my darling little

one opportunities are appearing all

around you everything as being

rearranged to make room for you there

will be an Abrupt change in your

Creative Energy Health prosperity joy

love and

Tranquility you need to begin getting

significantly now just be yourself and

be thankful

if you are a Believer type

amen the crystals want you to know that

you are great and that they are sending

you a virtual embrace you are indeed an

angel from Earth your kind Spirit

thoughtful actions and compassionate

advice have helped many people over the


year we wish you the best of success in

realizing all all your aspiration after

you’ve written them down and stashed

them in an easily accessible location a

bag wallet or pocketbook you can sit

back and watch the magic

unfold for those who believe in God this

video is for

you on this the last night of the

Sagittarius season it is important to

follow your heart and do what makes you

happy stop procrastinating the time to

start really making things happen has

come get this project rolling have that

talk de honest about how you really feel

and plan that

vacation now that emotional Scorpio has

left the room things are about to get

exciting hit the amen button to show


agreement today the Angels want you to

know that seeking solutions from sources

other than yourself will lead to less

genuine and authentic Direction than

seeking them

inside get in touch with your spiritual

self and ask us to guide you in finding

the solutions we are here and ready to

assist so please simply welcome Us in go

ahead and do that the responses you get

will be

reliable to get it just

typs your guardian angels crystals and

the cosmos are all able to hear you we

can see you working tirelessly to make

your hopes wishes and the Ambitions are

reality we hope that you are are able to

obtain and complete them with the

assistance of some good fortune and

self-confidence believe that you are

deserving of everything that you want

and that wonderful things will come your

way as you welcome the wonderful things

that are going to happen in your life

picture Stardust falling all around you

are you

prepared please indicate your agreement

by typing

yes what the crystals are trying to tell

you is that you shouldn’t see setbacks

as failures but as opportunities to grow

something from which you may glean the

knowledge necessary to shape your

future a learning opportunity that may

help you develop professionally right

now is your chance to have a good impact

you may utilize this whatever ever you

choose the result will be determined by

you let us ease your concerns

communicate them to the universe and

trust that the higher power will lead

you to a solution jot them down or

really say them out trust

solution to what makes you feel most at

ease you have triumphed over many

adversity before this so know that they

too will

pass positive energy is enveloping you

and you are stronger than you know

everything you want is coming true for


benefit your generosity and selflessness

toward others are wonderful qualities

but you should also prioritize being

kind and helpful to yourself

particularly at this moment praise your


click yes to

confirm your generosity and selflessness

toward others are wonderful qualities

but you should also prioritize being

kind and helpful to yourself

particularly at this moment make

positive comments about your strengths

abilities and

talents thank you for the kind words you

are lovely kind human being take a good

look at yourself in the mirror and be

proud of

it this is God’s way of telling you I

know you have been doubting yourself and

wondering whether you are really capable

of carrying out the mission I have given

you no matter how big or little your

dream may be this message is here to

encourage you that with Christ

everything is possible

something has been bothering you and

your guardian angels and guides have

been more present than normal bringing


indications that will eventually provide

the solution you’ve been

seeking trust in your own ability to

make things happen and listen to your

gut don’t overanalyze the issue

everything will make sense in due time

punch in yes if you

think this is a message from God to you

take care of yourself and love yourself

unconditionally so that you may feel

your finest self your lovely Soul

deserves loving Deeds unconditional

IAL intentionally immerse yourself in

positive energy and light so that you

may May absorb its vibrations and let

your ore

radiate you have the right and the

ability to have a little respit from any

negativity and darkness in your

life rather of seeing setbacks as

setbacks view them as opportunities to

learn and grow from which you may

influence your future

actions this is an opportunity for

personal growth and development you are

free to make the most of it as you see

fit result is entirely up to

you if this was necessary please type

yes there is a magical energy in the air

as you approach the new Moon the Moon

will reach its highest point early in

the morning so make the most of this

evening and the morning to speak your

desires goals and manifestations

alloud picture yourself receiving them

and believe you already have them what

would it be like to live your

dream capture that emotion and be

certain that the Universe has received

your command exciting things are on the

horizon be careful to treat people the

way you would want to be treated make

your desires and wishes known and the

universe will grant your

requests have fun while being nice have

an optimistic Outlook and never forget

to dream big you will get times what


give affirm by typing I welcome the

new more than ever before your guardian

angels are by your side as you navigate

this time of decision making an align

with the cosmic forces align with your


benefit celebrate today in whichever

manner brings you joy and know that you

are not a lone man never will be your

bar loved and their love is with you

always significant and unique they will

supp Court you no matter what put your

trust in their guidance as you prepare

for an amazing month

ahead as a followup to yesterday’s

message God wants you to know that there

will be possibilities to improve your

life that come about as a result of the

changes that are taking

place everyone around you will reap the

rewards as well the change will be

gradual but well worth it at last you’ll

have a feeling of Mastery and

Authority just remember to keep your

feet firmly planted on the ground

amongst all the excitement since this

route will take you to Greater and

better things maybe even more travel or

possibilities to pick

from to claim it just t

BS there may be a new person entering

your life who makes you feel threatened

rather of worrying that you will be

overlooked in the area they enter use

their wisdom to work for

you take an interest don’t be shy about

asking for help and let yourself be

motivated to grow into an even greater

version of The Incredible person who


are just hit yes if you’re on

board no dream is to Great to

materialize today thanks to the

tremendous energy of ths just speak

your dreams into existence and watch the


happen with Today’s Energy you may break

free of limiting patterns and connect

with your higher self huge lifechanging

events are on the horizon Fortune

smiling on you and the universe is

rooting for you to

succeed no matter what anybody says your

guardian angels are always at your sigh

a l one who’s gone on as keeping an eye

on you letting you know that you should

pay more attention to your gut feeling


they want you to know that you’re doing

well that you should be proud of

yourself so they tell you to listen or

watch for such indicators and to embrace

your lovely self with love and

care have faith in your amazingness

since you are significant and impact

many people’s

lives Wellen to Blazing deci

cheers to a new month filled with power

opportunity and fresh Beginnings get

ready to light a fire under your desires

and dreams for everything is yours for

the taking and we see nothing but

amazing things in store for

you you must have faith in your

abilities as we do and long-term success

will be abundant for you in the meantime

try not to be too harsh on yourself if

you encounter

obstacles embrace the chance since your

abilities are Limitless and your mind is

capable of everything you set your mind

too just head yes if you’re

an success is achieved by action not

words refrain from letting failures

derail you they are only tests of your

desire for the goal you are

pursuing there is generally more than

one route ahead have faith in yourself

to choose the best one look upon

setbacks as opportunities to learn and

grow on your journey to Greatness and

success uncertain about what we are

talking about you will shortly who knows

this might lead to to a new route in

your life and incredible things could

come from

it success is achieved by action not

words refrain from letting failures

derail you they are only test of your

desire for the goal you are

pursuing what the crystals are trying to

tell you is that you shouldn’t put off

finding love or chances until next week

next month or even

you can’t become happy if you wait

for it to happen instead you should live

in the now appreciate the little things

and start making things happen right

now just type I embrace my power to

validate the

statement you are wonderful and you

should be proud of everything that you

do your go guardian angels and those

around you view you in a whole different

light so please give yourself more

credit believe that you make a

difference even if you question yourself

people look up to you and ask how you

manag to perform everything that you do

with such

ease this lunation represents a fresh

beginning and a new chapter and as the

new moon begins to rise to its apery in

two days the energy will be radiant and

full of

Enchantment it’s time to put old habits

behind and make good changes you hold

the key to alter your future so be true

to yourself and push ahead towards those

objectives simply typing I am ready to

shine will validate

You Are Not Invisible to us we are aware

of your accomplishments and our please

for you you have every reason to be

proud of yourself you are an inspiration

and can do whatever you set your mind

to as wonderful as it is that you are

kind and encouraging to others the

question that remains is what nexts so


and dream greater you are capable of

anything that you set your mind

to this is a great time to be kind and

encouraging with yourself tell yourself

nice things about your strengths accept

compliments when they come and take

pride in the lovely generous person you

see reflected back at you in the

mirror a simple adjustment to your daily

ritual may open the floodgates to

boundless plenty Joy pleasure

Independence and self

assurance check out the link in the

comments for the riches secrets to

attract an abundance of money if you’re

interested if you have a religious

belief sign up for our

Channel everything is yours for the

taking and we anticipate wonderful

things for you in April so be ready to

start over with new goals and aspiration

as the new month

begins you were not destined to just

survive rather you were meant to

flourish so be kind with yourself it is

essential that you have faith in your

abilities we share this

belief never settle for last than what

you really deserve and want you were

plainly meant for greater things all you

need is self belief and the knowledge

that if someone else has done it and you


too just hit I’m optimistic when you’re

good to

go being thankful in general is more

important than having material

possessions if you want to be happy this

may seem contradictory but it’s really

just a way of looking at


life disconnect from the facts and

figure out how you really feel about

things like the weather receiving

Compliments are helping other people

feel good about

themselves today take a break it doesn’t

matter how long or short what matters is

that you give yourself a break give

yourself time to reflect to evaluate and

to just

be spending time doing things that bring

you Joy like listening to music reading

a book Feeling the grass under your feet

the wind in your hair getting back in

touch with nature and finding peace is

not selfish if will help you become your


self get over your anxieties and seize

the opportunities that come your way if

you allow fear control you you’ll never

be able to live the life you

want you are stronger than your fears so

heal your spirit take action now too in

the pattern reclaim control by stepping

forward and trusting your power

more wanted this hit Y yes to confirm

acceptance the universe works in

mysterious ways and most of the time you

don’t even see or sense it but then out

of nowhere something really miraculous

occurs or appears at the perfect

moment get ready for it because it’s

coming up again and this time we think

you’re in for a nice surprise so are you

ready today is a day of thankfulness and

self-reflection use this as a hint to

record everything for which you are


thankful we tend to gloss over the finer

points but there is plenty for which to

be thankful in all aspects of life

including the material emotional and

spiritual if you would just tell us one

item we would be overjoyed to join in


happiness you are being encouraged to

take stock of everything that you have

to be thankful for as you enter a new

month filled with spiritual energy joy


renewal we tend to gloss over the finer

points of life but there is really

plenty for which to be thankful in all

its forms in including the material

emotional and spiritual aspects let this

serve as a reminder of how abundant your


is put this into practice as you prepare

for the next season draw strength from

your knowledge of your own

power if you want to know what’s P for

yourself trust your gut instincts

they’re as reliable as your rational

intellect and can’t be trusted to tell

you the

truth trust your gut instincts if you

feel them write them down if they don’t

make sense look them up or consult

someone you trust for direction if you


I stay loyal to who you are and what you

believe in but don’t be afraid to say no


necessary your efforts will be well

reward reward it in the end so don’t

lose sight of the Ultimate Prize and

final objective no matter how low your

spirits may be right

now you are worthy of seeing something

through too completion and success this

particular day the most Enchanted of the

year reignite that passion Recall why

you began and let that vision to be

theelite that ignites the

flame rich with spiritual

synchronicities that you can’t see or

feel but which are really working for


benefit order to make your dreams a

reality you need to think beyond your

current limitations when you do you’ll

attract an abundance of Fresh Starts

opportunities initiatives and goals

let the spirit of sunshine love and good

fortune pour into your life picture a

ribbon of green pink and yellow energy


you you are free to experience joy and

pleasant feelings to be and feel

anything you want no one is asking you

to do so you are the master of your own

life if you have a religious belief sign

up for our

Channel rather of seeing setbacks as

setbacks view them as opportunities to

learn and grow from which you may

influence your future

actions a learning opportunity that you

can shape into something better the

choice is yours the moment has arrived

to make the most of it the result is in

entirely up to

you you are being blessed with the sun’s

rays which are a source of

inspiration vitality and new ideas

visualize the Golden Light enveloping

you and let it fuel your progress toward


objectives put your new found optimism

and self assurance to work by reaching

out to influential individuals ask ask

yourself what can I do today to move

closer to my goals and you will receive

favorable responses that will pave the

way to your

success just hit yes if you in

agreement keep in mind that the

boundaries you set for yourself are just

that boundaries rather of letting them

impede your future

achievements because Good Fortune is

abounding and possibilities abounding

seize the golden opportunities that

present themselves to you are you

prepared to embrace the abundance of


Fortune even though we can anticipate

every possible outcome a greater force

is at work entwining Kismet energies

with your objectives to bring about a

magical convergence

make a list of all the things you really

want right now and then take pleasure in

the nice things that are just around the

corner ponin I am Sovereign to assert


claim your guardian angels are sending

you positive energy and a fortunate

streak that you can’t yet feel but which

you may Embrace more quickly if you shut

your eyes and picture it flowing to

you have fun bringing your goals to

reality and remain open to the

possibility that luck will be on your

side write down your desires for greater

abundance in the areas of your life that

you feel are lacking relieve in yourself

and what you deserve and you will

get press yes if you’re prepared and and

forward this video to five individuals

who have faith in

God a comment reading Jesus’s Lord




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