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God Message : Don’t Give up Trust God’s Timing

hello and welcome in a world where

instant gratification often seems to be

the norm the concept of patience and

trusting in Divine timing can be

challenging yet amidst life’s trials and

uncertainties there is a profound wisdom

in the simple but profound message don’t

give up trust God’s timing we’ll delve

into the significance of holding on to

Hope surrendering to the rhythm of the

universe and embracing the belief that

every delay has a purpose every setback

a hidden bless blessing so let us embark

on a journey of reflection and

inspiration as we explore the profound

truth that in God’s perfect timing All

Things fall into place in life there are

moments when the journey feels long when

the path ahead seems uncertain and when

the weight of challenges threatens to

overwhelm Us in those moments it’s easy

to lose hope to doubt ourselves and to

question the timing of our dreams and

desires but amidst the trials and trib

ulations there is a beacon of light a

source of strength that never waivers it

is the promise of divine timing the

assurance that everything happens

according to a higher plan when we feel

like giving up when the road ahead seems

too steep it is important to remember

that God’s timing is perfect Lord I

don’t understand why things aren’t

happening as I planned but I trust in

your timing I believe that you have a

purpose for me and I know that you will

make all things beautiful in your time

it is in the waiting that our faith is

tested and it is in the waiting that our

character is forged for it is not the

destination that defines us but the

journey the struggles we overcome the

lessons we learn and the strength we

gain along the way so my friend if you

find yourself weary from the journey if

you feel like giving up take heart trust

in God’s timing for he knows the desires

of your heart and he will bring them to

fruition in his perfect time don’t give

up keep believing and remember in the

waiting there is growth in the waiting

there is Grace trust in God’s timing and

you will see Miracles unfold Amen in

life’s journey we often encounter

moments of uncertainty where doubt and

impatience can threaten to overshadow

our faith reflect on the struggles of

the Israelites as they journey to Canan

the grumbling echoing Through the Ages

yet amidst the challenges there lies a

profound truth Tru Jesus invites us to

surrender our burdens and trust in him

avoid the pitfalls of hasty decisions

born from pressure or adversity take a

moment for reflection seeking guidance

through prayer and aligning your choices

with God’s plan Embrace growth during

the waiting period recognizing it as an

opportunity to expand your capacity and

deepen your relationship with the Divine

as you navigate the twists and terms of

Life remember that each moment is a

chance for Spiritual refinement trust in

God’s timing knowing that his plans

exceed our expectations with steadfast

faith and gratitude let us embark on

this journey together ready to embrace

the blessings that lie ahead you may

have read and heard about God’s promises

a thousand times yet it appears that

none of these promises are becoming a

reality in your life you feel lost

discouraged and overwhelmed by the

endless struggles perhaps you’re

watching this video and deep down you’re

on the verge of giving up on God you’re

tired of believing and waiting upon him

it’s as though all your prayers are

falling on deaf ears and time is ticking

you’ve got to find a solution beloved

don’t give up on God just yet he never

disappoints his own he will come through

for you if only you trust in his timing

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when we pray we expect God to answer us

immediately in the exact way we desire

and within our preferred time frame we

desire to receive what we want when we

want it forgetting that God operates on

a different time scale he loves and

cares for us deeply but prioritizes

giving us what we truly need rather than

what we merely want he created you and

me he knows what’s best for each of us

and above all he knows the end from the

beginning he knows what will happen

tomorrow if he gives you that response

now while you may be focused on the

present he sees the bigger picture

you’ve got to trust his judgment you

need to believe in what he’s doing that

he won’t intentionally cause you pain

and tears what if he is probably moving

the scenes from behind to a line in your

favor do not see your period of waiting

as a moment of neglect but rather an

indication that something greater is

coming your way I need you to believe

this think about habac he faced

challenging times he became frustrated

and in his moments of Despair and

anguish he cried out to God yet it

seemed as if God was not responding in

those trying moments God had to reveal a

profound truth to habak God said to him

for the vision is yet for an appointed

time but at the end it will speak and it

will not lie though it terries wait for

it because it will surely come it will

not t habak beloved will you wait for

God or go your own way will you allow

the devil to rob you of those great

blessings God is preparing or will you

wait upon him God is aware of everything

going on or do you think that your

existence is a result of mere chance

every aspect of your life was carefully

crafted out of God’s plan he had already

crafted this plan before creating you

therefore the events and circumstances

unfolding in your life Are Not Mere

accidents God has designated an

appointed time for each facet of your

journey so while you might think he is

running late or might have forgotten you

God is right there gently reminding you

that it’s not the right time yet as

Psalm reminds us wait on the Lord

be of good courage and he shall

strengthen your heart wait I say on the

Lord waiting can be challenging whether

it’s in line at the grocery store or in

life for something significant we all

know how it feels especially when in a

hurry we’d rather walk in get what we

want and move on to the next thing but

sometimes the best things in life

require patience you might wonder why

you must wait to have the desires of

your heart does God’s love imply living

in frustration and Desperation the

answer is no God loves you deeply and

you shouldn’t be frustrated because you

have to wait only kids do that because

they are ignorant of what is going on

imagine your toddler politely asking you

for his favorite homemade dessert

because he’s famished as a parent it is

only natural for you you to head into

the kitchen and begin the preparations

even going the extra mile to whip up an

amazing smoothie to accompany his sweet

treat however picture the toddler

repeatedly coming into the kitchen every

minute crying and accusing you of

intentionally ignoring his needs and not

giving him food even after patiently

explaining that you are in the process

of preparing it he continues to display

this Behavior as a parent how would you

feel beloved God is using this waiting

period to prepare you for what lies

ahead during this time he’s building

shaping you for the future he has in

store understanding this will help you

wait with purpose patience and the right

mindset in case you do not know doubt

and anxiety only prolong the process so

what should you do while you wait

firstly wait with faith understand that

God’s timing is perfect and rushing

ahead of his plan may lead to a crash

landing secondly wait on God in prayer

and supp ation go deeper in your

relationship with him during this period

it will strengthen your faith and

enhance your Christian experience in a

new dimension just imagine if the

toddler had volunteered to help his mom

in the little way he could While She Was

preparing it would have been full of fun

and would have strengthened their bond

the same is applicable to you this

season rather than focus on your

requests shift your focus to God lastly

as you wait for God’s plan to unfold

engrave Jeremiah in your heart for

I know the plans I have for you declares

the Lord plans to prosper you and not to

harm you plans to give you hope and a

future make it your daily declaration

and watch it happen however there are

things to avoid while waiting one avoid

despair when you text a friend and don’t

get an instant reply do you immediately

assume the worst like they are dead or

they’ve stopped caring about you

probably not you understand that they

might be busy or unavailable you don’t

see them as less caring if you can have

this level of faith in ordinary

friendships imagine how much more you

can trust God who is all powerful and

all knowing he’s never too busy for you

the Bible tells us his ears are always

open to our prayers and he sees our

troubles so why judge him as Unfaithful

just because you didn’t get an immediate

response to your prayers or needs

sometimes when When you pray to God it

may feel like he’s not listening or your

prayers are falling on deaf ears that’s

when despair can creep in despare makes

you panic and shifts your focus away

from God and onto your problems Rachel

desired to Bear Jacob a child she was

jealous of her sister who had children

Genesis When Rachel saw that she was

not bearing Jacob any children she

became jealous of her sister so she said

to Jacob give me children or I’ll die

sadly her words came true and she passed

away while giving birth to her second

child as you wait for God’s promises to

come through in your life don’t let

despair get the best of you instead keep

your eyes on God’s goodness thank him

for the blessings you expect and have

unwavering trust in his power remember

if he’s helped you before he can do it

again he won’t let you down two avoid

undo comparison often the reason some

people feel depressed or tired of

waiting for God’s promises is that they

constantly compare themselves to others

who seem to have what they desire when

that person Compares themselves to have

what they want the pressure they put on

themselves only increases comparing

yourself to someone else rarely leads to

anything positive it typically makes you

feel sad and left behind imagine you’re

praying for a life partner and all your

friends are married with kids or you’re

seeking a breakthrough job or promotion

while your friends are getting deals and

promotions it can create tremendous

pressure this isn’t an external pressure

but the pressure you’ve placed on

yourself life is a journey not a

competition there are no medals for

getting married at or becoming a CEO

at even if there were medals those

who achieved them have received theirs

not yours as long as you keep moving

forward you will reach your own place of

Victory and receive your reward but you

can’t run effectively if you’re always

looking left and right your focus should

be on your own path and where you’re

heading you should be so fixated on your

vision that you don’t even have the time

to consider what others have or don’t

have think about Olympic athletes

preparing for a race when the starting

whistle blows they don’t check out their

competitor shoes glance at The

Spectators or compare the obstacles in

their Lane to those in their neighbors

they understand the power of focus they

know that Victory comes when they stay

in their Lane and concentrate on their

own race not someone else’s your journey

with God is truly unique what God wants

to do with you is different from what he

has planned for that friend you keep

comparing yourself to you’re on an

individual race and no matter how close

you are to someone your Journeys can’t

be the same so it’s vital to focus on

your own relationship with God

understand how he’s working in your life

and always respond in faith comparing

yourself to others can only hold you

back just like different seeds have

various germination periods God Made You

uniquely you’re not meant to be a carbon

copy of someone else so there’s really

no reason to make constant comparisons a

part of your life another thing you must

avoid is impatience take Abraham and

Sarah for instance they wanted a child

and despite God’s promises they grew old

without a child Sarah out of impatience

brought Hagar to Abraham and he agreed

when Hagar became pregnant she started

despising Sarah and it brought undue

conflict into their home these conflicts

could have been avoided if they had

patiently waited for God’s promise don’t

even entertain plans or suggestions that

deviate from God’s original plan for you

the Bible tells us to add patience to

our faith virtue knowledge and

Temperance your faith virtue and

knowledge no matter how powerful won’t

be effective without patience patience

helps you walk with God as he molds you

into to his Perfect Image it gives you

the strength to trust God in the midst

of Life storms and hold on to his

promises until your life aligns with his

divine plan it’s important to stay calm

and patient while waiting rushing things

can lead to unnecessary problems

remember God’s delay is not a denial

it’s actually a setup for you to receive

even more don’t rush ahead of God let

patience guide you as you wait for God’s

perfect timing also do away with doubt

can be a major roadblock during your

waiting period the Bible tells us that

someone who doubts is like a wave of the

sea blown and tossed by the wind that

person should not expect to receive

anything from the Lord such a person is

double-minded and unstable in all they

do doubt can rob you of all that God has

in store for you have faith in God faith

is indeed what you need to receive the

best from him without faith it’s hard to

stand firm when life gets stuff think

about the Israelites when they were

trapped in the Red Sea they couldn’t see

a way to cross with mountains on either

side and enemies behind they were

cornered but Moses trusted God without a

hint of doubt he believed in God’s

ability to rescue them and God did

consider the story of Joshua and the

Israelites before the walls of Jericho

marching around the wall for even days

and then shouting sounded foolish but

they trusted without a doubt there Faith

brought that giant wall tumbling down

remember Daniel in the Lion’s Den he

didn’t doubt God’s ability to keep him

safe and recall David’s unwavering faith

in Psalm even though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil for you are with me your

rod and your staff they comfort me

problems are situations that we regard

as unwelcome or harmful they must also

be sorted out or dealt with without

delay because they might escalate as

time passes however no matter how

skillful or smart you are challenges are

one of the things that all men have in

common there is no man without

challenges they might not come in the

same Dimension but when they come they

can be life-threatening like many others

you may think that becoming a child of

God would end your suffering only to

discover that you still experience some

chaos in your life even after believing

in God if this person looks like you do

not feel bad we will also address this

in this video beloved in Christ you see

God has never promised to take our

troubles away there is no Bible verse

where he says if you come to me you will

never be troubled again so we must be

careful to hold on to what God says and

let go of what he never said holding on

to what God has not promised you will

leave you weary and angry at God for not

fulfilling the promises that you assumed

he made to you to you the truth is God

is only obliged to keep to his word

Jesus says in the Book of John

I have told you these things so

that in me you may have peace in this

world you will have trouble but take

heart I have overcome the world these

words are clear because he did not

intend to deceive you into believing

that things are all Rosy and comfy on

this side he wants you to know that

troubles are a sure thing however his

powerful hands will subdue and overcome

them in trouble it’s natural to run

around for Solutions or trying to figure

things out yourself but here is Jesus

presenting himself as a guaranteed

solution for your troubles he wants you

to see him as the solution deliverer and

savior When Trials Loom like Mountains

and the storms of life rage know that

God is the steadfast Lighthouse guiding

you through he is mightier than those

storms he holds the universe in his

hands and your problems are M fragments

within His Infinite Creation have faith

for it is the key to scaling through

shift your focus from your struggles to

him whenever the trials of Life throw

you down he promises to be your Shield

sucker and everlasting peace rest

assured God is larger than any troubles

that come your way only by faith can you

find Solace amid turmoil strength in

times of weakness and hope when despair

prevails your faith is the torch that

illumin illuminates the thick Darkness

the devil may have planned to overshadow

you don’t give in to the plans of the

enemy do not succumb to despair fear and

hopelessness in fact the moment of

adversity isn’t the time to give in

depression it’s time to trust God has

God lost his power certainly not he

Remains the Same throughout generations

and can still turn imposs situations

around in ways you can’t even imagine to

truly make the most of your weight

period have faith in God don’t wait in

fear doubt or anxiety wait in faith

furthermore avoid grumbling and

complaining grumbling and complaining

can make a difficult situation even more

challenging the Bible tells us in

Philippians to do all things

without grumbling or arguing this means

that no matter what you’re going through

avoid whining trust the process trust

what you’re becoming and keep moving

forward think about the Israelites

during their journey to Canon they often

grumbled and you can see how God

responded to their complaints sometimes

it’s easy to complain about your unpaid

bills the difficulty finding a suitable

job declining health or the common

question why me but here’s the tricky

thing about complaining while you’re

busy complaining you actually feel worse

about the situation and it becomes a

heavy burden that’s why Jesus invites us

to come to him when we are heavy laden

instead of holding on to the burdens you

Grumble about lay them at jesus’ feet

and wait for him to turn things around

for you above all avoid making hasty

decisions when you’re feeling pressured

or facing a tough situation it’s easy to

make quick decisions without thinking

them through many people have rushed

into decisions they later regretted

because they didn’t take the time to

carefully consider the consequences

hasty decisions often lack wisdom

because there isn’t enough time for

thought for reflection so before making

any important decision pause and take a

moment to think it through pray and let

the holy spirit guide you ask yourself

if your decision aligns with God’s plan

for you this will help you make better

choices and avoid hasty regrettable

decisions lastly Embrace growth there’s

a story of a widow who was about to lose

her two sons to creditors she sought

help from a prophet who instructed her

on a way to Victory however she needed

to grow and expand her capacity first

although she had a jar of oil she needed

many vessels for the oil to meet her

needs she had to expand her capacity by

borrowing more vessels so that when the

anointing for multiplication Came Upon

the oil it wouldn’t be limited the oil

stopped flowing only when all the

vessels were filled think about it if

she had gotten only a few vessels she

would have had much less some people

mistakenly believe that waiting means

doing nothing they think that while they

wait for God to intervene in their lives

they have no role to play in positioning

themselves to receive from God the

waiting period is actually a time for

growth you’re expecting something

significant from God so don’t stay with

your small capacity instead expand your

capacity build strength and Grace

nurture your faith during this waiting

period spend time with God In Prayer

study the Bible and meditate on his word

don’t sit idle think about what you’re

praying and trusting God for can you

handle it in your current state and

capacity do you have the knowledge and

Grace to manage what you’re asking for

if not focus on growing while you wait

grow while you trust learn while you are

patient prepare this way when God’s

blessings arrive you’ll be qualified and

ready remember life is not only about

reaching a destination it’s about whom

you become on your journey of faith it’s

about the growth and refinement you

experience as you travel through life

each moment is an opportunity to deepen

your relationship with God even when it

seems quiet and Silent God is at work

shaping you and refining your faith for

the blessings that lie ahead our timing

and God’s timing may not always match

but his timing is always perfect as you

grow in faith never give room to doubt

or disbelief focus on your journey and

avoid comparing yourself to others

God is inviting you to walk with him on

a deeper level to let go of the ordinary

and to embrace eternal life hold on to

him with trust and confidence knowing

that he will do things beyond what you

can imagine even amid this silence and

challenges he works for your good and

will exceed your expectations with this

assurance of faith in your heart let’s

bow our heads and pray heavenly father I

come before you with gratitude today I

ask for your mercy for the times I have

gone my own way and failed to trust your

perfect plan today I open myself up to

you I commit to trusting you every day

of my life even when there is no visible

evidence I believe you are working

behind the scenes carrying me through

storms and challenges and holding me up

with your strong hand Lord I pray for a

strengthening of my faith keep me

steadfast in my trust in you so I will

not waver I choose to focus on you I

turn away from what is wrong fix my Gaze

on what is Right father I choose

gratitude I will be thankful for the

things working in my favor and praise

you instead of grumbling questioning or

complaining my heart will leap for Joy

at the work you are doing in me I trust

the process of becoming who you have

designed me to be I believe this waiting

period will make me stronger and Draw Me

Closer to you I pray for those who are

weary and tired tired from waiting on

you grant grant them strength from above

help them not to grow weary but Mount up

on wings like eagles thank you gracious

father for hearing my prayers I offer

this prayer in jesus’ name amen if you

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