DON’T SKIP MY CHILD. #godmessage | God Message Today |

Jesus is not important to you you can

skip this

video however Jesus is important to your

life pause and pay attention to this

special message that Jesus sent you

Jesus has something important he wants

to share with you to not lose Faith

because of things listen my son you have

have not yet achieved because God has

already marked your path tonight

something that has worn him down for

years is about to

disappear be patient and wait for a big

change in your life God says that

everything negative that happened in

your life will have a positive turn and

miracles will begin to happen if you

need this Victory right I am in faith

God so loved the world that he gave his

only begotten son so that whoever

believes in him will not be lost in

darkness but will have eternal life

expect an improvement in your

financial spiritual and sentimental life

tomorrow is the day you will receive a

miracle that will solve all your

financial worries if you believe in this

word of God for your life today leave

your Amen in the comments and share this

video with five people who you want to

be blessed too God is with you all the

time and you will see the hand of the

Lord acting in your life


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