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today’s message invites you to open your

heart and mind to the signs and guidance

that the universe is constantly offering

if you’ve been seeking answers be

receptive to the various ways in which

they may manifest repetitive numbers

thoughts feelings and ideas are Not Mere

coincidences they are guiding you toward

the solutions you seek pay attention for

you are being directed towards your high

good God message for you today if you

love God don’t skip this video because

God has something to say to you stick

around and watch Until the End God is

saying to you today you are a Creator

born to create take ownership of your

dreams only you can bring them into

reality the way you want them trust that

Divine forces are working behind the

scenes to help make them your reality

remember you are never given a vision

without the provision to make it Prosper

opportunities to move forward are

opening up for you hold trust more than

you can imagine possible will manifest

soon type

if you trust in God today’s message

for you if you have been praying for

answers we encourage you to be open to

how you receive them Source responds in

a variety of ways

and is always giving you feedback the

repetitive numbers thoughts feelings and

ideas that keep showing up are guiding

you to the solutions you seek pay

attention you are constantly being

directed to your highest good type

if you believe this my child place your

trust in me and you will find my

unwavering love embracing you some of my

beloved have lost their hope along along

the way burdened by disappointments that

deter them from taking risks again they

move forward mechanically without the

spark of hope in their hearts others

seek hope in worldly Solutions like

Medical Treatments the stock market or

even the lottery yet I invite you to

place your hope entirely in me

regardless of what challenges you face

in your life right now your story has a

glorious and joyful ending

though the path ahead may seem dim there

is an eternal light awaiting you at the

end of your Earthly journey through my

completed work on the cross the only

hope is yours and it is certain

embracing this assurance can fill your

present Journey with exuberant Joy the

more you invest your hope in me the

brighter my love light will shine upon

you illuminating your days I the creator

of the universe am with you and for you

what more could you possibly need when

you sense a void within it’s because you

haven’t connected with me deeply enough

I offer you Abundant Life all I ask is

for you to trust me completely and

banish worries from your mind it is not

the adversities themselves that cause

anxiety but rather your thoughts about

them your mind becomes entangled in a

Relentless pursuit to control the

situation and shape the desired outcome

in doing so you lose sight of the fact

that I am in charge of your life the

remedy lies in shifting your focus from

the problem to my everpresent presence

SE saw striving and witness the Wonders

I shall unfold remember I am always by

your side and I am the very essence of

Hope comment amen if you believe today’s

Universe message for you if you are not

happy with where you currently are write

a new story for your life don’t settle

for any story line create your

Blockbuster remember it is okay to

redefine your happiness or take a

different path the chapters of rejection

lead to the ones about resilience

receiving and Redemption it is called a

plot twist only you can decide what

happens next next let today’s mood be

praising thanking rejoicing and

celebrating praising for all the

spontaneous blessings showing up for you

thankfulness for the abundance flowing

smoothly to you rejoicing for what you

have overcome to get to your place of

peace and celebration for everything

working out for you your mood can

manifest your Miracles type I am

awareness to affirm today’s message for

you today take a moment to find your

sense of balance between your peace and

your strength use this time to focus on

the light on your face and leave the

darkness behind you do not underestimate

the power you can produce from the pain

you have pushed past friction and focus

create Fire Light the Fire Within by

working on who you are stop waiting for

a light at the end of the tunnel you are

the light you are not stuck you are

reorganizing before you move forward you

are not silenced you are learning how to

empower yourself to be heard you are not

losing you are leveling up through

experiences you are not abandoned you

are finding your space to grow you are

not broken you are rebuilding before

your breakthrough you are constantly

being made into more type thanks God if

you trust in God today’s God message for

you resist thinking about what you

should have done better how you should

have been better or why you didn’t make

better choices today move past the

situation and stop looking back it is

all behind you now look forward and

declare you will Triumph despite the

past embrace your power to create right

now focus on how you want to feel and

let it influence what you are doing your

better will manifest your dreams will

manifest your worry will vanish your

support will show up your love

connection will materialize your Victory

will happen your door will open your

bridge to better will be built your

abundance will overflow your blocks will

be cleared your timing will be perfect

believe in your prayers big blessings

can happen in an instant type I believe

in myself to affirm today’s message for

you things are always in a constant

state of transformation be gentle with

yourself as you transition through the

phases you have never experienced before

take time to get grounded with gratitude

and reflect on where you have been and

stay hopeful for where you are going

trust every step you take is is walking

you into the life you have been building

forgive yourself for the moments you

feel like quitting forgive yourself for

feeling like you aren’t worthy of more

forgive yourself for thinking things

need to be perfect before you find

happiness forgive yourself for not

knowing better in the past forgive

yourself as many times as you need

forgive yourself take a breath and focus

forward subscribe to our Channel if you

love God God is saying to you today take

a moment to sit and envision what you

are trying to manifest look at your

efforts and observe what they are

producing look at your thoughts to

understand what you are believing are

your beliefs and actions getting you

closer to what you desire remember what

you believe is related to what you can

create type amen if you believe this God

says you cannot be everywhere doing

everything to arrange all the pieces of

your dreams into place you have to learn

to release what you cannot control

remember you control your emotions

choices actions and reactions a huge

part of trusting the process is having

faith in what you cannot see trust

things are aligning in your favor the

expression of Love is learned the

feeling of Love is natural one of the

most important things you can do for

yourself is to learn how to express and

feel unconditional selflove if you don’t

work on your love language you won’t be

able to understand all the ways it can

be poured into you type I trust God to

affirm today’s message reminds us to

remain open to receiving answers to our

prayers as Divine guidance comes in

various forms pay attention to

repetitive numbers thoughts feelings and

ideas as they may be leading you towards

the solutions you seek remember you are

constantly being directed towards your

highest good please subscribe to our

Channel and turn on Bell notifications

for more God messages say thanks to God

for everything he gives you thank you

for watching this video

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