DON’T SKIP MY CHILD….| God Message Today | Jesus Message |

I died for your sins can you give me

seconds do you listen to devil and keep

scrolling me but if you listen to me

then watch this video till the end it’s

for your good God is saying to you today

my dear child as a new month begins I

want to remind you of the beauty of new

beginnings each month is is a fresh

opportunity to draw closer to me to grow

in faith and to experience the wonders

of my love and grace just as the sun

rises with the dawn of a new day so does

the start of a new month bring a sense

of hope and

anticipation Embrace this time as a

chance to press on toward the plans I

have for you

leap behind the past month’s successes

and challenges and step forward with a

heart of gratitude and

expectation with God your best days are

ahead not

behind Lord my God I cried out to you

and you healed me Psalm

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