God Message For You Today | Divine Assurance: A Message of Hope and Miracles

I have a comforting message from God for

you today here it

is when things get rough always think

about me I value your compassion and

always Eaves

drop just know that I haven’t put you

out of my mind I can tell where you are

and how to help you move to where you

should be even when it does not go as

plan I’m right there looking out for you

fear not the backstage is busy with me

working on your behalf my leading will

take you into a life blessed with

purpose and

favor get ready something incredible is

about to happen to you I have already

entailed healing Liberty and prosper

Ranse for you and it will come at a time

least expected by

anyone remember that I am the god of

Miracles depend on my love of doing

strange things and expect great Deeds

from me you cannot imagine what more he

may do for

you comment Tom man if this resonates

with you

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