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message from God for you today my beloved child throughout the day I have been with you I hope

you feel the care and protection I offer even in the less clear paths of your life it brings

me great joy to be by your side especially in moments when life presents itself as a challenge

I ask for the sake of your growth and happiness that you keep your focus on me and trust in my

love for I desire the best for you if you trust type I trust in Your Divine guidance God says in

times of Doubt see me as the light that dispels darkness and when loneliness seems overwhelming

remember that I am your loyal friend always available even when others seem distant I am

the comfort that eases sorrow capable of drying the tears of any disappointment affirm I feel

your presence protecting me at all times now leave a like and also share this this video

with those who need a word of faith I want my presence to be felt in every area of your

life in laughter and contentment know that I also smile in successes I celebrate with you

and in difficulties hold on to my hand firmly for I am the strength that propels you forward

your refuge and Fortress God says be fully aware that your existence has a Divine Purpose in this

world believe in the Life Plan I have designed for you for it is a plan full of affection and

crafted for your best leave your fears and anxieties with me I will take care of them

all if you believe declare I surrender to your will with faith my child if you’ve come this far

the god message invites you to open your heart to me to receive the peace and love I offer seek me

with constant faith and total surrender and you will witness miracles on your Journey there is

no reason to fear I am with you in everything ready to be your guide and inspiration if you

agree comment God is my safe refuge in all the storms of life God’s message reminds us I am and

will always be with you accept my presence and Trust in your essence that I am your father your

God someone who will never leave you helpless Embrace Faith dedicate yourself to trusting

in my word and you will see see the incredible manifest my love for you is infinite and eternal

I am who I am if you truly believe in me if you truly believe in God declare firmly God is the

only savior now click on the video that appears on your screen and stay steadfast in the word of

[Music] God

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