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EVIL PEOPLE WILL SKIP ME | God message jesus |

you know your healing when you start to

respond more than you react you have

more faith and far less fear you have

more calm than chaos you start to listen

more than you talk you set boundaries

that are healthy you start to have

Clarity rather than

confusion you operated out of Peace

rather than Panic you feel all right

when you’re by

yourself anxiety comes when we try to

take control over things that belong to

to God now may the Lord of Peace himself

give you peace at all times and in every

way the Lord be with all of you God Is

Bigger than what you’re anxious about

he’s got you believe it God is working

in your life right now in ways you

cannot understand God will handle what

you can’t handle yourself it’s okay to

ask for his help he loves you prayer for

overthinking Dear God in moments of

excessive thoughts and worries grant us

Clarity and peace help us to surrender

our concerns to your loving care calm

our minds and hearts and lead us to

trust in your wisdom and plan may we

find comfort in your presence knowing

that you hold all things in your hands I

pray to the Lord and he answered me he

freed me from all my

fears whatever your questioning God has

the answer talk to him comment amen if


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