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Enchanting Angelic Revelation | God message for you | God message Now | God Says

dear child something important is

unfolding and I want to share it with

you today it’s about the person you’re

considering starting a new chapter with

listen closely for I am your guiding

angel in the shadows the one you care

about has been conversing with their

friends about you keeping a watchful eye

it might seem perplexing but fear not

time here to shed light on the truth

imagine turning on a light and a dark

room revealing the authentic colors of

the person you’re about to embark on

this journey with take a moment to grasp

this you’re not alone I’m here for you

as you step into this new part of your

life not to alarm you dear child but to

offer Insight before this new chapter

unfolds it’s akin to illuminating a dark

room EXP exposing the genuine Hues of

your potential companion as you step

forward remember you’re not alone I am

here to support you this special person

cares deeply about you and his shared

Thoughts with their friends closely

observing your path it warms my

Celestial heart to see your well-being

yet I sense a touch of sadness wishing I

could share in your jaw if you trust and

Angels let me know concern fills this

person as they fear you moving forward

without them the idea of you with

someone else feels challenging and

forgiveness seems daunting I share this

not to sadden but to help you understand

their heart do you trust in angels they

desire something exclusive a connection

where only both of you belong a secret

garden of the heart a sanctuary

Untouched by others it’s not about

control that creating a Haven do you

share this sentiment let me know if

you’re ready for this love entering this

new chapter remember the beauty of

exclusivity like possessing a secret

treasure known only to both of you if

this resonates let me know exclusivity

is a testament to the value placed on

your relationship in the intricate dance

of emotions love can be perplexing let

forgiveness replace anger and let

kindness and Truth Prevail walk hand in

hand creating a world of abundance if

this resonates with you let me know by

typing amen let’s explore the emotions

gently picture your favorite story book

this new chapter is like a Twist in that

tail just as stories have twists your

journey may have turns you’re the main

character understands your feelings your

journey as a canvas imagine a bright

sunny day clouds may appear but they’ll

pass forgiveness is a magical word

turning rainy days into Sunny ones

imagine a treasure chest in your heart

this person wants to contribute to it as

you embark on this chapter Envision

Little Helpers like friendly fairies

cheering you on your feelings matter and

there are others who care about you

understanding is like a puzzle each

piece reveals the whole picture take

time to understand plant seeds in a

magical Garden representing your hopes

and dreams let kindness guide you it’s a

compass in the right direction if you

resonate with this let me know love and

joy may be complex but understanding

them is an opportunity for growth dear

child let this journey be filled with

understanding forgiveness and kindness

picture your heart as a story book and

you’re the hero of your own adventure

embrace the twists and turns and and

remember that you have the power to

create a beautiful story if you ready

for this magical journey let be know by

sharing a smile and typing magic in the

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