GOD IS WATCHING YOU SO DON’T SCROLL | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

God changed my life I want what God

wants for me God’s plan is worth waiting

for God I trust you God’s timing is

perfect God has been so good to me

everything I have I owe to God God thank

you for everything when has worrying and

overthinking over been better than

giving it All to Jesus give it to God

and rest the anxieties and weight may be

to heavy for you but that’s why Jesus

wants us to give him the weight instead

God put that dream in your heart for a

reason sometimes I wonder why myam

dreams are too big and too hard for me

to reach and then I realized it’s

because I’m not meant to be working for


alone God put those dreams in my heart

so I can come closer to him so I can ask

him for help and learn how to surrender

to his will so I can experience the

beauty of his perfect

timing God put those dreams in my heart

so I can also dream with others so I can

grow in humility and allow people to be

part of my

story not just in victories but also in

my pain and sufferings so we can see how

God can turn my situation around how God

work all things together for our good

and every time I feel lost God can

remind me that I’m not walking alone I

made you and I will carry you through

comment amen if you trust God save these

reminders for when you need them

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