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God message for me today Keep Your Faith Strong God is saying to you today

my child when confusion clouds your

thoughts it may prove beneficial to

articulate your prayers beseeching me to

illuminate the path ahead then wait in

my presence giving me time to lead your

mind while you focus on me and my word

to maintain your focus you can softly

whisper Jesus my name representing all

that I am it is a formidable Tower those

who seek refuge in it are secure nothing

can compare to this Mercy this gift of

eternal life rejoice in me always let

your gentleness be evident to all I am

here rejoicing in me can Shield you from

the temptation to Grumble when your

circum ances become burdensome it is

easy for you to become irritable however

I desire for you to exemplify gentleness

not irritability this is attainable to

the extent that you find joy in me type

Amen in the comments if you believe

since I am unchanging yesterday today

and forever there is always much for you

to Rejoice about you can find joy in the

knowledge that I am near just as deeply

in love couples bring out the best in

each other being in close proximity to

the Beloved can ease irritations and

augment happiness I am the lover who is

Ever nearby unseen yet tenderly present

I can soothe your frustrations and fill

you with joy as you tune into my loving

presence one way to achieve this is by

expressing gratitude for my continual

presence and my constant love when

circumstances bring you down shift your

attention to me and reflect on the

immense love I have for you as you

reflect on these words let them resonate

deep within your spirit meditate on the

truth that I am your source of Vitality

your anchor in the storm and the

Wellspring of everlasting Joy my love

for you knows no bounds and I long for

you to experience the fullness of life

in my presence in the moments when life

feels overwhelming when doubts and fears

creep in Remember That You Are Not Alone

I am here holding you close guiding you

through every challenge my strength is

made perfect in your weakness and my

grace is sufficient for you trust in me

and you will find the peace that

surpasses all understanding type Amen in

the comments and get blessed today

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