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today God is talking to

today God is talking to

you kid of God you’re going to come out

of this this is only a brief portion of

your illustrious trip it’s not your

permanent home beond the Crut section

there is so much love life and

happiness you have yet to write your

greatest sections raise your head and

exalt the Lord because this uncertain

moment is going to bring forth something

magnificent if you believe in God please

like this

video show five persons who believe in

God this

video your metamorphosis is having

Limitless good

repercussions and your soul is

blossoming you are clinging to Treasures

with divinely delicious consistency like

honey every day your spirit shines more

brightly reflecting the lovely Deeds of

tonight’s full moon maintain a healthy

balance of energy by following daily

routines that uplift your spirits and

feed your

intellect recall your early years and

the progress you’ve made since then this

full moon serves as a reminder that

every state age of life is

transitory regardless of how long they

last they all teach you something

worthwhile to apply to the next

chapter you will be astounded by the

quantity of rewards you are about to

receive so keep looking

up press Amen to assert

it God is rewriting your narrative we

are going to change the story what seems

to be loss and defeat is going to give

way to recovery and

Triumph aim for Marvels instead of

waiting for positive things to happen to

you take action and become the person

you have always wanted to

be indicate to the universe the

frequency you want to live in by your

words acts and posit positive thoughts

if you send positive energy into the

globe Miracles will undoubtedly

occur to confirm this to yourself type

amen I know you have been suffering for

a long time in terms of finances

spiritually even emotionally sometimes

even emotionally God is speaking to you

today you have a good heart and people

have abused you in many ways he

says even though the adversary has

attempted to drive you insane and you

have been cheated on several occasions

you continue to stand in the middle of

your hurricanes because I am by your

side fear not because I will turn the

tables and bless you in the sight of

your adversaries I will not not let any

Weapon made against you to

flourish fear is a spirit that seeks to

keep you from pursuing the plans the

Lord has for you fear is the defender of

wonderful things and in order to attain

them you must overcome

it according to the Bible God gave us a

spirit of strength love and self-control

rather than one of fear

when you take a risk and are about to

make a significant breakthrough it seems

like everything will come crashing down

never give

up refrain from panicking just have

faith God is still urging you to come

forward his purpose for you is not

altered God always calls us into the

future and we wouldn’t need him if we

could do it on our own because he is my

strength I can accomplish anything

through him that covers everything you

are dealing with right

now to assert type I’m

abundant I am God be still and realize

this it’s worth noting that the original

Hebrew source of the word be implies let

go rather than be quiet give up and

accept that I am God

give up attempting to manipulate your

partner give up worrying about your

money give up holding grudges give up on

the past give up the things you cannot

control and take comfort in the fact

that God is in

charge to confirm this type

amen even if the storm is terrible stay

on board

despite the Seas smashing all around you

don’t doubt the work God has given you

to undertake reject the enemy’s

falsehoods the adversary want for you to

give up and give in it’s hard I swear to

God he is not blind to your tears or

deaf to your screams you’re going to

reap the rewards a crop of blessings and


an abundance of health and much to

harvest everything for which you have

been yearning grieving looking and

praying is about to arrive in your

life you simply need to persevere and

not give up hold on to the towel hold on

and consider it everything is Jo if you

don’t give up you will get back what you

have planted in faith


today God is saying to you you are not

traveling alone I am with you know

matter what you are going

through I am the same God that brought

you out of depression Suicidal Thoughts

anxiety fear insecurities loneliness

Financial hardships and heartbreak I did

it before and I will do it again trust

me cling to my unchanging

hand whereas others may have given up

especially when things got tough I will

never I am the same yesterday today and


more you will make it through this look

for me and you will find me focus on me

as the storm rages around you I will

keep you

afloat if you agree typ

yes you never would have imagined how

well protected you are you may freely

give your heart now more than ever be

receptive to accepting assistance from

your Cosmic Family and GIC beings of

light and your soul

family give them permission to help you

now on your trip give them your pain and

your concerns they are no longer

necessary for you to carry you are

getting help that is above your wildest

Expectations by actively recognizing the

indicators and doing the necessary

physical effort to get the assistance

and support you need right now you may

increase your chances of getting


support you have to put in the work and

take the first move to be blessed your

heavenly allies will range things and

bring in Angelic

connections if you love God please

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Channel your prayer is heard by God he

is aware of your suffering perplexity

annoyance anxiety dread Melancholy and

Brokenness he’s seen the tears you’ve

whapped over your present situation

and he wants you to know right now that

he has blessings for you for every tear

that falls and every restless night you

opted to persevere when others in your

situation would have given up long

ago even if it hurts he can see your

loyalty he will honor you because you

are honoring him by going through the

suffering in the name of Jesus blessings

healing Miracles answers and divine

favor are on their

way to confirm type I am ready to

shine God is saying to you today I

understand that you are thinking about a

lot of things right now like your family

your career your finances and the health

of a Lov one it seems like the entire

world is rest resting on your

shoulders you feel alone but you are

never alone my child bring all of your

worries to me in prayer and I will care

for you heal you and offer

resources I have all of Heaven’s

resources behind you so don’t

worry God is addressing you right now I

promise never to let anything happen to

you without without a strategy David

could not have become a Shepherd kid if

I had wanted

to but that’s not what I did because I

had already declared David to be king

long before Samuel ever met him his main

duty as a Shepherd was to ensure the

well-being and safety of the

flock he had grazed the animals leading

them to favorable foraging places and

keeping wild creatures and hazardous

plants at Bay as a matter of fact I was

molding him into the

king a King’s first duty is to ensure

the security and well-being of his

subjects that being said David’s earlier

experiences were not in vain rather I

had Reed him for the future I had

planned for him in the past

past in a similar vein stop worrying

over what transpired or why in your life

rather proceed by placing your trust in

me when you’re ready type

yes this year has been full of hardships

so I wasn’t prepared for today how was

it a law for words but this one just

sprang out at

me God wants you to know know that this

year marks the start of something brand

new with a lot of amazing things to come

the adversary is vanquished this

year the Lord is going before you this

year you will see it in the natural

world this year this year is

it your life has entered a new chapter

the secret you’ve been searching for all

along is that your soul has now dis

discovered how to take charge you’ve

changed in ways that are only known to

you and the

universe you have much more faith than

ever before more than any fear ever

could have held you back all the magic

you haven’t yet encountered will come as

a complete surprise to

you this chapter is far better than the

others it is nothing like the others

take everything in your standing

squarely in the path of breakthroughs

not just approaching

it fill in yes to confirm

this I have a strong impulse to tell

someone that you should step through the

door as God is the one who opened it for

you you should seize the chance since

God is the one who brought it

about put an end to over analyzing your

motivations and move on to the next

stage of jesus’ work in your life you’ve

been questioning if you really heard

from God or whether it was all in your

head if you don’t go outside you’ll

never know it doesn’t matter whether

you’re holy enough talented enough

intelligent enough or resourceful

enough in actuality it has nothing to do

with your skills and everything to do

with what God desires to do for his

glory and and through your

life the enemy has been promising You by

constantly reminding you of all your

shortcomings faults and limit has it’s

time to listen to God and quiet the

accuser you didn’t call yourself he

did you didn’t pick yourself he did you

did not appoint yourself he did it is

time to follow God’s

guidance God’s child that Vision was

right the Assurance help true you are

not insane are you aware of the conflict

around you it demonstrates the potential

it’s a sign that you’re moving on the


route maybe never stop believing love

one never give up hope very soon

Supernatural doors will be open for you

from surprising sources and surprising

individuals ever before you were ever

conceived every aspect of your existence

was predetermined by God to plan is

already set out by God this was expected

to occur that was anti ipated to

occur everything is unfolding in

accordance with God’s will not based on

your financial account balance who loves

you or how talented you

are simply have faith that everything is

happening for your benefit and that you

will be rewarded for your loyalty to me

and the method I decide to accomplish

this live

a life of faith and trust that I have


covered C I am Sovereign to make a

claim God gave me such a great desire to

uplift someone this evening for you it’s

not over it’s not truly over yet you’re

going through a brief trial and the day

will arrive sooner than you

anticipate when you consider how far God

has taken you in the past you’ll

appreciate Jesus for his far greater

intentions for you and comprehend why

certain things didn’t work out permit me

to for tell you your

recovering good things will happen great

success and breakthroughs are on the

horizon just see how God will raise you

to a higher level jesus’ name

amen remember that God is greater and

more powerful than everything you may

encounter this week depend Less on your

own strength and more on

his give it all to God if you’re feeling

overwhelmed his hands are large enough

to accommodate your anxieties V tties


concerns input G yes to

accept for you everything changes this

week right now God and His angels are at

work on your behalf you’ll see and feel

progress and development in every aspect

of your

life continue on never give up your big

break is almost

here if you weren’t a danger the

adversary wouldn’t be fighting you and

if you weren’t about to do something

incredible he wouldn’t be attempting to


you he is aware that you are going to

enter a new phase of your life establish

new boundaries for your family enter

your promised land and experience

something you have never experienced

before markam and if you agree

the Lord can see where you’re going even

if you may not be able to he’s also had

your hand in his everything in your past

present and future is being revitalized


him he is Illuminating even the deepest

recesses of your Consciousness so cling

firmly to him cling to his love knowing

that you are in his hands forever

because of Jesus and that he will never


you you can’t stay away from him because

of any doubt dashed hopes or dread of

the future he is constantly at your side

and everything rely on him accept and

allow him to gently guide you to your

destination if you believe in God please

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channel it’s not God who sees a

difficult situation shrugs and says I

guess I’m not really sure what to do

with this one God is not in the business

of leaving things broken and messy he is

a God who raises the dead to life the

Ashes to Beauty the despair to hope the

darkness to

light and recovering from the most

shattered confused

and messy

circumstances if you believe type

amen you don’t need to be concerned

there is so much more in front of you

than you can possible see or comprehend

at this time there are still a ton of

mountains to climb and rivers to cross

but everything will happen in due

course and even if you have to go a bit

further further and take a little longer

to reach the

mountains God still has the ability to

direct you to the right places and

everything he does is done with purpose

go slowly then when you know him there’s


haste without you the celebration won’t

get started you won’t be forgotten or

replaced and no one will take your place

you have nothing to be afraid about

losing out on and

him all you have to do is keep believing

keep moving forward and have faith that

he will never abandon you provide for

your heavy need and guide you to your


home it is your responsibility to hold

fast to your faith and not allow it to

wne God is in in control of your life

and there is a reason for everything

that is happening in it he knows the

precise timing of your life the source

of your pain and the suffering you must


through he bestows upon you patience

love and freedom to handle everything

that comes your

way he merely gives you the opportunity

to work hard in the path you know best

and he will take care of the rest that

much is certain he doesn’t expect you to

know how you’re going to get

through he wants you to keep moving on

because he believes in your strength and

unfailing love for you even if it

doesn’t seem like it’s

over I pray over my life when I’m

feeling worn out fatigued and overcome

with worry tension and concern about the

future I want to put all my trust in you

father and not worry or be anxious about

tomorrow remind me in difficult times

that you have always been there to

provide for me in every circumstance or

obstacle remind me that your plans are

always to prosper me and never to harm

me I know your grace is sufficient

father help me to face each day’s

challenges with Grace wisdom knowledge


understanding I feel calm and hope in

knowing that you will never leave me and

that you will support me in overcoming

everything this life may throw at me you

are so nice to

me when you’re ready type I’m

optimistic I let go of my need to know

why things work out the way they do my

worries that others would leave me and

their love behind and my drive to show


value I Surrender my reluctance to

completely accept your ideas your

methods and your purposes Lord I

Surrender my self-centeredness and an

effort e to Shield myself I Surrender my

rage my spirit feels secure and held

finally free to be me as I lay all these

things down with my shattered boards and

beg your Holy Fire to devour them until

they become weightless

ashes in case your thoughts are playing

tricks on you tonight just remember that

God heard your request

that all will work out for you and that

angels have been set to soothe

you you are valuable significant and

loved you can do anything through Christ

blessings are on the way God has a

wonderful plan for your

life for affirmation type I embrace my

power the painful aspect of healing can

some sometimes be even greater than the

initial injury while some people believe

that healing is merely a matters of time

or don’t bring it up this is only partly

true in order to reach your desired

State you must actively engage in

self-talk for example you set broken

bones use alcohol or peroxide treat

scrapes and apply eyes packs to

Bruises not to stretch the metaphor too

far but if you give yourself only time

to heal you can get an infection or

break a

bone input I am evolving to

validate I Proclaim that you will be

blessed with excellent news about

something you’ve been waiting for with

patience God will make things work out

for the best and provide new

opportunities for

you it’s your time to start receiving

now that you’ve been patient fought the

good fight and tried every day prepare

yourself for an unexpected

Victory excellent news is on the

direction God is working in your

circumstances a fresh round of rewards

is upon you and you will soon get

notification that something is going

your way be ready for

it if you believe in God please

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Channel God is telling you today that

your failures will result in an

incredible recovery your bad things will

become beneficial outcomes and as long

as you walk by faith and do what I say

I’ll give you additional Joy than you

asked for may you have a life full of

joy love laughter and good fortune my

child to confirm typ I’m gentle with

myself if you’re ready press the yes

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