God Is Working for Your Financial Breakthrough Gods Message Today |Powerful Blessings


have you been struggling financially

do you feel like you’ve been betrayed by


if you’ve been waiting for a financial

breakthrough now

now God is working on your behalf

and this is your moment well I have some

good news for you in this video I’m

going to show you what the Bible says

about money and how you can receive your

own Financial breakthrough let’s get



God says remember to trust in God’s plan

even when the journey may be difficult

when all is quiet and you feel

overwhelmed know that God is still

working in your life to bring you Joy


God says take comfort in the knowledge

that you are never alone God is with you

and I will be right beside you whenever

you feel sadness remember that you are

loved and cherished

God is saying to you today I am grateful

to God for guiding me this far

I present to you my struggles and you

understand my plight I firmly believe

that with your help I will overcome may

your compassion bring Solace to my heart

may your power give me courage and may I

go forth with Newfound strength Ammon


God says

either for others and you will find that

they will be there for you in return

look within yourself and take comfort no

matter where you are from for I am a

reminder that greatness can be found

within us all with faith even the most

seemingly insurmountable obstacles can

be overcome

type thank you God if you believe

God says God sends the storm to remind

us that he is our ultimate Refuge may

the Lord invigorate me with his strength

when I am feeling weary he permits no

suffering without providing a chance for

something beautiful to be born

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your



God says to you the Lord is your Guiding

Light Always by your side to protect and

comfort you have faith and courage for

Jesus love for you is unconditional and

unshakable gratitude and appreciation

for his eternal unwavering love fills my



God says God has been so gracious to me

even in times of difficulty I can still

observe his goodness without God I am


my advice is straightforward I

consistently put my faith in him and it

has kept me uplifted during the most

trying moments

type yes if you believe

God says have faith that everything is

working out in your favor the angels are

guiding you whatever is meant to be will

always come to fruition

trust in that

God wants you to hear this today today

is the day for an avalanche of money to

come your way with the number four in

sight your angels are with you providing

guidance and support this year countless

individuals have the potential to turn

their dreams into reality

and you are no exception

believe it feel it and rejoice

God says your guardian angels are

encouraging you to lead your worries

behind and to pay attention to their

counsel I can see you making an effort

can you have faith in me can you have

faith in me to the point that even when

you feel like you can’t go on you get up

and even when you don’t feel like it you

still praise me

God says do you believe in yourself I

know you have been working hard and

striving for greatness but do you have

the courage and strength of spirit to

trust in yourself this is a critical

moment this is a defining decision


if you watch this video to the end God

will give you something really

surprising today watch this video till

the end in trust in God’s power


God wants you to know this today the

power to transcend any obstacle and

Vanquish all Darkness lies within you at

this moment

you are the light of Hope and courage

embrace it and trust in yourself


God says

you may be restricted in some ways but

don’t let that stop you this is my

advice to you embracing wisdom can help

you make the most of your life

seize the opportunity to work diligently

and become a leader or else risk

becoming a slave to idleness


God says look to the Lord for guidance

and stay away from those who lack

knowledge the Lord is ever present

observing the actions of the righteous

and the wicked alike place your trust in

the Lord and you will find success

we make our decisions But ultimately it

is the Lord who determines the outcome

God says type yes to affirm

God has a message for you today

trust that when God has determined it is

your time nothing can prevent it from

coming to fruition remember to always

demonstrate love for your neighbor for

there is no greater commandment than


God says

be prepared do not be surprised when God

answers your prayers and calls upon you

to be better he tests our hearts as the

fire tests the purity of silver and gold

living in the light of your love and

everyone who calls on the name of the

Lord will be saved

Acts . says that the Earth is the

Lord’s in everything in it

God says you are not reading this by


have faith and trust that God will Amaze

you it is not the good and virtuous who

will be granted access to the afterlife

but rather those who have been pardoned

and absolved

God says something good will happen to

you in the next six hours

if you watch this video to the end

God says

you are never alone

the universe is guiding you to higher

Heights and those who cannot keep up

with your progress will be left behind

magnificent opportunities are coming

your way and nothing will prevent you

from receiving the blessings that await


God says to the

I am open to new possibilities ones that

will make life easier and more magical

than I could ever have imagined we are

connected and together we can transform

the world into something truly


God is saying to you today you are

destined for great things the universe

will place you in the perfect spot at

the ideal time

miraculous connections will come your

way and people will surprise you with

their kindness there is an amazing plan

for your life

and it’s unfolding in the most beautiful

way possible

type yes if you need this

God says as you travel onward the light

of your journey intensifies and the

pathway is illuminated

you are steadily advancing towards the

realization of your destiny

universe is sending you love to keep you

on your path


God says

know that while waiting May sometimes

feel like an unbearable burden the Lord

is always ready to help his timing is

perfect and he will provide you with the

strength and patience you need to make

it through be assured that your faith

and trust in him will be rewarded so

never give up hope


God says to you although challenges

arise in prayers may not be answered

immediately having faith in God and

trusting that he will provide a solution

can bring much needed hope and strength

during difficult times


you agree leave a thank you God comment

God says no matter how long it takes we

must never give up faith in God we may

find ourselves asking is God paying

attention to me

but we must remember that God will never

forget or abandon us he is always with

us showing us his Loving Care

God says in those circumstances you

always look for that one Divine sign to

give you strength and encouragement your

soul and your intuition search for a

word or a voice of comfort from the

almighty that can bring you peace and


God wants you to hear this today

although you may not be aware God has

still been communicating with you

there may be times when it feels like

your prayers are going unheard and these

easements of Silence can be


if you believe it please share the video

God says however do not feel defeated

for these moments do not signify that

God has abandoned you instead stay

hopeful and watch for the signs he has



God says no matter what never give up on

the Lord you may not see it yet and your

petitions May remain unanswered but

don’t let that stop you

remember while you are waiting the Lord

is working he is always with you guiding

and encouraging you and doing everything

he can to make your dreams a reality

finally after watching this video to

this point you may be feeling hopeful

that God is working for your financial

breakthrough now but don’t get too

excited and skip this part this is when

the hard work begins you need to take

action and make sure that you’re doing

all that you can to make the most of

this opportunity start by creating a

plan of action that outlines all of the

steps that you’ll need to take in order

to achieve your financial goals

now it’s your time to shine and share

your thoughts tell us in the comments of

this video what you have learned about

God and your financial breakthrough

your input is valuable and could help so

many others don’t skip this opportunity

to be a light and share your knowledge

we can all learn from each other and

grow together in our walk with the Lord

so don’t be shy tell us what you’ve

learned let’s keep the conversation

going and keep God at the center of our

financial breakthroughs


God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


thank you


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