

dream of me cling to life forgive

yourself and give yourself a

chance I offer you forgiveness and open

doors to Blessings and

prosperity believe it tell me what

troubles you today what causes your

pain acknowledge that you can’t solve it

alone seek a miraculous intervention

find it by kneeling before me don’t

forget this Don’t Stray From your path

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