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God Is Giving You Warning Signs. Pay Attention Now, or You Will Be Sorry Later | Powerful Blessings


have you ever had the feeling that

something isn’t quite right but you

can’t quite put your finger on it

do you feel like you’re being tested by

God like he’s giving you warning signs

but you’re not sure what they mean

if you are not careful you will miss the

warning signs that God is giving you do

you believe in God

so then you should know that he is

always watching over you and knows what

you’re going through

he wants to help you but you have to be

willing to listen to his warning signs

in this video I’m going to share some of

the most common warning signs that God

gives us and how you can pay attention

to them so that you don’t make a mistake

that you’ll regret later


God says

proud of who you are and accept the

imperfections that make you unique let

God take the lead and guide you down the

path of life with an open heart and mind

you can trust in him to provide you with

the strength and love you need

God says let him take the wheel and you

will be rewarded with his unconditional

love and grace

may you be blessed in all of your

endeavors believe that the worries will

fade away and the sadness will no longer

have control

Miracles are happening know that you are

loved and capable of accomplishing any


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your



God is saying to you today you have a

purpose in life you were created To Be A

Champion don’t let overthinking take

away your calmness

trust in God and he will guide you

trust in God’s plan

and he will provide

have faith that all of your troubles

will be solved Embrace a positive

attitude and keep your spirits High

share this with someone who needs it

God says

strive for success and never lose sight

of your Ambitions face criticism with an

open mind and continually grow surround

yourself with joyful sincere people

believe in your dreams and watch them

unfold abundance and prosperity are in

your future


God says believe in the power of your

own destiny October November and

December will bring an abundance of Joy

optimism and fortuitous events you have

the capacity to reach your goals and

manifest your dreams no matter what

obstacles may arise have faith and keep

striving forward success is just around

the corner

God says to you you don’t have to suffer


reach out to me and let me in I am here

to give you the strength and joy you

need to get through this together we can

make it through anything my love and

compassion are ever present

and my grace is more than enough for you

God says

remember that I am here to guide and

support you in every situation

from the highest peaks to the deepest

valleys in moments of joy and sorrow in

times of abundance and lack I may not

always be visible but my presence is

ever present keep faith in yourself and

the universe and you will find that all

is revealed in due time

Comet Ammon if you agree

God Says with faith courage and strength

you can overcome whatever life throws at

you let go of your worries and anxieties

and remember that God is always there to

guide and protect you I’m here to offer

you support and to help you find the

lasting joy and peace that you deserve

God wants you to hear this today I

promise to be with you every step of the

way as you Journey towards a brighter

future know that I love you and that

God’s love is greater than any of life’s

troubles believe have faith and keep

moving all will be well


God says

you have the power to be extraordinary

I have endowed you with the ability to

stand out from the crowd and you have

demonstrated that you are capable of

conquering any challenge your spirit is


and I have been there to guide you

through every storm

don’t lose Faith now for God has

something remarkable in store for you

type yes to claim this

God says a bright future awaits you you

are destined for great things and

nothing can stand in the way of God’s

plan for your life

the financial abundance you seek is just

around the corner all you need to do is

reach out and seize it I have been with

you on this journey so far and I am here

with you now and I will never leave your


God wants you to know this today

believe in yourself and I will be here

to cheer you on I love you believe in

the power of Miracles this week

something wonderful will come your way

get ready to embrace the blessings that

are heading your way have faith in the

Lord’s perfect timing even if it may not

be the timing we desire it is the timing

that is meant for us

God says remind yourself that God’s plan

is far superior to our own don’t take

the opinions of others to Heart your

blessings are within you regardless of

what others may say believe that

whatever God has promised you will come

to pass his timing is perfect and never


God has a message for you today you have

the power to make your dreams a reality

put Faith in yourself and recognize your

worth don’t let the little things bring

you down and don’t let emotions Cloud

your judgment over matters that are

beyond your control it’s time to make

happiness your priority you are

deserving of Joy so don’t wait any

longer to make it happen

God says this month will be your best

month of the year just believe in him

God says believe in yourself and your

dreams you have the courage and good

fortune to achieve your goals God is

guiding you towards a path of growth and

abundance so don’t be afraid because

your wishes will be granted and you will

be blessed beyond measure

God says trust in yourself and the power

of your positive energy

I will be with you every step of the way

Illuminating the path ahead with signs

of Hope and possibility believe in the

power of your dreams and I will help you

bring them to life

God says you are not reading this by


at the dawn of a new era an incredible

Fortune awaits your arrival

time is right a special number will

arise signaling the entrance of a

magnificent blessing and a Monumental

Financial leap

type I believe in God to affirm

God says

you deserve nothing but true love permit

yourself to enjoy it slowly without any

complications don’t rush it and look for

a partner who is reliable confident and

consistent believe in yourself and be


eradicate any feelings of self-doubt and

aim for high self-esteem

you are worthy of a wonderful and

fulfilling connection


God says you are a champion deserving of


when the time is right the Lord will

make all your dreams come true you don’t

have to worry about forcing things to

happen God will take care of you and

make it happen in his own time

believe in yourself and trust in the

Lord he will fulfill all your wishes


God is saying to you today

no matter what challenges you may face

no matter how insurmountable they may

seem you are never alone when the time

is right God will provide a way out and

show you how to achieve your goals

instead of struggling and striving put

your trust in him he will be with you

every step of the way

type Eamon to catch these fives

God says

stop striving start believing

the transformation this will bring is


the cosmos is communicating that now is

your time

finances will soon flourish and joyful

moments are coming your way you endured

so much in silence

but now I am delivering the rewards in

abundance open your arms and embrace it

God says you are taking a brave step

into a new and exciting chapter of your

life have faith that your dreams will be

realized and your blessings will be

plentiful keep this post close to your

heart believing in its power you have

endured many difficult times in silence

but now is the time to accept the

world’s love and blessings


God says to you the universe is with you

granting you the strength and courage to

pursue your dreams

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

finally after watching this video to

this point I can confidently say that

God is giving us all warning signs in

different ways it is important that we

pay attention to These Warnings and heed

them before it’s too late

finally it’s your time to shine it’s

time to take a step back and reflect on

all of the signs God has been giving you

as you’ve taken time to reflect what

have you learned from these warning


is there a lesson to be learned if there

is make sure to share it in the comments

of this video we’d love to hear it

remember to pay attention to the signs

now or you will be sorry later whether

the signs are subtle or more obvious

take the time to listen and learn from

them they may be just what you need to

reach the next level of your journey so

take a moment take a breath and pay

attention you will be grateful

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it



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