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card has a message for you

[Music] card has a message for you

assist countless others around the globe remain composed when unfortunate events

occur to not attribute your issues to external factors and refrain from

dwelling on pessimistic ideas just a moment I need to go to the

restroom please be patient remembering that God exists is an essential part of

our faith take his word for it in this very vast Cosmos everything happens at

just the perfect moment and For A Cause please see this film in its

entirety keeping your calm believing what I say praying often and putting

your confidence in me will bring about miracles in your life life you have no

other option except to pursue me we have faith that God is preparing

you for the day when you can talk to him remain committed to leave what I say

seek me out in prayer often and do not lose confidence in me Lord I beg you to

pray for me today I ask that you monitor my mental

and emotional well-being as I go about my day May Your Divine protection be

upon my emotional and spiritual well-being

Lord if you are certain that you have all the resources you need to achieve

your objectives then please say the amen before anything else I usually

become easily sidetracked when I am with other people I could really use your

your assistance in overcoming this problem as a result of your assistance I

would want to express my gratitude please like and share this

video if you are a believer in God because God has been with me every

step of the way I can honestly say that there is no other reason I have made it

this far so far this is the only reason for my success

this one item is all that has helped me so far because of what happened I am

alive and well today the only reason I’ve come this far

and a am still here today is because I knew at that precise moment that God was

going with me at this moment in my life there is no one I can rely on more than

you God no one else can earn my trust cross the way you can I am grateful

beyond words to have someone who loves and watches out for me as much as you do

you are my everything all my wildest fantasies come true because of

you Lord I pray that you would give me the fortitude to persevere in the face

of adversity so that I may confront my issues directly and find Solutions when

I pray I beg you to hear me and Grant my

requests have complete confidence in what I have said and the things that

have been stated no matter how tough Things become tonight please know that

you are loved and that we will overcome them I will lift you up bless your hands

and relieve you of your burdens if you would only let me the believe what I

have spoken and put your whole confidence in me because the name of

Jesus Christ has said it I ask that you will guide me in the

correct direction at every turn and that you will bless me with knowledge and

serenity as I strive to complete the tasks you have assigned to me based on

the time I’ve given you you should have faith in me between now and then believe

me when I say things will begin to improve dramatically furthermore I am

thankful that your will has kept me from being weak today for this I am conscious

my Lord enter text doing your will is essential if I am to have a shot at

survive Ang this life to leave it for the benefit of those you care about if

you can’t bring yourself to believe it neit of those you care about if you

can’t bring yourself to believe it everyone has to pray more than ever

since the world is in a perilous situation for unwavering Faith prayer is

a powerful tool that can move mountains and God is capable of doing whatever he

wants absolutely I provided you with everything you need so there’s no need

for anything extra every single thing you could possibly need has already been

provided for you whenever you’ve needed someone to lean on I’ve been and will be there for

you every single thing you could possibly need has already been provided

for you everything you could possibly need is right

here all because of me I have never stopped watching out for the people you

hold in high regard including you and your loved ones you can count on me to

watch out for everyone associated with you remember that I am here for you at

all times from now on keep on because I will never abandon you or ignore you no

matter what you have my word that I will always be here for you because I am the solid foundation

upon which you rely you know that I will never leave your sigh do not worry I

will keep my word rest assured I will never leave your sigh provide you with

the strength you need and Grant all of your desires rest assured I will never leave

your Sigh No Matter What challenges you face I will be there to support you

you will soon have all your needs met by me I am prepared to go on a new chapter

in my life right now therefore this chapter will soon be closing and a new

one opening dear heavenly father I am prepared to begin again because of this

I beg you to direct and advise me as I increase my level of care is it possible

for you to assist me inep preparing myself to accept your love and

compassion in this life your assistance is much appreciated

your commitment throughout our cooperation has been invaluable and we

hope you know how much we value it I ask that you watch over me in

prayer so that I maintain the routines that will allow me to stay connected

with you and draw strength from the Wellspring of everything that I

need despite the seeming incoherence God is orchestrating a

perfect plan and preparing the path for you to follow rather the Lord will demonstrate

his love and blessings for you today keep in mind that God is the

ultimate Authority and that he controls everything he intends to rob you of

whatever Joy contentment or pleasure you may have in life if he can get control

of you word on the street is that you’re under constant assault in many areas of

your life including your health relationships and finances but you must

persevere do not give up this only handic Cates that you are nearing the

complete of your objectives money thoughts and physical health are just a

few areas that need repair you have been struggling with

several issues for quite some time no matter what others have done to you God

says you shouldn’t let it dictate how you treat your neighbors damage in this

case included emotional as well as bodily distress it is important to remember

that not everyone is out to get you or have any a will against you make it

clear that you want to instruct them on this matter and that it is your

tradition to bless your people when you make your presence known amid the most trying of

circumstances I ask that you God will Empower all people everywhere to face

adversity with the fortitude optimism and serenity that the Holy

Spirit can provide keep your thoughts focused on things that will lift you up and

strengthen you rather than on things that will drag you down and Destroy You

Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God and the one responsible for

launching Stars into space is now exiting the room

the act of launching Stars into space is overseen by Christ who is God in this

time of overwhelming opposition from outside you are in desperate need of his

assistance I can show you how to distinguish the positive from the negative aspects of your life if we keep

in contact please do not hesitate to contact me not everyone you meet will

actively want to drag you or anyone else down staying in contact will allow me to

assist you in distinguishing between the positive and negative aspects of your

life even when faced with an overwhelming number of potential

challenges God did not abandon you after sending you ear you have come thus far

now Bow Down and worship me because I’m God while we are together instead of

going through life believing you don’t deserve wonderful things enjoy

everything that life has to offer everything is up to you even when

you were developing in your mother’s womb my love for you was immense due to

their lack of presence these other individuals were unable to recognize you

because they were unaware of who you were at the time the actions of others

will not have any lasting negative impact on you neither did they bestow upon you the

titles of favor and monarchy as a result of your Deeds nor did they provide you

with an exhausted blueprint for a life of bliss you are deserving of every

Accolade imaginable father and heaven with that stated I am crossing my

fingers that you would give my request careful consideration and provide

appropriate responses thank you for giving my plea this morning some

consideration please pray for my loved ones and anybody else who may be

suffering or in need of a miracle I beg that you keep them in your thoughts and

prayers pay attention to what I’m saying and respond the manner you believe is

correct I beg you Lord to meant whatever broken part of their lives you feel fit

to meant today to this because I want you to not because you believe it’s

proper in order to cure people of whatever you see as broken in their

lives please do what they ask they may find the kind of

Tranquility that you alone can provide just by having you there for them they

may find the kind of Tranquility that you alone can provide just by having you

there for them let them know that you may turn the tables on them and assure them that

their prayers are always being heard reiterate that you intend to

repeat this action at a later date as soon as you begin to feel better

physically you will experience an abundance of wonderful fortune and

extraordinary events those items are on route to your

home at this very now you are free to take them any time you choose you can do

everything you set your mind too now that the tide is turning we can

pull you in with the waves that will bring you to your destination When the

tide turns in your favor you will be able to ride off the waves that were

supposed to drag you into your destiny instead your new found fear of me is

working out well for you but I’m stronger than you give me credit for no

amount of animosity you feel against me can defeat me your animosity against me

stems from the many hurtful things that have occurred to you but I will not be

defeated you prioritize my power above the agony you’re experiencing at the

moment and it doesn’t matter how much you hurt in addition to the material

advantages like War wealth God has promised that you will

also have improved health and an overall better Life as a result of this cun he

claims I’m going to W you with the amount of as you prepare to soak it all in keep

in mind to be grateful and trust God you are deserving of all the glory that

comes from being a magnificent God who can do numerous Miracles so please

accept my gratitude while you’re about it please please do what makes you happy I beg you

to remove everything negative that is preventing miracles from occurring in my

life please listen carefully and respond favorably to what I am asking just

listen to me out and give me what I want for I will be at your sigh so you need

not fear be not discouraged I am God with

you I will be your your support my right hand will be righteous and I will

Empower you God has made this promise to his people I will be at your sigh so you

need not fear be not discouraged I am God with you no matter what challenges

life throws at us we will remain steadfast there is always prayer as a

means of assistance how religion is based on these things when we are in

distress whether it be emotional mental or spiritual it is crucial to pray and

ask a higher power for assistance among the many things he can

do this ranks high in importance listen carefully to God right now all the

friendships sexual Partnerships and professional ties you’ll have in your

life will be shaped by your relationship with God as you see these things unfold

before your eyes since no one else can protect me

from the Shadows I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for

your love and protection only you can save me from the clutches of

Nightfall no matter how exhausted Weak and Powerless you feel right now now I

know that you are the only one who can protect me from

evil God want for you to see that he is the one who will strengthen you from him

you get your power a Marvel of un parallel bread and depth is being

unveiled today if you want to look at it from a

different angle one that takes into account our emotions our spirituality

and our finances then please share this video you are worthy of all the honor

and Glory that the Earth can provide Most Holy Father in Heaven things have

been tough for you and I’m aware that you’ve been going through a tough period

my deepest apologies I appreciate you taking the

time to speak with me today please protect me from the harm that is

surrounding me you are the reason I’m here today to request this coming to you

in person has allowed us to have our first face-to-face

conversation your previous statements that you would never abandon me in my

time of need are things I completely understand knowing this fills me with

the sense of peace and excitement in order to avoid the threats that surround

me now I am requesting your assistance enter text it would mean the

world to me if you could grow my request when we are hurting whether emotionally

physically or spiritually the first thing we sh do is pray yes it is

correct. D do is prey yes it is correct regardless of the difficulties

we may be facing we should choose this alternative since it is our best choice

it is one of the most underutilized resources available to Christians

despite its great usefulness for the remainder of your

life I hope you stick to this fantastic strategy I’ve given you

no matter what you do I will be the one to make sure everything goes according

to plan even if you probably won’t be able to comprehend how things

operate please know that I am completely prepared for whatever is occurring and

will do all in my power to ensure a positive outcome beyond that I just wanted you to

know that that I am completely unsurprised by your predicament everything will be well in

the end so there’s no need to fret right now no matter what I always start by

doing things correctly no matter how large or persistent the obstacles have

been they will immediately vanish allowing you to make full progress

toward your objective your faith will be renewed

your aspiration will be fulfilled and you will be showered with several

incredible opportunities and experiences regardless of how large or

lengthy the work may be it is my atmost belief that you

possess the qualities necessary to achieve greatness beyond my wildest

dreams because of your self-confidence I am fully confident in

this project your potential to do great things is unwavering in my

eyes because of your self-confidence I am fully confident in

this project because of my trust I believe you are capable of great things

you have my unwavering faith that you will not disappoint me and that you are

capable of exceeding my wildest expectations you won’t fail to meet my

expectations that much is certain to me in the end I will grant each every want

and desire that you have had during this ordeal neither the pain nor the burden

will be excessive for very long when love prosperity good health and exciting

new prospects surround you it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with joy all of these

things are going to happen to you very soon his lectures and travels on the

return of God’s kingdom will soon bring you great joy many individuals all across the

globe had physical and spiritual healings because of Jesus Christ all

sorts of diseases transgressions and even death were averted by his mighty hand

while Jesus Christ was on Earth he healed many people who were ill

condemned or near death he brought good news of God’s kingdom and rescued many

more he has the power to resurrect even the dead because of him these folks can now

lead regular lives once again never will I abandon you I swear I

have never stopped watching out for what’s best for you in fact I’ve have done it from the start importantly you

all continue to have unwavering trust in me therefore I will continue doing

that I appreciate you being able to make it for all my goals and dreams that

bring me joy you are the one who makes them a reality thanks to you I am able

to persevere despite my difficulties you fulfill every wish I have ever had

there are no words to express my gratitude for everything that you do for

me since I will never be worthy of your generosity no problem at

all your kindness and generosity mean the world to me and I will do everything

in my power to express my gratitude and admiration for all that you do a miracle

experience is the only thing that can help me get through this difficult time

in my life therefore please make it possible for me to have one there are

almost Limitless possibilities when you’re involved and I know

it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I beg you and pray that you would Grant my

request everything that isn’t contributing to my happiness can leave

and I can’t wait to try new things in addition I am prepared to adjust to

novel circumstances and release attachments to past hurts in order to make room in my

life for the present and future I’m prepared to move on from the

events of the past throughout this journey you have been my rock it is

really appreciated for everything that you do for me I just wanted to express my

deepest gratitude however I am unable to you are

magnificent I’m at a loss for words but I want to use this opportunity to

express my gratitude for your unwavering support and for getting me through a

difficult period throughout this journey you have been in my rock it is really

appreciated I beg you for the sake of the present you had in mind for me to

Pardon Me apologies for my actions I ask that you pardon my

transgression and provide me the blessing you have in store for

me your forgiveness would mean the world to me I bring joy to people’s lives

after some time has passed past you will realize that your expectations of the

world are unrealistic in order to alleviate any more distress I kindly

request that you face me instead of turning around being in excellent health and

having a robust immune system makes me the center of Joy whatever comes my way

I will be able to complete additionally I am prepared pred to tackle any task

that may be assigned to me if you put your faith in Jesus he is the

Lord whatever is troubling you at the moment I am paying close attention to

you’re laying the groundwork for enormous success down the road even if

it doesn’t seem that way right now there are people here who are

praying for you and and you will be able to overcome this obstacle with their

support and assistance knowing that the truth is also on your sigh along with

God should give you peace of mind things are shifting barriers are

crumbling and opportunities are appearing nonetheless you must not give

up on yourself despite this there are certain long-standing issues that are GR

gradually being addressed to the point where they no longer pose a threat in the

future your relationships wealth health and everything else that the evil man

stole from you will be returned to you if you believe me have faith in me I

will do this assignment as promised I will not disappoint you

although few are aware of your life story and the chall challenges you have

overcome you are very resilient but no matter what you have my

word that I will never leave your side to assist you pick yourself up after a

fall God is addressing you at this very moment only a select handful are aware

of the challenges you’ve overcome yet you’re still

standing strong for some this may may be an annoyance sometimes it’s hard to see how

things may turn out better than they already are your heavenly father is exerting

great effort to ensure this occurs despite the fact that you seem to be

blind I have faith that things will turn out well for

you all of these things were intended for you while you were still at devel

veloping being and you will mature into them as you become older your aspiration

will materialize as you reach new heights this is a clear message that you

need to begin preparing for immediately I am cognizant of the

challenges you have faced I promise however that even when it’s for your own

benefit I will never place you in a situation that you are capable of

handling you will never be able to convince me to place you in an

impossible scenario you must be well versed on this specific information

presently all options for altering the manner no matter how many days you’ve

wasted hoping for a better outcome the fact is that things are as they are

right now however I assure you that this this will not be the continuing pattern

for the remainder of your life placed the towel nearby for the sake of those who believe

I implore you to view this video and its entirety right

now God is addressing you personally you should realize that the things that are

tough for you right now will not remain forever as you may be aware you have

been putting in a lot of effort over the last several weeks God is about to accomplish

something unprecedented and the whole world will see it it gives me the impression that

doors will soon open to new possibilities something is Shifting in a

distant land where things weren’t going well previously occasionally one might see

see indications of recovery no matter how heavy your burden is I will lift it

all off your shoulders and provide you a helping

hand in other words you shouldn’t be afraid to keep going even when the going

gets tough take pleasure in the fact that Monday as here at last statements

made by God if you Center your goals on me Saint statements made by God if you

Center your goals on me my goal for this week is to give you

the greatest vulnerability you can think of a to make sure that nothing goes wrong for

you when this sign appears it’s a sign that everything you’ve ever wanted a

loving relationship Financial stability a permanent residence and and meaningful

employment is about to materialize this is the message even if

your opponent advise you not to accept it since God says so in the

Bible he assures you that many wonderful things are on the horizon for you and

you’re looking forward to experiencing them even if it’s likely that your

opponent told you something different God has made it very plain that he will

not communicate with you or Grant your requests that kind of stuff happens from

time to time and I may respond in ways you wouldn’t

expect because I love you you should always be vigilant and attentive it

means a lot to me that you can relate to my methods if you maintain I contact

with me you will increase your chances of success please believe me since the Lord

has said so what happens has absolutely nothing to do with your abilities

accomplishments or the effort you have put into anything this is due to the

fact that the scheduled activities are completely unrelated to one

another I will maintain control over it and ensure that it completes the tasks I

assign it a gift that defies description will come your way and you will

experience wonderful things have I not already encouraged you to approach

everything with enthusiasm and courage fear not for the Lord your God

will lead you and be with you every step of the way for this reason you should

not be concerned he promises he will never treat you cruy or disregard you

again not long after this version concludes it will undergo a

transformation that is entirely beneficial to you this shift will be

brought about by an upcoming event in your life those things that have been

bothering you and keeping you awake won’t be an issue anymore after

tonight you might include the factors that have prevented you from sleeping

well in this there will be additional things for you to take care of soon a

major shift is about to occur in your life and you should begin preparing for

it immediately do not be afraid the Lord

assures his people be not discouraged I am God with you my right hand will

support you my strength will be with you and I will be your

Advocate you are to go to a unique location on Earth that your other

cousins have never gone that is God’s will no matter how many opportunities he

has or how much Authority he has you will never get to see him utilize any of

them power chance and favor are all stacked in his favor to an unprecedented

degree have wavering faith in the Lord and his promises you can never doubt

their veracity never put your faith in your own discretion or the wisdom you’ve

acquired over the years if you demonstrate to him that you

appreciate acknowledge Him in everything that you you do he will guide you to

make better decisions than you would if you relied on your own observations and experiences expressing

your admiration and gratitude for him is one

approach we are too refrained from criticizing or complaining about one

another as God has commanded you will no longer be

preoccupied with your own anxieties when you make the conscious decision to cease

dwelling on little matters what I have to say on this should be heard by

you your confidence in me baffles me since I do not understand why you have

such a great belief in me without a doubt you brighten my day. T you

brighten my day no matter what whether it’s in my

word words or my actions I will never fail you God promises excellent things

to those who perform Good Deeds good things will come to you if

you continue to trust me I will lift you up if you treat me with respect as

fantastic as it gets being near you is much better many blessings will be yours

if you maintain your faith in me if something more significant and

substantial wasn’t on the horizon for you soon you wouldn’t be here or reading

this the reason we just discussed this is so that you may read this message

which discusses a surprise you can see it now because of

this remember that God is already going through a lot in his life it seems like

God is rather busy at the moment he will bless you and your loved

ones and restore your health if you’re are sick or injured because of him your

life will be filled with wonderful things rather than negative so you are

prepared to hear what he has to say prepare yourself for I am going to

tell you something that will totally Astound you God says plans for more than

just my finances have begun to take shape strategies for my well-being

Independence career advancement and long-term relationship have begun to

take shape you will be taken aback if you

find yourself in a difficult situation when it does occur to you instead of

fleeing God wants you to communicate to him someone can give you pointers on

where to go if you do this this will help you choose the next step to

take feel free to come chat to me about anything that you are struggling to

grasp your life will be irrevocably altered when you have profound

epiphanies whenever it occurs you may rely on my presence to support you do

not give it any more consideration than is absolutely

necessary ignore it completely simply said don’t give it more mental energy

than is necessary it is believed that God himself provided some of the

quotations found in the Bible my coming into the world was to be

a light to guide those who put their faith in me out of Darkness those who

put their faith in God should always know what is going on according to this

verse even when you think you can’t go on God will provide the strength you

need when you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your resources it’s tempting to

just quit up you can count on this even when it seems like things

can’t get worse he has a way of making you laugh and grin again and if you need

an Escape Route he will locate one he will probably still offer you an answer

even when it seems like all other options have been [Music]

exhausted an exciting chapter in your life is about to begin and you’re filled

with anticipation the next stage will be more involved living in continual terror

is something that should never happen in the end your wildest dreams will come

true Good Fortune will be piling up for you next week and it will keep on

rolling in the week after that everything that is meant to go well for

you will improve throughout the following week God wants you to know that he will

hold you back from moving on in your trip until you are absolutely certain

that the road ahead is safe if there is any possibility that the path ahead will

not be perilous then God will accomplish this we give thanks to God that

everything has worked out this way amazing opportunities will inevitably

present themselves to you there’s no need to fret about missing any of them

the Lord has promised that wonderful and miraculous things would occur at this

time it was his vow to accomplish this further he assures us that an

opportunity will rise when we must publicly declare in jesus’ name that we

are the rulers of this world and that all people must V to our

Authority you make confidently go about your day knowing that nothing bad will

happen to you I am very confident in your abilities it

is quite unlikely that this occurred by accident it remains baffling regardless

of the circumstances to leave in what is ahead

in the near future you may expect a marked improvement in your life as

miraculous events start to transpire I wouldn’t have assigned you

the assignment if I didn’t believe you were capable of doing it given my low

expectations for your abilities if I hadn’t believed in your ability I

wouldn’t have created you goes the often attributed statement to

God I don’t think it’s totally out of the question that you can achieve the

objectives you’ve set for yourself the key was to seize this opportunity as

soon as possible you may relax and focus on

being a good person because I will see to it that everything is taken care of I

will see to it that you have an optimistic howo just for you God has been Penning a

book I began at thinking of you but it’s not completed yet maintaining your

religion is of the utmost importance maintaining your faith is crucial even

when faced with circumstances over which you have no control the predictions of the Lord will

come to pass this battle is going to be yours and you’ll win the whole thing you

may be certain that things will happen but you can’t predict with certainty how

they will major life Chang are on the horizon

and you won’t have much time to prepare all of these modifications will take

place very soon in the near future the key is that you were already

thinking about it when you created it in your mind you’re just not consciously

aware of it anymore while you’re making it real for yourself the procedure is as

follows the steps outlined in this article may be used to dissect the

Secret’s success I know how difficult it was for

you to overcome the tragic things happening in your life God adds in his

voice that you were successful and finishing the assignment makes me

glad I can’t even began to Fathom what you went through I am aware of the toll

it had on your emotional and psychological

well-being I appreciate your faith in me and the fact that we were successful in

our Endeavor my apologies I want to make sure you’re able to go on in the best

manner possible so please tell me about all your

issues my heart feels like it’s about to explode thinking about all your going

through right now what we can all pull through if we work together in time your

self-esteem will improve I can guarantee that you kept

your word to yourself since you persisted in believing in me and never

gave up on me no matter what happens on Earth you will be glad you continue to

believe in me a coincidence does not exist everything is going according to

plan for you have faith that the road de

traveling on is exactly what you were supposed to take the whole time in time

everything will be revealed to you despite the uncertainty in your life

have faith that he is with you and has a plan to bring you hope and calm this is

true regard less of the challenges you may be encountering refrain from

becoming comfy in your existing circumstances pay attention to the

positive things occurring instead than getting caught up in the negative have

faith in your abilities and realize that you can achieve success in whatever

Endeavor you undertake even when you reach this point

your journey is far from over preparation for the future should be your first priority at this time of year

I am passionate about sharing my belief in God with

others like and share this video to demonstrate your

faith every person’s life is designed and orchestrated by God according to the

Bible like you are playing a pivotal part and have a job waiting for you

elsewhere in the globe this strategy achieves anything my favorite is you and

I pray that you would prioritize God above everything

else apart from that I pray that you would repent and demonstrate to other

Christians what it means to be a blessing by being there for those in need and avoiding sin at all

costs your beauty is becoming more apparent to us as we see your

one-of-a-kind Brilliance more clearly than at any point in history you have no

control over the events that are predetermined to transpire in your

life no one not even the people of this planet can have faith in your abilities

and guarantee your your success in whatever Endeavor you undertake even

when you reach this point your journey is far from over preparation for the

future should be your first priority at this time of

year like and share this video to demonstrate your

faith every person’s life is designed and orchestrated by God according to the

Bible like you are playing a pivotal part and have a job waiting for you

elsewhere in the globe this strategy achieves

anything my favorite is you and I pray that you would prioritize God above

everything else in addition I pray that you would repent of your sins and serve

as an example to other Christians of how to be a blessing by being there for those in need and going above and beyond

for them avoiding sin is within your power

your beauty is becoming more apparent to us as we see your One of a Kind

Brilliance more clearly than at any point in history no amount of effort no matter

how many people try can change the course of your destiny but what you can

do is make progress toward your objective currently you sense that it is

heading in your direction you should begin preparing for the many wonderful things that are going to come soon there

will be positive changes in your life as a result of God’s presence if you remain

faithful and pray often love health and Financial paty are

flowing into your life just as they should today after all you deserve

them according to God’s plan all of your troubles will be mysteriously resolved

your family will get presents and weird crunches will occur at the exact moment

you need them if you have faith in me I will guide you to

safety if you still don’t believe me I will continue to guide you in the

correct direction even if I am aware that things aren’t going according to

plan I know how you’re going to feel in the near future God has revealed himself

receiving monetary compensation shouldn’t come as a shock to

you this is due to the fact that the cosmic order is now eliminating all

potentially harmful obstacles that have existed so far love will overflow into

your life you are about to experience an

unparallel unparallel Delight beyond anything you have ever felt

before I am in charge of everything including what is happening right now

declares the Lord God at the moment you shouldn’t be concerned about

anything we will address the problems that have been causing you concern and I

apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may

provide let me devise a unique strategy for you and while we navigate the city I

will assist you in entering buildings and unlocking doors separately I will

create a strategy tailor your needs now that the dry season is almost

over you may finally Rejoice you may expect an abundance of Love healing

transformation opportunities and blessings in the days and years

ahead by praying in this manner you will get answers to your most powerful

petitions in a man that is most beneficial to you I am

really grateful for your assistance one way you can help our Christian

communities by subscribing to our Channel attempting to locate it should

not be a priority while you await the things that really matter to you rather

maintain a level head and be patient be it as it may chasing after after it

won’t bring you it God will personally deliver it to you

and make sure you receive it fast if you think he wants you to

succeed all eyes are on you now stay connected for further teachings from


God [Music]


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