God Message ; I have a special message coming from above, a message that God has for you


Listen closely

God says; Dear child, do you feel it?

It is the warm embrace of time and space bringing a divine secret.

Feel the pulsing of celestial love, reaching out to you, enveloping your life and the lives

of those you love in a strong and gentle protection.

Imagine an invulnerable fortress around your being; that is where you dwell now.

Picture a valiant angel, the most loyal of guardians, with watchful eyes to guide your

steps and ensure that each dawn is greeted with the certainty of safety.

Rest assured in the certainty of my protection; it is your secure home, the trench shielding

you from the seductive song of temptation.

Feel the warmth of a love that knows no end, a love that pours endless blessings upon you.

In uncertain moments, when life challenges you, rise with the assurance that my blessings,

steadfast and constant, are your unshakeable strength, a peace that will prevail over any


If you believe, type; I trust in Your will, God, in every moment of life.

Beyond the boundaries of what is earthly, serenity awaits you, a tranquility that no

worldly pleasure can touch.

Believe me, heed the wisdom of my words, and stand strong against the allure of this world.

True peace, eternal joy, are the fruits of your unwavering faith and your choice to walk

by my side until the end.

Today, right now, renew your faith, your commitment to the path I call you to follow.

Be aware that with each step taken with conviction, you are writing your story in the eternal


Accept the gift I have prepared for you, forged in the fire of sacrifice, and embrace it with

faith, gratitude, and humility, for this is the gift of my heart to yours.

Come to me with a sincere heart and say, “My God, I accept your presence!”

Fear not what is to come, for close to me, nothing can make you retreat.

In my love, you will find refuge, and every tear will be carefully wiped away.

Amidst struggles and difficulties, it is your spirit that I will strengthen.

I know every detail of your being, your experiences, and where you will arrive.

Reach out, and I will bestow blessings greater than your eyes have ever beheld.

Believe in the transformation I will bring to you and yours, miracles beyond expectation.

I will start with the simplest wonders, introducing you to a new spiritual dimension.

This is the path of miracles, where faith will guide you through territories never before


Let my words be the light on your journey, and may their truth be deeply felt in your


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I will set you on the path to accomplish great works.

Keep your soul tranquil and be patient, for at the right moment, I will say when the generous

and prodigious gifts will be poured upon you.

Do not follow the example of those who rush, seeking to forge miracles under the weight

of the rush for recognition.

They utter words I never commanded, and end up entangled in errors, wavering in faith.

You are like clay in the hands of the potter, and I am shaping you to be a divine channel,

a distributor of blessings, satisfying the hunger for love that resides in many.

Dedicate yourself to blessing others, and with every kind word you speak, I will strengthen

your spirit, broaden your horizons, opening doors you never imagined.

If you trust, comment; My faith in You is unshakeable and grows every day.

Let yourself be guided by the paths that will lead you to glory.

I will provide everything you need to follow my will with loyalty.

So, even in the face of challenges, do not yield to fear, for I will be with you, strengthening

you to triumph over any obstacle.

I am your God.

I will take your hand and encourage you towards growth and the blessings I have reserved for


Do not dwell on past mistakes, for I have forgiven them.

Today is a new beginning, purified by my grace.

Do not let restlessness take hold of you, do not cling to ephemeral feelings.

Leave behind old desires and harmful customs.

Now, I am with you at every step you take, ensuring your success.

Type; I am grateful for the infinite blessings you have granted me.

When it seems like the world is against you, stand firm and move forward with confidence,

for I will fight by your side, guiding you to always be victorious.

I am your God, your Savior, who loves you unconditionally and will protect you always.

In moments of weakness and doubt, know that my grace surrounds you.

Remember sincere prayers find support in the warmth of my embrace.

I have never stopped listening to your concerns and am always affirming my love for you.

Let this truth resonate in your being and believe in it with all your strength, even

with the distractions of this world.

I will ensure that my promise is always in your sight, serving as a constant reminder

in challenging moments.

With an open heart, affirm; I surrender to Your wisdom, God, guiding my steps.

Embrace my love, rise and move forward, for I am always with you.

Turbulent days may come, but my presence will never be lacking.

Even as challenges weave a tapestry around your life, you will never be alone.

Wherever you are, as you hear these words, close your eyes and allow them to penetrate

your soul.

Dare to ask for what you need provision, healing, courage, and wisdom to fulfill your


I am here to listen and respond to your call.

In your prayers, don’t forget to mentally embrace your family and those you hold dear.

Even under the cloudy sky of adversities, know that my company is a constant, firm as

a rock that does not move with the waves.

I am not distant, nor is it necessary to raise your voice, for even your whispers in the

quiet of the night reach my ears, and in your loneliest moments of prayer, I am by your


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Your pleas never get lost in the void.

I will never turn my back on you.

Your trust in my word is the thread that connects us.

Letting go of resentments and bitterness, you already understand how transformative

forgiveness, gratitude, and a heart full of thanksgiving are.

Your prayers are precious, your faith is an indomitable force.

Your requests, tinged with belief, are a sweet song to me.

I receive them with the purest love, respond with the most delicate attention.

Accept them patiently, hold onto them with faith, and await them with a grateful spirit,

for the promised blessings will soon be tangible in your hands.

I am sculpting hearts, and yours is one of my masterpieces.

Show those around you how precious they are, and through your persistent devotion to me,

your influence will resonate deeply in others.

The world may try to sometimes dim the light, but you remain as a beacon in the darkness,

guiding them back to my warm embrace.

Declare; Your presence is the foundation of my strength and courage.

They are all precious to me, and I will be the shield for those who still doubt that

your love for them is enough.

I will bless and guard them from evil.

Over time, they will realize that their existence is a tapestry woven by my love, not by chance.

The day will come when they will value every night you spent in prayer and every tear you

shed, longing for their redemption.

Yes, storms may shake the foundations, but those who seek me will find hope and a faith

that overflows, even in the darkest moments.

Some may resign themselves to disorder and despair, walking blindly between good and

evil, but you, my precious child, will remain resilient, a bastion of steadfastness amid

the turbulent sea.

If you trust, comment; I am open to receiving all that God has to offer.

Prepare for a journey in my presence, propelling you towards your purpose.

Don’t let fear take over when challenges loom on the horizon, nor let hope falter when resources

seem scarce.

Face each storm with courage, holding firmly onto my hand, continuing the path with unwavering


Remember the authenticity with which you received and embraced my truth.

If you truly believe in my existence and power, lift your head and enter the battle with bravery.

I am filling you with courage and leading you to a land of abundance, where blessings

are inexhaustible.

Keep your eyes fixed on me, cling to my words, and do not be intimidated by threats that

mean nothing.

Acknowledge my presence, proclaim your faith, saying confidently, “I believe in the love

of God.”

Even if the ground beneath your feet shakes, you will find peace in serene waters and green

pastures, where your soul will be filled with divine blessings.

I will lead you, hand in hand, along straight paths, and your heart will be full, for my

love is your strength.

Your countenance will reflect the glory of heaven, and wherever the journey takes you,

kindness and mercy will be your eternal companions.

My whisper will be the background melody of your heart, and in my presence, you will find

your home, today and for all days.

Proclaim; the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Believing, you will see, is not as intimidating as it seems.

Yes, it requires humility, an open heart, acknowledgment of your own limitations, and

the understanding that you cannot face life alone.

Your own strength may fail, but I will make you robust.

And if you stumble, I will be there to lift you up and guide you to the desired destination.

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