shotting his word because he is bringing

you favor and

benefits you are seeing the execution of

my plan for your life the path ahead may

appear impassible at times or its

opening may be excruciatingly gradual

requiring you to reign in Your

Enthusiasm then when the moment is Right

obstacles in your path miraculously

disappear with no work on your part I

provide to you without charge or

obligation what you have sought and

labored to

get the ease with which I navigate the

world leaves you in amazement and you

get a glimpse of my power and my glory

do not be afraid of your own weakness it

is the same platform upon which my power

and glor shine

brightest Expect Miracles as you

continue on the road I have provided for

you counting on my power to sustain you

and you will witness

them if you have faith you will be able

to perceive Miracles even if the rest of

the world

can’t No More Tears please you’ve been

fretting for far too long you’ve had had

enough trouble for now if you have faith

no matter where you are a miracle will

happen for

you in the name of Jesus Christ I order

you to cast out whatever evil spirit is

bothering you I release Divine health

and freedom into your

life stop what you’re doing and reaffirm

your faith in me when everything seems

to be going wrong don’t lose your cool

instead bring me the problems and Trust

then I can handle them do the following

then I help you get up and moving when

you have a lot of pain suffering or

burden on your

shoulders type yes if you required

this morning prayer may you have the

strength to stay firm in in Christ Jesus

no matter what obstacles the devil

throws in your paths

today may you choose the door of hope

God has given when the devil attempts to

lure you into despair when you feel Envy

creeping up on

you instead I pray that you find your

unique beauty in God’s plan and choose

the path of Highest Potential it’s in

important to put your feet in the right

spot today take life right

now press yes if you have

faith listen to me I am your heavenly

father learn what it means to be a child

of the Eternal King obeying me is the

highest obligation you can have having

this responsibility is so wonderful that

it almost seems like a perk

you feel bad about moving things around

to create room for private time with me

the world is eager to crush you into its

mold and to choke away time committed to

me in addition to corrupting your mind

the ways of the world have also hardened

your heart making you feel guilty for

doing the one thing I love most in the

world seeking my face over the den of

competing voices please give attention


me inquire of my spirit to direct your

thoughts diosi and I are in complete

agreement relax and pay attention to me

sacred ground if you

will reply with I claim it if you want


Proclamation God says today he I know

you have been doubting yourself recently

wondering whether you are truly strong

enough or good enough to accomplish what

I put in your heart to

do if you have faith in Christ there is

nothing you can’t do keep going for it

and don’t allow doubt or fear deter you

don’t give up I’m here to help you

achieve your

goals God the Father we praise you for

the way in which you have resurrected

Our Lives we place our hope in you to

restore us tonight despite our many

setbacks and

disappointments we have faith that you

are directing our steps and bringing us

to Ultimate success in the name of Jesus

Christ I pray that you remove all

sickness and worry from our homes and

that you keep watch over and cure our


ones tap yes to confirm this to

yourself nothing will ever take away my

peace from you if you learn to trust me

with all your heart everything that

happens to you may be used for good if

you let it teach you to believe in

me the way to counteract evil is to find

great in the midst of suffering and

become stronger as a result as Joseph

told his brothers you meant evil against

me but God meant it for good is a

perfect illustration of this Divine


in don’t worry about what today or any

other day brings trust me and pay

attention to what must be

done rest in my authority and know that

I am with you each day before you and

following you you need not be afraid I

can make the most of any

circumstance the affirmation I welcome

the new may be typed

out some of my children I have endowed

with great strength and stamina be

courageous in your weakness the gift of

weakness has been given to others as it

has been given to

you your vulnerability is neither a sign

of weakness or a condemnation you on the

other hand are among the weak and

helpless who must rely on trust and meat

to get through each day I am shaping

your faith in

me to put your trust in me rather than

your own ability to comprehend you’d

like to know what time things will

happen so that you may more easily

arrange your

day my preference is always that you

rely on me that you put your faith in me

and believe that I will lead and Empower

you at all times that’s how you find

strength amid

adversity God says today I know your

heart is crushed I know it’s hard to go

on but know that I am near to the broken

hearted I will bandage and shield your

wounds so that you may

recover the healing process will take

time but as you come into my presence

every day you will have the strength to

rise up and walk into the love blessings

and Destiny I have in store for

you the affirmation I embrace my power

may be

typed when when something in your life

or thoughts makes you uneasy come to me

and speak about it bring me your

requests and thank me for answering them

saying thank you

Jesus you as the chance to learn to

trust you more despite the challenges

they provide the rewards will be worth

it in the end your life will be richly

blessed if you learn to trust other

others of which my peace is not the

least as you put your faith in me I will

make sure you never have to worry about

anything everything is backwards in the

world conveying the message that

affluence as measured by material

Comforts and safety nets is the key to

finding inner

calm but my peace is such a

comprehensive blessing that it stands

apart from any specific conditions

having my peace is priceless and it will

make you wealthy even if you lose


else paying the rent give it to God

consider your health give it to God

you’ve got a great career give it to God

your loved ones give it to

God always go to bed hungry

and you’ll always wake up satisfied

peaceful hopeful and blessed at the name

of Jesus

Amen put the affirmation I am ready to

shine into the text

box please be patient as I bestow my

blessing upon you don’t enter my

presence with worries of being late

running through your head I live outside

of time because I am Eternal and

time as a shield around

me because of your fragile nature you

can only deal with life in hour

increments at a time time May sometimes

be a dictator taking away ceaselessly in


head if you don’t learn to control time

it will control you though you are a

time-bound creature aspire to encounter

me in timelessness

as you dwell in my presence the

pressures of time and work will

fade I will protect you and shower you

with my faces kind light so that you may


rest if you think there is a God you

should subscribe to our

Channel just in case your thoughts are

playing tricks on you tonight when you

prayed god listen things will work out

for the the best your route is being

paved by God to bring you peace angels

have been

sent God has amazing plans for you

through Christ you can do anything your

path is going to be blessed in other

words you have value remember that you

are treasured and

cherished enter I’m optimistic if you’re

prepared to do so

come to me with your mental emotional

and spiritual frailties recline in the

safety of my presence knowing that I can


anything tear your thoughts away from

your troubles and place them on me

always keep in mind that my ability is

far beyond everything you could possibly

ask or think of try to tune into what I

am already doing

rather than attempting to tell me what


do there are days when even the

strongest among us feel like giving up

it’s possible for friendships to break

and for hopes to be dashed even close

family members might cause us pain the

state of our finances may cause us

concern we may all become sick and

die some of the individuals we care

about most might be among those we lose

however God is always with us even the

darkest of times never lose Faith keep

your hope alive trust in God

always if you agree please respond with


yes when anxiousness seeks to force its

way into your thoughts remember yourself

that I am your Shepherd the important

thing to remember is that I have your

back so you have nothing to be scared

of give up attempting to manage your

life and instead submit to my will the

most secure location is inside my will

even if doing so may seem frightening or


hazardous change your thinking around

the power of money anytime you spend

money view it as a chance to share it

with others shift your focus from

acquisition to

charity by giving to someone in Need You

are providing immediate aid the more you

give the more you get back but if you

see giving as a cost you go into the


frequency your attitude is what

determines whether you you have enough

of money or not money is simply energy

by giving without expecting anything in

return you may overcome your anxiety

about money and open yourself up to

receiving a flood of financial

success respond with a yes to get the

offer God grant you the fortitude and

ability to receive his grace right now

we pray that you may be humble before

God so that he will exalt you and bless

you while the world

watches I pray that you will have a

teachable spirit and a fierce faith I

pray that you may humbly listen to him

and obey his

commands our God is King and he operates

forcefully in and through his people and

joy to the fullest

I pray that you wake up today knowing

that God is rooting for you he is there

for you and has your best interests at

heart he accomplishes for you what you

cannot do for

yourself may you do the one thing you

can do for him put your faith in him

completely and welcome happiness

wherever you go to you today Grace and


affirmatively type I treat myself with

kindness may he pour forth a wealth of

joy and optimism that makes you rejoice

before the solution arrives and may a

robust religion fill your life with

meaning and

purpose you may talk to the almighty

Creator hopefully this will guide your

life get some rest tonight

praying for your mental physical and

spiritual fortification today and your

fatigue may you find rest and renewal

you are worn here may you be refreshed

there please find healing for your

W where you’re scared may you become

loyal go about your day with full

Assurance because the Lord God Almighty

is on your side am

men enter yes if you’re all set just in

case your thoughts are playing tricks on

you tonight when you prayed god listen

things will work out for the best your

root is being paved by God to bring you

peace angels have been

sent God has amazing plans for you

through Christ you can do anything your

path is going to be be blessed in other

words you have value remember that you

are treasured and

cherished Lord I praise you because you

have transformed me from the inside out

thank you for making the scary places

safe and the safe places

scary I boldly Proclaim that the power

of God’s miracle is actively operating

inside me neither my past nor My Future

Self could ever carry your image and be

sealed by your love the way that I am


now you have made me strong so now I can

help others I appreciate you lord always

being there for me today is a blessing

and I accept it gratefully

amen put in a yes if you agree with this

prayer for today heavenly father I

appreciate everything that you’ve done

for me please pardon my many

transgressions take control of my life

create in me a clean heart and the

proper spirit inside me and rejuvenate


thoughts remove the pain from my past so

I can go on I adore and need you you

please keep my loved ones safe and all

those that seek you need you and trust

in you and put amen and pass

along God I worship you and give my life

to you this morning letting go of every

control I have tried to exert over the


situations and circumstances in my

life Lord Lord Jesus I surrender all my

cares to you help me to realize that you

have my best interests at heart increase

my trust in you so that I can rely on

what you

say Drive Away anxiety wipe the Slate

clean of skepticism shut the door on

incredulity and instill in me the faith

that can’t be shaken I

pray just typing I am evolving is a


affirmation I hope that you God would

open doors for me and arrange for me the

breaks and chances I need to see the

light of

day you have cried worried and struggled

long enough now is the time for a

miracle to come into your life no matter

where you

are and the name of Jesus I release

whatever evil spirit is bothering you

and I pronounce health and freedom for

you say or type I am Sovereign to assert


Independence if anything God replies he

is utilizing the stress you’re under to

make you stronger child I heard your

request I am bringing your true self

into the

light Sweet Child once you learn how to

commit your life back to me you will

experience the serenity you’re seeking

for I am teaching you new methods of

trusting me of drawing closer to

me and one day you will understand that

God loved you too much to allow you to

remain where you were that he loved you

too much to allow you to


you will come to see that Dad loved you

so much that he wanted to give you the

very best even if it wasn’t the right

thing at the

time just enter yes if you believe in


Lord child of God that Vision was

accurate the promise was genuine you re

not inane do you see the Warfare around

you its confirmation of the promise it’s

sign that you re moving in the right

retique you’re at in Santa

prise keep believing kid keep the hope

alive cherished paranormal doors will

soon be open to you from unforseen

places and unexpected

individuals God even if you can’t see it

understands one something has fulfilled

its function and will take it away just

to replace it with something

greater even if you aren’t prepared for

something to end God is and he already

has a plan in place for

you you in good hands and he understands

he’s leading you to a more satisfying

future affirming Yourself by typing I

taking my power

back the believe me when I tell you that

God is listening to your prayers and

will answer them in his own time and in

his own manner which may seem different

from yours but will always be the best

way he’s warning you that the people you

love aren’t the ones to be closed to if

you want to be happy as there a drain on


energy if you ask for tranquil and

instead get laid off from your work it’s

because he knows your future is brighter

elsewhere if you ask for love and

instead experience grief it’s because he

knows you might have done

better God is saying to you today I will

bring you out of the most trying time

and use it to advance you come to me my

child expecting great things be because

I am

God frustration has led me to bring you

here I’m freeing you from confinement

right now I am leading you to a new

level of happiness and divine favor the

weight is finally over the holiday

season I’m the one you can trust for

information put your faith in me since I

will carry out your

requests today

God declares I will intentionally bless

you I’ve decided to promote you I will

speed up your aspiration I’m going to

reward you with something you didn’t

earn I’m going to move you into a spot

you never would have reached on your own

prepare yourselves now keep the

faith I’m moving you into a better

position of benefits if you would remain

obedient to my word and my

mandates God wants you to know that he

is the god of divine occurrences and

that he will guide you to the

appropriate people and opportunities at

the right

times this implies that if you want a

career he can make it happen and if you

want a lifemate he can bring you

together with them

God knows you can find what you need and

who you need to obtain it

from claim it by typing I have

plenty have some

self-care be true to my word follow my

instructions and be loyal and I will

move you into a more prosperous

position have some

self-care type yes if you’re ready send

this video to five Believers and ask

them to watch it with

you insert Jesus as Lord into the

conversation please turn on Bell

notifications and subscribe to our

channel to show your




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