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son have you ever wondered why certain

events occur in your life why certain

doors close While others swing wide open

today I wish to share something with you

that may seem unexpected but will surely

touch your heart have you ever pondered

the true nature of your prayers and the

power they hold allow me to reveal

something you may have never considered

before I hope you welcome me into your

home through these words and my presence

in your life for I am bringing this

message to you with all the love I have

have for you are you ready to receive

the Revelation I have for you the one

that will transform your life and your

perception of the world around you then

set aside all distractions open your

heart and pay close attention now I’m

not sure if you’ve noticed my son but

often teams the answers to your prayers

don’t come in the way you expect this is

because the universe holds its own

wisdom a Divine intelligence that

transcends human

understanding sometimes what you desire

is not what you truly need and it is

through my seemingly silent responses

that you will discover the true wealth

that resides within

yourself I come to ask you to trust in

the wisdom that dwells in every fiber of

your being your prayers are not in vain

they are the bridge that connects the

finite to the infinite the human to the

Divine and by surrendering to the flow

of life and the Divine will you will

find a peace that surpasses all

understanding a joy that overflows from

your heart into the world around you

throughout your life I have watched

every moment with unconditional love and

careful attention your prayers uttered

with sincerity and humility resonate in

the corridors of the Divine in a way you

may have never imagined you may not have

realized but every word every sigh of

Faith Echoes through the celestial

spheres reaching my ears like a Heavenly

Melody perhaps you have felt lost amidst

life storms questioning the meaning of

your existence or for the value of your

prayers but I am here to tell you that

every word directed to me is like a

raindrop that nourishes the parched

Earth of your being watering it with

hope and renewal my beloved Son know

that your prayers are not in vain for

each one is a bridge that connects the

finite to the infinite the human to the

Divine trust in me trust in the process

and you will see that even the darkest

nights give way to the radiant glow of


now that you understand the importance

and impact of your prayers allow me to

reveal an even deeper aspect of this

sacred communication each word you

address to me is not just a request or

plea it is also an intimate dialogue

between Souls an exchange of love and

trust that transcends the barriers of

time and space you may wonder how your

prayers are heard amidst the chorus of

voices echoing through the heavens the

answer is simple yet wonderful you are

unique to me a Divine spark in a

universe of

possibilities know that I keep my word

and hear your prayers observing you

stand firm strong and full of Faith

awaiting my response I perceive your

gratitude even when those around you are

discontent thus I assure you the

blessing you await is near I promise you

will receive it soon some people become

disheartened when they don’t see

immediate results from their prayers

they need to understand that I like to

respond to them but certain changes are

necessary in their lives first I must

shape their characters Grant wisdom and

arrange everything properly so that the

awaited blessing does not become a

burden often you ask only for what is

necessary but I offer much more

considering your future and that of your

family in every moment of Despair Joy

doubt or gratitude I am present

listening carefully to every word that

Springs from your heart even when

silence seems deafening and answers seem

distant know that I am closer than you

imagine every prayer you lift to me is

like an offering of love a demonstration

of your unwavering faith and sincere

devotion even when the heavens seem

silent trust in what I am telling you

now I am aligning the events of the

universe to fulfill the deepest desires

of your heart my promises will come true

let go of bitterness push away doubts

and ignore those who mock your faith if

you feel tired or anxious just talk to

me and I’ll give you the strength to

endure blessing you with patience to

keep your feelings steady you’ll gain

wisdom to control your words and avoid

saying anything that displeases me so

next time you feel helpless remember

these words and know that I’m here

listening to your prayers with love and

compassion you’re never alone for I’m

always by your side guiding your steps

and lighting your path with the grace of

my divine presence I want your blessing

to bring peace and happiness not sadness


disappointment I forgive your mistakes

and forget them remember that being with

me brings Comfort there’s healing in my

presence and Infinite Strength for those

who believe and patiently wait I’ll

bless you by offering blessings with

love and kindness like a father cares

for his child I’ll await your gratitude

when the blessings come into your life

for they will come soon I’ve already

blessed you with many things that you

may not have realized yet but you’re a

blessed being and through your faith and

prayers your requests will be answered I

understand your frustration when things

don’t go as planned but everything has

its time and I’m taking care of

everything it’s a process where you pray

and I respond you strive and yet you may

face challenges you may encounter

opponents and obstacles along your path

and sometimes it seems like my help is

slow to

arrive however I I’ll spiritually

Enlighten you so you realize that things

aren’t as bad as they seem your blessing

is near just waiting for you to reach

out and receive it sometimes you may

wonder why does God allow me to go

through so many trials why does life

seem so hard and unfair my dear son the

trials you face are like the fire that

purifies gold they shape your soul

strengthen your spirit do not fear the

storms that assail your life for I am

with you every step of the way I know

the plans I have for you plans of peace

happiness and fulfillment to give you a

future and a hope let yourself be guided

by the light of my presence and you will

never walk alone again you need to let

go of any fears or doubts that hinder

you from enduring trials I look forward

to seeing the courage in your heart and

observing how you handled delays or


situations what will your response be

will you continue to wait with joy

without complaining or will you allow

bitterness to take over wasting your

time and effort seek your total Devotion

to me even when my answers are delayed

you must be

patient I look forward to seeing the

strong spirit I have placed within you

your steadfastness that is more valuable

than gold your eagerly awaited blessing


materialize remain patient and full of

Faith do not let skepticism weaken your

resilience ignore those who are mistaken

and avoid receiving advice from

unbelievers or mockers do not be

discouraged by these trials and

difficult times do not fear for I your

almighty God affirm that nothing is

impossible for me wait to witness

remarkable things happening in your life

feel my presence hear my words and you

will find joy and fulfillment in your

heart and in your life my promises are

firm and what I affirm comes to pass the

blessings you await are on their way and

will soon be yours

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