God Message For You Today | A Message of Hope and Confidence | Overcoming Challenges

there is a message from God on life for


today I want to congratulate you on

being steadfast and doing what is right

to keep your faith strong you are far

stronger than you

think while people may let you down I

won’t give me your life and I will take

care of

it be confident that all that has been

taken away from you will be given back

to you thus bouncing back into the

brighter days ahead something amazing

might happen

soon I know how you last night Disturbed

yourself about bills examinations

children and future but this is what

eluded your

mind intervention of your Divine father

to restitute you clear Financial isus

open up new chances into your life by


supporters and thus Paving wafer bless

it tomorrow dissolve alers with me and


peace amen should be your response if

yall have confidence in God

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