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and questions to ask God in awaiting

season what are you trying to teach me

in this season how are you building my

character how can I serve others in this

season which desires are from you and

which desires are from my own flesh how

can I be a faithful Steward of what you

have given me who can I go to for wise

Council during this time which good

Christian friends should I surround

myself with who can encourage me when

you can’t sleep at night have you ever

thought maybe it’s God saying we need to

talk and now you have time pray before

you sleep let God handle your

worries give it to God and go to sleep

don’t go to bed stressing about it go to

bed praying about it talk to God before

you go to sleep

tonight he misses you don’t worry about

anything instead pray about

everything tell God what you need and

thank him for all he has done then you

will experience God’s peace which

exceeds anything we can

understand his peace will guard your

hearts and Minds as you live in Christ


God he couldn’t have made it this far

without you thank

you I’m thankful for so many things but

mostly god without him I’d have nothing

else to be thankful for praise the Lord

give thanks to the Lord for he is good

his love endures

forever dear God in gratitude I come

before you acknowledging the countless

blessings in my life thank you for the

gift of each day for the people who

surround me and for opportunities that

unfold may my heart overflow with

Thanksgiving and may my life be a

testament to your goodness help me

cultivate a spirit of gratitude in every

circumstance recognizing that all good

things come from you in jesus’ name amen

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