God is Sending You This Message Not By Accident Today. Don’t Skip This!

God’s message for you today God advises you to be cautious about those you consider friends

are they bringing you closer to God we’re pulling you away if they Lead You astray

from God it’s best to distance yourself from them distant from God can make you feel lost

and isolated in this world God wants you to know that he has blessed you with friends for a reason

collaborate succeed and grow with them support each other in your Journeys God’s love is with you

God encourages you to find rest tonight share your desires with him and trust that he hears you

he’s always watching over you with care and affection God takes pride in your accomplishments

approach him with your needs and desires have faith that he will provide trust in

him for he loves you deeply dear God grant me the strength to understand life’s injustices

help me overcome negative thoughts and turn to you throughout every stage of life

Your Love guides me God warns against allowing anger to lead you astray

control your anger avoiding harm to yourself and others

don’t hold on to anger when you leave your home or when you go to sleep

remember life on Earth is temporary Heavenly Father please help me love and forgive as you do

sometimes Pride obstructs me from fulfilling your purpose of bringing others to you

grant me the humility to follow your will God assures that what’s lost can

be restored and what’s broken can be healed continue to persevere even when it’s tough

trust in his timing for all things work together for those who trust in him

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