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Find Strength In Chaos | God Message Today

my beloved child I implore you to pause

for a moment and listen to my guidance I

am your omnipresent companion ever eager

to engage in Soulful conversations and

impart the wisdom that flows from the

depths of my benevolent

being amidst the chaos of your daily

existence it is easy to forget that I am

your heavenly Mentor a caring father

Always by your side ready to inv velop

you in the gentle arms of my Divine love

I stand as an unwavering Pillar of

Strength prepared to Bear the burdens

that threaten to crush you and ease the

oppressive weight upon your weary

shoulders rest assured my beloved child

for I am always with you a beacon of

light amidst the darkness together we

shall navigate the turbulent Waters of

existence blessed with the glow of Hope

and the enduring promise of a brighter

future do not hesitate to seek my help

for I am here to guide you regardless of

the hour my arms will swiftly envelop

you and my words will tenderly caress

you no matter where your path may lead

know that the grace of God will always

be with you my dear one my child when

you seek comfort and assistance it holds

great significance to me do not

underestimate this extraordinary

blessing for it patiently awaits your

consent just extend your palms close

your eyes and surrender to the warmth of

My Affection I will dispel the fog of

uncertainty enveloping your soul with

Heavenly Serenity show me your delight

and let me feel the Gratitude emanating

from you my affection for you runs deep

and you deserve nothing less than the

best rest assured my devotion goes

beyond material Goods it is solely

focused on giving you the gift of my

Everlasting Love through the EB and flow

of time

this love is transcendent defying the

limitations of mortal understanding it

is already woven into the very fabric of

your being embracing you in a warm and

tender Embrace through every trial and

victory inspired by such a deep feeling

you will be filled with the courage to

overcome any obstacle that dares to

stand in your way for I have given you

my word my promises and my unwavering

devotion together we dwell in the

heavenly Realms where I pour upon you

immense and Abundant

Blessings however to fully partake in

the Splendor of these gifts one must

first believe though at this moment my

benevolence May elude your understanding

know that I am as real and stable as the

air you breathe as radiant and pure as

the sunlight that bathes you in its

Golden Glow I have been with you and I

will be with you

forever my beloved in the quiet hours of

Dawn and the tense moments of noon my

gaze remains fixed upon you unwavering


devotion do not hesitate to call upon me

for I eagerly answer every sincere plea

as a sinless Son of God I was ready to

forgive those who crucified me all the

more reason why you a forgiven sinner

should be ready to forgive those who

have wronged you if I the Lord of all

creation could show mercy and

forgiveness to my

executioners how can you deny

forgiveness to those who have sinned

against you forgiveness is not an

obligation for a Christian it is a

command a sacred obligation and a

reflection of the Forgiveness you have

received scripture affirms that as you

are forgiven so must you

forgive I understand that the act of

forgiveness is not easy especially when

the wounds inflicted upon you run deep

and the pain is acute the enemy will

whisper lies urging you to hold on to

bitterness and resentment but I urge you

to resist these Temptations for they

lead only to spiritual darkness and the

destruction of your soul unforgiveness

is a poison that corrupts cultivating

anger hatred and resentment which

separate you from the love of God and

hinder the flow of my spirit within you

in refusing to forgive you harm not only

yourself but also hinder your own

spiritual growth release the chains of

unforgiveness my child and embrace the

freedom that forgiveness brings let the

Splendor of Love surround you

overflowing within you as a testament to

its boundless affection in the midst of

the chaos and busyness that engulfs your

daily existence it is crucial to

remember that I your heavenly mentor and

caring father am always by your side I

am ready to envelop you in the gentle

Embrace of my Divine love and stand as

an unwavering Pillar of Strength ready

to Bear the burdens that threaten to

crush you and ease the oppressive weight

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