DON’T SKIP OTHERWISE SATAN WINS | God Message Today| Jesus Message |

imagine Jesus sitting right next to you

and saying this to you my child you are

worrying too much remember there is

nothing to hard for me you may not see

it but everything will work out in the

end have

faith when the person you prayed for

becomes the person you pray with she

focused on God he did the same God gave

them each other may you find yourself in

a relationship that only God could have

put you in God is preparing you for who

you are praying for a Godly relationship

is worth waiting for and praying for

marry someone who wants to chase God


you stay

patient God commands The Impossible then

makes it

possible I love God and I’m not ashamed

to say it he’s done too much for me to

not tell people about

him thank you Lord it doesn’t matter

what you are going through God sees it

and he can handle it God is always doing

a work in your life sometimes he may be

behind the scenes and you may not feel

it right away but he is there instead of

focusing on all the bad be thankful for

all the

good each day you have is a blessing

from God everything will work out in the

end you don’t need to know how you just

have to trust God and believe that it

will comment amen if you trust God save

these reminders for when you need them

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