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the most loving regards my child God is telling you today that you are more precious to me than anything else in the

world on this journey I want you to remember that I am God Almighty and I

want you to be prepared for something so that the next day I can surprise you

completely I need you to be ready so that I can Amaze you let it be known to

you that I am God I want you to know that the purpose of sharing this information with you is to show you that

I am God the almighty keep in mind that I am giving you these records so that

you may be ready for anything comes your way your life is about to undergo a radical transformation that you can’t

possibly fathom right now because you are about to be the lucky receiver of a major Financial

Miracle it is possible that these changes are having a devastating effect on every aspect of your life you might

amass a substantial quantity of money thanks to that noteworthy event a lot

less time will pass than it would normally take to accomplish this miracle it is of the utmost importance that you

always express your thankfulness and take advantage of each chance that comes your way to praise and glorify God for

the blessings he has bestowed upon you having this in mind at all times is really crucial a new job a dramatic

increase in one’s gift income or an unexpected windfall in one’s finances

could will be indications of this miracle as a consequence of these

benefits your life may be much enhanced and you will be showered with a multitude of gifts from God’s miraculous

hand in an Endeavor to make your life more beautiful all of these fortunate

occurrences are a direct outcome of God’s Providence watch this video all

the way to the end if you want your life to be a miracle whether it’s getting love from others earning a living or

taking care care of your physical health I can bring you a great lot of joy in the following day in all parts of your

lives I want to do this by significantly impacting your level of happiness in

your place I will finish this task in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus

Christ I want to sincerely congratulate you on the impending Financial miracle

that will be yours as soon as my grace and assistance have brought you thus far

it is very possible that a miracle will be performed for you as soon as you get these items from me it is up to you to

approach it with an open mind and a passion to fully Embrace what is being given to you the blame for this lies

with you since your adversary’s actions may not determine the result the outcome

may not matter if God is on your side if God is on your side I will send guardian

angels to take care of your financial responsibilities and Safeguard your loved ones from harm

enrollment in our channel is requested in the event that you adore God I will

pave the way for you to get resources and wealth from humans that you could never have imagined before amazing

things will happen before your own eyes as I make it feasible to connect with people their issues and their money if

you have put your faith in me my desire is that you may flourish not just spiritually but also materially when you

get my blessing I can restore your financial status physical health mental health and

spiritual health to their prior levels you must be filled with great expectancy

that this week will bring you miraculous breakthroughs blessings and wonders that will change your lives all in the name

of Jesus in fact you need to fully expect that such matters will surface

it’s likely that you are eagerly anticipating participating in all of these kinds of events some of the very

large areas of your life including your career finances health and relationships may see full-size changes in the not too

distant future however you could ultimately succeed behind the scenes in

order to offer you more wealth and pleasure I am working extremely hard to make sure that things happen the way I

want them to they must attend to my demands and go in that direction for me

an expression of gratitude of up to Dollar may be a beautiful expression of love and gratitude you may get your

whole payment back in a format that’s been quadrupled and multiplied by in

a similar vein the amount you recover may be worth times more than what you

first received the sum May alternatively be multiplied by in addition yes my

darling I will bestow upon you an abundant Fortune so that you may pass it on to your children and grandchildren I

would want for this to be a gift that you may use to skip forward to the next technological snooze button please do

this with a purpose I really need you to if you could give them more than I could

give for myself and the people I care about I would be eternally grateful

because Jesus Christ is the only mediator who can unite God and Mankind

he may be the only means by which they might be reconciled that is because there is a singular purpose to establish

peace between God and Mankind via a single mediator believe all that the

Lord Jesus Christ has spoken do not doubt the promises he has made to you do

your best at this rather than relying just on your own expertise God will lead you on the path

that will benefit you the most if you let him be your guide in whatever you do

as long as you give him permission Jesus will show you the way to everlasting life and deliver you from the

consequences of your sins pay close attention to what he says because following his advice will lead you to

the quickest and most genuine way to find joy and contentment in your lives

the individuals you love will have a positive impact on everyone God will reward your submission and humility

before him with a life rich with meaning and purpose over the course of your

lives he will mend every aching muscle and transform every setback into a Triumph from which you may bask in

glorious Glory he will take care of things on your behalf no matter what

happens my darling you should never give up on your dreams there is no way I will ever leave your side no matter what I

will be right here with you keeping an eye on you while I show you the root to the light leaving you behind is

something I vow I will never do keep in mind that I am the one who initially created love and that my love for you is

powerful I alone am to blame for its existence but I trust that the Lord will

hear your cries for assistance when you’re in a bind and fulfill your wishes so that you may rest easy because the

god of Jacob has given you the power to do so everything that comes your way will be unable to harm you this

protection is yours by virtue of the power associated with the name of Jacob’s deity this life and the next I

will never abandon you so there’s no need for concern that may be guarantee

if you call out to me I can hear you clearly since my hearing range is so wide that it picks up on the faintest of

noises I am here to be your friend your Ally and an advocate for your unique

interests in most cases you can count on me to support you no matter what in no

uncertain terms will I leave you being there for you is something you can generally count on me for even if it’s

simply god in me when I feel like I I have nothing to contribute he brings me

peace while I’m sad and alone all I want is God thinking about how young you are

to make such profound observations makes me realize that you are wise for your age when I feel helpless I know that God

is always there to lead and assist me by keeping these things close to your heart

and always remembering that I am all of these things and more you will find that I am a rock and a source of Solace as

you face life’s challenges assuming you have in mind that I am all of these things and much

more and assuming you hold these things close to Your Heart by the middle of

next week you will start to see the positive changes that have occurred in your life as a result of receiving my

blessings within the next week you should begin to feel the effects of these

advantages you may not have had an experience like this before if you accept as true the fact that an

unprecedented period of prosperity and success is about to begin type

there may be no other experience quite like this one at all times I am by

your side ready to protect you from any danger because of this it will really

happen you will be able to feel my love for you in every part of your life and it will never leave your side I’ll make

sure you win every single battle you’re a part of maybe you’ll make it in spite of the

fact that you may be suffering from these symptoms for the time being confusion hesitancy and discouragement

there is no need to surrender since I’m here to help you so go on a happy

healthy and prosperous New Year is my wish for you at some point during this holiday season I must convey to you my

most heartfelt greetings and best wishes for a wonderful season it’s critical to

remember what Jesus said since he said that that it’s impossible with man but doable with God everything is possible

with God remembering what Jesus said is really essential this demonstrates that

no matter how difficult things become you can always count on my unwavering support and the fact that I can do the

seemingly impossible only for you I implore you to consider this even if

things don’t seem conceivable right now you have to know that I can make them work for you as the month of May

progresses I would like to use this opportunity to remind you of the destiny luxuries that are available to you in a

positive manner I get that you’re hoping for a certain pleasure to become accessible to you as the month

progresses I have great plans for you your spouse and your children that I know will come to fruition in the not

too distant future and this month brings many rewards including physical health

and substantial financial success being in Peak physical form and and enjoying

tremendous financial success are two of the many rewards associated with this month I deeply respect you because you

are the most beautiful thing I have ever made without you I am unsure of how I would survive I intend to continue

creating wonderful things for you you have nothing to worry about in terms of me making you feel ashamed or bad about

yourself because I would never do anything like that you are the most magnificent creation of mine hence I

know you well if it weren’t for you I doubt I could have survived I am well

aware of the difficulties you are facing and would like to lend you a hand while you work to overcome them please include

my name in your request so that I can respond to you promptly if you ever find

yourself in need of my assistance please know that I would be more than happy to provide it if you work hard the Earth

will repay you with Lush Greenery and I swear to you that I will open the Gates of Heaven and give you my abundant

supplies of extraordinary things I can do all I can to make sure it rains when

it should so that you may reap the benefits of your labor in the form of healthy plants in your field if it rains

in your field at the correct time of year I will do my best to make it happen whatever you set your mind to I can make

a reality for you and I will honor the work you’ve done with your hands you are

not putting yourself in danger and there is no possibility of a Calamity occurring where you are because I am

here to protect you you have nothing to worry about that is my primary objective

for being here your favorite activities are mine to watch over and I will keep

you safe from harm if you put your faith in me I will command my guardian angels

to keep a watchful check on you in a reasonable manner if you place your trust in me I will show you the means to

do this I will also keep keep an eye on your good hobbies and make sure you’re safe I may have to bring my son Jesus

Christ to your attention but he is the best present I can give you please take him in as your own I really hope you can

take him on for your benefit I offered you the chance to spend eternity in Paradise with me and I condemned him to

death while we were in motion the reason I joined this movement is to assist in the movement of your name I have done

everything I can so that you could have the opportunity to spend eternity with me my greatest goal is that you will

tell everyone that our God is a powerful God and I beg you to do it right now

tell everyone you know that our God is a powerful God he is more powerful than you and every enemy you face right now

you must never lose sight of the fact that you gave your life for Christ at the cross if you want to stay alive you

need to let Christ live within you because you have faith in the son of God who loved you so much that he sacrificed

his life for you you are experiencing Life In the Flesh Christ who lives

within you is the only one who is alive if you want to stay alive you must make

room for Christ to live inside of you please know how much of a particular place in my heart you occupy my little

one even when I’m not physically there I promise that I will be mindful of you

and do my best to show that you are well I swear I will never be able to assist

you in leaving you need to know that there is a special place in my heart for you instead of harming you I want to be

of service to you helping you find reasons to be optimistic about the future and to improve the quality of

your life I have many wonderful dreams and Ambitions for your future and I want

to use the power I’ve bestowed upon you to bless you in ways that surpass your wildest dreams I will strive to add an

abundance of joy to your daily life life it is critical to have faith in someone who is receptive to learning new things

I promise to remain by your side at all times and I will accompany you on the path that leads to the light just as I

will make sure you follow the path that leads to light so will you if you put

your faith in me I will always do what you ask of me and make sure you follow

the narrow road that leads to Salvation my beautiful kid I hope that

you have the knowledge that you have my unwavering support and that good things happen to you so that you may be happy

and fulfilled no matter where life takes you I really hope and pray that it will

happen I wish and hope that good fortune showers upon you and that you are able

to attain success and joy in all areas of your life you are always on my prayer

list based on the tone of your email it seems like you are now facing a challenging

circumstance please know that I will always be here for you ready to listen and provide support if you ever feel

like you can’t manage your feelings like anger or worry please know that no

matter what you can always count on me to be by your side no matter how bad

things go for you I will be there to help you weather the storm no amount of

faith in me will ever allow me to be of use to you I will be unable to assist you if you disregard my abilities if you

know longer have faith in me I will be unable to assist you I assure you that

if you don’t believe in me I will give you an endless supply of tranquility and return your worries to you I want you to

know that my deepest condolences are with you at this time of financial or health related

hardship however you must realize that I am in charge of the present circumstances the current circumstances

are my fault I am familiar with the details in your clinical record and credit file as I have read both of your

evaluations but the reports they’ve given me don’t limit what I can do I am

the god who can heal and return everything to its full Kingdom after it’s been harmed and I am the god who

can fulfill all your every need sending my best wishes for a month filled with

joy success and all the wonderful things in life to you and those you care about

I pray that you find fresh ways to feel the love and compassion I have to offer and that these ways significantly impact

your lives remember that there’s a chance that things will get better for you in

the future this is crucial information to keep in mind despite the fact that

there seems to be no way out of this scenario the romantic and professional aspects of your lives should start to

seem more positive in the not too distant future I will find a method to assist you once you trust me the pain

you’ve been experiencing will end the tears you’ve been shedding will dry up and you’ll be able to seize wonderful

opportunities if you believe in me I am the ruler of the Universe and everything

in it including you for I am its creator the reason for this is because I am the

creator of the whole world because I am the universe’s Creator I have the power

to influence everything in it including you share this video to help get the

word out at the same same time I may be able to tend to your family cover your

bills and heal your broken heart trusting what I’m urging you to do is

the one thing you really want to do I have the power to make today extraordinary to pour out so many

blessings on your life that you may finally leave your worries behind you

aside from that I may bring blessings into your life to alleviate all your problems I wish I could transform your

financial situ situation help you discover true love heal your health and

open doors to new opportunities for you I also want to show you the way to genuine love what I want to do is guide

you to the discovery of genuine love I want to perform life-altering miracles

for you and your loved ones this week that will have a lasting effect on your way of life regardless of how many days

you’ve been crying or how low you’ve felt over the years may you and your

loved ones be blessed I am fully capable of delivering the future you see you

don’t need to work any harder or take on all the responsibility that comes with completing this job on your own when you

have peace about the past and a sense of direction about the present I can pull it off and your confidence in me is more

than enough once you finish I will ensure that everything else is taken care of in order for you to start

accepting Miracles will start to happen in every aspect of your life please my

Lord Jesus quit attempting to fix things on your own you are more important to me

than anything else in this world and I rely on you for strength may my prayer be heard and my illness healed let us

join together in saying this prayer for healing please don’t only cure me heal

my loved ones and everyone I care about I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ

if you would be so moved you may join me in repeating the prayer for healing that is below please know that I am hoping

that the person reading this right now finds comfort in your arms when they lay down for the night and that no matter

what pain or shattered Memories they may be facing your Embrace will be a comfort as they go off to sleep in your

Embrace I want you to know that I am praying for the one who is processing this right now I know I can always count

on you and that you’ll always have my back please enable me me to enjoy your person’s Grandeur and kindness in all

parts of life even when my life seems to be coming aart and I can’t seem to figure out what to do your presence and

support mean the world to me and I know I can always count on you I am the beginning and the end even if it seems

like my whole life is falling apart and I can’t seem to find my way at my core I

am the foundation of the belief system you may start with me and end with me

only I am ultimately responsible for the fact that the cosmos exists and everything that is contained inside it

the beginning and the end are entirely accountable to myself and no one else my

ability to lead you toward a borderless existence is contingent upon your placing your trust in me no one else can

save you but me and I am the only one who can no one else can stop or rescue

you the facts and the direction are all mine if you trust me I can show you the

way that leads to an endless life I want for you a blessing that will

double your current worth by a thousand so that your lives have even more significance than they have now as I

said before many of my advantages will appear in your lives at the appropriate times and I want to give you more

importance in return if you trust me you may not even see the positive effects I

have on your lives no matter how much you doubt my reliability I can keep

every word I’ve ever promised you at just the appropriate time several of my

advantages will become apparent to you when you trust me I’ll be here for you

when you’re tired of feeling like you have no wishes when you’re lonely and when you feel

lost I am in that area because there is nowhere else for me to find Limitless

Joy but in myself no matter what you’re going through in life I will always be

here to lend a hand if you need it and I certainly don’t want to go through it alone however I do want you and the

people who matter most to you to have nothing but happiness for the rest of your lives this might be the last night

of weeping and fearing over this matter that you are religiously obligated to do

I am praying that God blesses you abundantly in all areas of life not just material possessions but also Health joy

and contentment I hope he pays attention to my request and gives it to me because Christ

defeated your adversary over , years ago I hope and pray that you get all of

those wonderful advantages no one can stand in your way as you pursue your

goals because of this no one will be able to make weapons to use against you in the near future so there’s no need to

worry about that in the name of Jesus I pray that you and your family will grow

and prosper in every area of of your lives including your relationships with one another your financial situation

your physical and mental health and your ability to share this growth and prosperity with one

another additionally I hope that you and your family are able to form strong bonds join me in prayer as we lift up

our voices to praise the Lord father please lend me a hand while I attempt to alter the immutable aspects of my

lifestyle help me if you will by listening listening to my prayers I beg

you please respond to my humble appeal if you could help me move past what I’ve

lost and concentrate on the opportunities you have for me moving forward instead of dwelling on what I’ve

lost I would be eternally grateful I hope you’ll consider my request knowing

that you are my God and possess the power to save me I beg you to guide my steps so that they are completed in the

right way please God put your guardian angels on high alert to watch over me

and put my mind at peace as you lead me to do my sacred Duty in response to your

son Jesus Christ’s invitation you are included in this letter it will be

difficult for you to win my heart unless you accept the following request your religious beliefs are the Bedrock upon

which all of our personal relationships are built if you do not believe this then I will not be able to provide you

with what you want indeed in order order to receive this gift you must have faith

in my authenticity and my capacity to bless those who really seek me out when you come to me this is the ideal moment

for you to anticipate something in return for your efforts from me after that we may begin communicating verbally

we may also begin our verbal discussion when it is over your commitment to a

particular spiritual group allows us to communicate with one another if you put

your faith in me me I will guide you towards doing what is clearly the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint

just trust that I can provide what you’re asking for and put your uncertainties to rest one way to

establish uncertainty is by looking at the metaphorical breaking and tossing of

waves inside the ocean it is possible that your worries might make you anxious

and upset if you pay attention to them you may have faith in my abilities to fulfill all of your expectations if you

trust me therefore put your trust in me one saying that is said to have been

spoken by Jesus is that whoever believes in him will remain even after death and

whoever lives because they trust in me will never die those who put their faith

in me shall survive the death of the world believing in me is the key to

eternal life according to the Messiah this is my promise and it is time to pay

your debts I am both the living and the dead here is my son’s way of saying

thank you for having faith in his ability to provide for your needs those

people who have put their faith in him will get it from him if you listen to

his advice you could find yourself spending eternity in heaven if you

choose to believe in him based on your religious beliefs this would be a great way for my faith in my kid to pay off I

need complete faith from each and every one of you even if it’s as little as a mustard seed because I believe in each

and every one of you I have confidence in each and every one of you that’s why faith is the key to overcoming obstacles

and accomplishing objectives that initially seem impossible I have complete faith in your abilities to lead

us no matter how hopeless things seem I will find a way to make them better

trust me if you believe in me I can change the world no matter how daunting

the task your God is up to the challenge I understand that there may be times

when you feel harassed or unsure but I want you to know that no matter what I

will always be here for you you should not be concerned about being alone at

this time those who are able to stay firm in their faith despite little evidence to back it up will be very

blessed when times get tough you can probably rely on me to be there for you

like a parent would reassure their newborn I will do my best to step into your shoes right now so that I can be

there for you when you need someone to lean on the difficulties you are experiencing have my deepest sympathies

your uniqueness and the fact that you were placed in this world for a particular reason must always be front

of mind keeping it in mind at all times is essential you must have this concept

in the back of your your mind at all times I want you to find me and live your life in accordance with my

objectives because if you do I will be here to guide and support you every step

of the way I would like it if you could identify me in your future I have far

more plans than you can ever fathom there is a purpose behind your current overseas assignment you must know that I

do not currently Proclaim and convey my message by means of eloquent and

convincing words instead I do it by way of displaying the power that is given to

me by the holy spirit that is why understanding this is of the utmost

importance since this is so important to you if you put your faith in me I will

show you the way to achieve your goals anyone who thinks of themselves as a child of mine is also encouraged to pray

with me please base your acceptance of me on the power that is now Inside Me

Not not on the opinions of others it would bring me great joy if you could acknowledge and express your

appreciation for all the gifts I have bestowed upon you and the people who mean a lot to you please for the sake of

these advantages I implore you to see this film all the way to the end if you

have faith in God keep in mind that it is crucial to be grateful for everything

whether it be the opportunities I’ve given you or the ones I’ve taken away this is because I am a God who not only

forgives but also understands the struggles that my people endure remember

this at all times regardless of whether you know them or not every one of your sins has been acknowledged and I am

forgiving you for each and every one of them I pardon you for all the transgressions that you have committed

while I have been aware of them you have no idea how much I adore you my

affection for you has no bounds it’s the kind of love that likely won’t ever leave you disappoint you or give up on

you that is the kind of love that never fails it will be there for you no matter

what you might expect it being there for you no matter what is a Hallmark of my

love for you it is unwavering in its support and will never abandon you even

in the face of overwhelming odds what this says about my affection for you is

spoton you would like not to feel disheartened I am here to help you get back on your feet and go on with your

life regardless of whether you have made poor decisions in the past you are not in a fractured country my darling and

you have come a long way I’m delighted for you for the one who Delights in

being with me I can help them with the next step no matter how many times you trip I will catch you and keep you from

falling I will hold on tight to you so you don’t fall I will simplify things

for the one who finds joy in imitating me even if you do go go on trips when

you first arrived to see me you had less power less Enlightenment and less energy

because I could fix your broken additives and put you back together now that I have done that you have more

power greater Enlightenment and more energy you are more than just another

face in the crowd you are something special and if you trust me I will show

you the way to triumph over the difficult circumstances and challenges that life always brings

everything there is to know about you is already known to me and it is obvious that you are important to me I pray that

your giving up goes smoothly to the best of my ability I will assist you you are

the one who first comes to mind whenever I hear your name I see more in you than

just another name on a list if you agree that coping with life’s challenges on

your own isn’t always your idea of a good time you’re not alone I’ve come to

offer my assistance and do all in my power to improve your health I will be

here to assist you at every turn no matter what challenges you face I never

get tired of thinking about how I may be of service to you and I am always open to new

ideas so I’ve got ideas for you that will help you succeed while keeping you safe make sound preparations for your

future I pray that their plans do not include harm coming to you in any way

these plans do not include anything that might put your health at risk they have never done so and never will if you put

your trust in me and follow my instructions your chances of success are

high you must trust that my intentions for you are much more beneficial than anything you could ever imagine for

yourself even if you believe you already know what’s best for you my plans for

you are much more beneficial than anything you could imagine creating on your own with all the wonderful things I

have planned for you you won’t believe it to be real it’s possible that you have a good idea of what’s best for you

in the long run still you must have trust that what I have planned to spare you will work out when life throws us a

curveball you know you can rely on me to be a rock that provides shelter and stability as a result keep in mind that

I’m always a safe distance away from you you have my unconditional support and protection if things get worse I will be

available to you throughout your journey I will be by your side guiding and

supporting you so my dear kid you must never forget that you may walk without

being light headed and run without becoming fatigued you can soore through

the air like an eagle those who put their faith in me may be certain that I will restore them to full health and

vitality I am helping you get back on your feet my darling so you may have the

greatest comeback of your lives and I want you to make the most of this opportunity because you mean the world

to me I am willing to go to any lengths to ensure that you get what you deserve

in the name of God Amen You Are Not Alone angels have been sent to comfort

and support you at this difficult time Angels were sent to be with you because your prayers were heard I will do all in

my power to help you now that your prayers have been answered you may have complete faith in my abilities if you

choose to invest in me even though I know that this is a difficult moment for your lives I have come to provide you

with peace and comfort there will be times in everyone’s life when they face difficulties as the God of All Comfort I

am here to offer you comfort my little one if you’re worried or sad about anything just know that I’m right here

with you I vow to you that that I will never leave you or give up on you no matter how bad things become along our

tour I can show you the highest peaks in the mountains and the lowest places in the

lowlands I will be by your side the whole journey and I will shine a light in front of you if you know that I am

with you in every step you take my beloved children trust me with all your

heart instead of relying on the knowledge you’ve gained on your own never put your faith in what you found

on on your own once all my knowledge has come to light I can clear the path in

front of you I pray that God’s love Jesus Christ’s Grace and The Fellowship

of the Holy Spirit Will continually envelop you if you are willing to admit that I’m involved in every single thing

you do I vow that I will never stop thinking about you and praying for you

the people you date the amount of fun you have in life and the method you use to make money are just a few areas where

I’ve started a series of events to improve your lives among the most wonderful times of your life will be the

one that begins next week bring it all together to blow your mind you will be

able to see the change that takes place when I turn your hardships into joy and your failures into triumphs over a

longer period of time you have endured more pain than is reasonable even if it’s only a little detail my sweet

little toddler keep in mind that I I am much larger than you could ever imagine if you trust in me I can support you

through this difficult moment and help you emerge stronger than before if you place your trust in me I can see you

through your worries concerns and Melancholy about the future don’t matter

nearly as much as mine you are the reason I am the person I am today

assuming you put your trust in me I can see you through this difficult moment and bring out the best in you I’m able

to to see you through if you choose to trust me you’ve been going through a lot lately and I know it’s been tough for

you some of the troubles have been related to your relationships or your job While others have been related to

your health or your finances I wish I could be of some assistance to you but

you shouldn’t worry about my abandoning you now that we’re going through this tough period because I can’t my grace

and favor will be shown to you in ways you could never have dreamed of or even considered before you certainly wouldn’t

have dared to imagine the kinds of opportunities that they bring as a whole these areas will start to feel better in

no time and it may not even take that long please know that I have taken note

of your suggestions and am working on them as we continue our current conversation it’s no longer the case

that I as God am inconsistent or change my mind about things my stance has

hardened to the point that I can be swayed to a different point of view by the same token I want you to know how

much I appreciate your prayers for your grandma which have kept you safe and how much I appreciate your grandmother’s

unwavering love for me over the years I see that you’re saying a prayer for your grandma now that I know you can Aid and

protect me no matter what I’m going to make a conscious decision to stop worrying about anything just say it

again you’re the reason I can laugh and enjoy life praise be to to you that I am

able to sing stay with me it is only because you are in my life that I am

able to enjoy myself call me and I will shout your Praises those are powerful

words of affirmation meant to help you get the blessings that are rightfully yours help you buy the advantages that

are supposedly yours and simplify the process of getting those advantages you

may anticipate it as an additional benefit of their software over for the next months I have a lot of great

things planned for you and I want you to be thrilled about them all it is my hope that you will find them intriguing may

God bless you abundantly with health contentment inside and joy in all your

endeavors please know that I counting on you to be there for me as we start a new year because I have a lot of great

things planned for you a year from now I also want you to be excited to begin our

journey together I want to Chase after your dreams and guide you toward the life I’ve imagined for you I may have to

talk about your intentions rest assured I will spare no effort in alleviating your concerns and making sure you have

nothing to worry about I am well capable of handling any situation that may arise

you won’t have to worry about anything since I’ll take care of everything I can stop the enemy from ever stepping foot

in your life even if they have access to certain doors leading into your reality

I am well aware that there are probably a number of locked doors here but if you ask me to unlock them I will protect you

from danger so there’s no need to be worried despite the fact that the adversary has access to some spots in

your existence I may be able to stop them from developing if you put your

trust in me I will lead you out of the shadows and into the light and I will

tell you that you are not alone as you go through this world I also swear that

I will never leave you or forsake you in such a case you should be quite sure of

your optimism and the strength of your faith how helpful this is now will

become clear to you as you go forward I really hope that you succeed in everything that you do in life and

please know how highly I appreciate you no matter what I must have good things

for you my deepest hope is that this will serve as inspiration for you to finish all the tasks you’ve set out to

to do however please don’t let your fixation on money derail you from making

responsible financial decisions and helping those less fortunate than yourself please know that no matter what

you can count on me to be your rock and that I will never leave your side or give up on you take this as my word on

the matter never again can you count on me to leave you high and dry or to stop

attempting to lend you a hand I promise that no matter how far away way I am I

will always be by your side helping you out if you confess Jesus as Lord I will

remove from your lives everything that may surely hurt you I am here to assist you in overcoming whatever is holding

you back whether it’s a toxic relationship or just a bad mindset I’m

here to lend you a hand and give you space let go of whatever is holding you back from moving on with your life I am

here to help I can bring so much joy and genuine in love into your lives that you will be able to let go of all other

stresses my love for you is beyond all understanding my sweethe heart so know

that I am always by your side right here right next to you I am you will

experience many of my benefits in your life at the right time if you trust me the peace I give you now will last

forever and that is my Earnest desire and prayer please show up thank you for looking And subscribe for further

Revelations from God [Music]

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