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yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child in the midst of

life’s chaos and turmoil I invite you to

step into the sanctuary of my

presence come lay down your burdens and

your cares and allow my peace to wash

over you like a gentle

wave breathe in deeply filling your

lungs with the breath of my

spirit feel the tension and stress melt

away as you exhale releasing all that

weighs you

down close your eyes and picture

yourself resting in the shelter of my

wings nestled close to my

heart my love surrounds you my strength

upholds you and my grace sustains

you in this Sacred

Space there is no no room for fear or

worry there is only the quiet Assurance

of my unfailing

love so take a moment my precious one to

simply be still and know that I am

God let the noise of the world fade away

and tune your heart to The Whisper Of My

Voice for in my presence you will find

rest for your weary Soul healing for

your Wounded Heart and strength for your


Journey breathe in my love breathe out

your cares and let my peace anchor your

spirit for I am with you always holding

you close and guiding you with my

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Jesus my precious child I see you

there caught in the Tangled Thicket of

life’s trials feeling lost and

alone the brambles of hardship have left

you scratched and weary yearning for

relief but even in the depths of the

Wilderness shrouded by Shadow I am there


you I am the light that pierces the

darkness the compass that guides your

way trust in me lean on me and I will

lead you out of the Wilderness into a

place of abundance and

Joy my promises are true and my love for

you knows no

bounds so take my hand dear one and let

us walk this journey

together with me by your side you are

never alone and you are always loved my

beloved child I have never forgotten

you though the path May grow dark and

uncertain My Love Remains your

everpresent Compass guiding you towards

Deliverance in the echoing caverns of

your heart do you hear it the gentle

Whisper of my voice calling your name

beckoning you to have

faith for I am the god who sees watching

over my beloved even when you feel

unseen when the parched Winds of

adversity blow leaving you cracked and

Dusty like sunbaked Earth I am the well

spring of Living Water ready to pour out

my refreshment and cause New Life to

Bloom from the barren

places you may wonder if I have forsaken

you left you to Wither in the desert of


suffering but do not let the lies of the

enemy take root in the soil of your soul

for I Am The God Who restores Jehovah

Rafa the great physician who mends the

Brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

type if you believe in Jesus I have

seen every tear that has carved Rivers

down your cheeks and now my child the

time has come for those tears to be

transformed and redeemed into jewels of

joy for I declare over you that a new

season is Dawning a fresh page turning

in the story I am offering for your

life The Long Winter of waiting is

thawing making way for the Lush

blossoming of

spring can you sense it a change in the

air the tender shoots of new beginnings

pushing up from the once frozen ground

Awakening the blessings about to burst

forth in glorious Bloom do you remember

the story of

mephibosheth he was a young prince the

grandson of a King born into privilege

and Destiny

but tragedy struck when he was just a

child leaving him crippled and

broken he grew up in obscurity hiding in

the shadows believing he was worthless


forgotten but I had not forgotten him my

beloved child I saw Beyond meth’s

Brokenness Beyond his shame and I called

him by

name I brought him out of the Wilderness

and into the palace restoring him to his

rightful place at the king’s

table for he was not defined by his

limitations or his past he was defined

by my love and my purpose for his life

and so it is with you my beloved

child no matter how broken or lost you

may feel I see you I know you and I call


mine like methab oth who thought himself

unworthy you may feel undeserving of the

favor I am pouring

out the scars of your past the wounds

inflicted by a merciless world may

convince you that you are too damaged

too broken to receive my extravagant

love type Amen in the name of Jesus but

I see beyond the surface Beyond The

Tattered Rags of self-doubt and

insecurity I see the Royal robe of

righteousness I have rped over your

shoulders the crown of beauty I have

placed upon your

head just like meabf you will experience

the transformative power of my love my

child the wounds of your past the

limitations that have held you back the

shame that has haunted your steps they

will all be swallowed up in the

greatness of my

grace for I Am The God Who redeems the

one who takes the broken pieces of your

life and fashion them into a masterpiece

I will seek you at my table clothe you

with my righteousness and give you a new

name no longer will you be defined by

your struggles or your scars you will be

defined by your identity as my beloved

child just as I restored mephibosheth to

his rightful place I am restoring you to

the destiny I have ordained for you the

past will no longer have dominion over

you for I am doing a new thing so rise

up my precious one and take your place

at my

table Feast on the abundance of my love

and watch as I transform your morning

into dancing your sorrow into joy and

your ashes into

Beauty for you are fashioned with

intentionality in purpose every part of

you is cherished

though your life may be marred by grief

and mistakes I am the one who transforms

even the deepest scars into breathtaking

displays of Grace your flaws and

failings do not disqualify you for my

affection rather they become the very

places where my light shines through

most brilliantly testifying to the power

of my

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$ just as meth was invited to dine at

the king’s table I am setting a place

for you at my banquet of

blessing the aroma of abundance wafts

from the laden

table each dish a testament to my

provision come my child and feast on the

riches of my

goodness Savor the Delicacies of my

faithfulness for at my table there is no

scarcity no crumb too small to

satisfy here you will find nourishment

for your famished Soul sustenance to

strengthen you for the journey

ahead and what a journey it will be for

I am catapulting you into a new realm of

Destiny a landscape of Uncharted

possibilities the dreams that have Lain

dormant buried beneath the weight of

discouragement are stirring to life

unfurling their vibrant petals revealing

the gifts and talents that I have

bestowed upon you I have placed within

you gifts and talents that were once

hidden in the shadows of

self-doubt now they are stepping into

the spotlight ready to Dazzle and


the scars you bear will become Badges of

Honor evidence of the battles you have

fought and the victories you have won in

my strength so take heart my precious

one for The Best Is Yet To

Come the chains that have held you

captive the fears that have kept you

Shackled are crumbling beneath the

weight of my

love type I embrace my power to

affirm for I am the great emancipator

the one who sets the captives free and

leads them forth in joyous procession

step into the spacious place I have

prepared for you a land flowing with

milk and honey a realm where every

promise Finds Its

fulfillment in this new season you will

experience the fullness of my favor the

lavishness of my

grace doors will swing open that were

once firmly shut oper opportunities will

arise like the dawn painting The Horizon

with the colors of possibility and

resources will Flow To You Like rivers

in the desert springing forth from


sources for I am the god of more than

enough the one who Delights in giving

good gifts to my children this

blessing this outpouring of favor is not

meant for you

alone just as methab descendants were

impacted by the kindness shown to him

your breakthrough will become a catalyst

for the transformation of

others the seeds of Faith you plant in

the soil of obedience will yield a

harvest that extends far beyond your own

lifetime nourishing those who come after

you your legacy will be one of Eternal

impact a testament to the power of a

life surrendered to

me for I am the god of restoration ation

turning what the enemy meant for harm

into a beautiful Masterpiece of

redemption and

purpose so arise my beloved child and

embrace the abundance of blessings I

have in store for you knowing that your

journey is not just about you but about

the lives you will touch and the world

you will change through my love and

grace my beloved I will take the very

things that once sought to destroy you

and use them for your good and my

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Jesus they will become the cornerstones

of your destiny the foundations upon

which I build something

magnificent so lift your eyes and fix

your gaze upon me for I am the author

and perfector of your faith the one who

has begun a good work in you and will

carry it to completion trust in my

timing lean into my love and watch as I

unveil the final work I am creating

through your

life you are not defined by your past

but by the future I have crafted for you

a future brimming with hope and

purpose in moments of doubt and when The

Whispers of the enemy grow loud remember

the truth of Who You

Are You Are chos chosen cherished and

called by

name no weapon formed against you shall

prosper no scheme of Darkness shall

Prevail for you are mine forever

engraved upon the palms of my

hands arise my child and step into the

radiant Dawn of this new

day let the light of my love dispel the

lingering Shadows Illuminating the path

before you

walk forward with confidence knowing

that I am with you every step of the way

guiding you protecting you and cheering


on you are never alone never forsaken


forgotten so let your heart be filled

with expectancy your spirit AFF flame

with faith for I am doing a new thing a

work that will leave you in awe and

wonder the desert of your past P will

blossom into a garden of delight the

Wilderness of your wanderings will

become a place of refreshing Springs and

in the midst of it all you will find me

your everpresent

help your unwavering

companion I am the god who sees you

knows you and loves you with an

everlasting love type I’m abundant to

affirm my love for you my precious child

will never fail never waver never run

dry it is a love that reaches to the

heavens endures forever and will carry

you through every Valley and over every

Mountain do you feel the stirring in

your soul the ache of

anticipation it is the echo of my voice

calling you forth into your

destiny embrace it for great things


you I know know the weariness that

clings to your bones the scars that Mark


journey but I tell you this every trial

every dark night every seemingly endless

stretch of wilderness it was not without

purpose it was The Crucible in which I

forged your unshakable faith the

Hallowed Ground upon which I shaped you

into a vessel for my

glory you stand now at the precipice of

Promise gazing out at the horizons of

possibility that Shimmer before

you the path that led you here was Steep

and treacherous littered with broken

dreams and shattered

expectations many times you stumbled

wondering if you had the strength to

continue but in those moments when

despair threatened to engulf

you I was there holding you carrying you

breathing life back into your lungs I

saw you in your weakness your

vulnerability your

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$ I saw your doubts and fears your

struggles and

defeats yes yet I also saw your

resilience your determination your


spirit I saw the seeds of greatness

within you waiting to bloom and flourish

now as you stand on the threshold of new

beginnings know that I am with

you I have been with you every step of


way and I will continue to be by your

side the trials of the past have

prepared you for this

moment they have strengthened your faith

deepened your character and refined your

purpose so do not be afraid of what lies

ahead embrace it with courage and

confidence for I Am with

You together we will navigate the

challenges scale the mountains and

conquer the

obstacles your journey is not over it is

just beginning

and I am excited to see what wonders we

will accomplish

together trust in me lean on me and let

us step into this new chapter of your

life hand in

hand take care of yourself type I claim

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