God is Trying to Reach You Urgently with Big Warning. You Need To Watch This Immediately! Ep2

thank you gracious God for your protection and sustenance

your healing touch lifts me from illness and I am grateful for your watchful care

thank you almighty God for your rescuing power your healing word

brings deliverance and restoration and I’m thankful for your timely intervention

thank you compassionate Savior for your heart of Mercy your healing touch is a reflection

of your love and I’m grateful for your unending compassion thank you Lord for the gift of faith

your unlimited power is accessible through belief and I am thankful for the transformative healing

it brings thank you Faithful healer for dispelling fear and inviting us to believe

your healing touch responds to Faith and I’m thankful for the Assurance you bring

thank you Prince of Peace for the Tranquility you provide

your peace brings healing to my troubled heart and I am grateful for your calming presence

thank you Jesus for the power in your name your faith you bring complete healing and I’m thankful

for the strength and restoration you provide thank you resurrecting God for the gift of your spirit

your life-giving presence brings vitality and healing to my body and I am grateful for

your indwelling power thank you gracious provider for your all-sufficient grace

in my weakness your power brings healing and strength and I’m thankful for your sustaining love

thank you God of strength for empowering me in times of weakness your healing touch-up

lists and restores and I’m grateful for the paths of wholeness you lead me on thank you

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