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God Message for You Today: Experience His Revealed Blessings | Powerful Blessings


when we were children we were taught to

believe in a higher power

some of us were taught that this power

was benevolent and would always look out

for us others were taught that this

power was malevolent and would cause us


but what if there was a third option

what if this power was neither benign or

malevolent but simply



in this video I’m going to explore the

idea of a God who is indifferent to our

plight and how that might look let’s get


God says put your trust in me and I will

show you that I have no malicious

intentions guide me on the path to

Everlasting joy and if anything I do

displeases you father take it away I vow

to spread your Divine teachings this

video and the uplifting message you have

bestowed upon us today

God says I promise to never keep your

wisdom to myself but to spread it far

and wide Lord I will serve you

Faithfully for it is a greater honor to

serve the almighty than a mere mortal

God is saying to you today

with the Lord’s blessing I pray that all

who are in his presence today are

granted more than they could ever ask

for May these gifts be received in the

name of Jesus Christ amen

share this with someone who needs it

God says surround yourself with those

who lift you up life is too precious to

be wasted on people who are unable to

think positively don’t strive for

greatness and criticize others instead

seek out those that can help you reach

your goals those that can fill your days

with joy and optimism

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your


God says life is short but its

possibilities are endless surround

yourself with those who will help you

make the most of your time

God says to you no matter what life

throws at you you have the strength and

resilience to persevere

believe in yourself and your abilities

and know that you are capable of

achieving great things I am here to

offer you my support and encouragement

and to help you make the Miracles you



comment amen if you agree

God says

you have been through so much yet you

have stayed strong do not let anyone or

anything discourage you you have the

power to create your own destiny

with a positive outlook and a determined

Spirit you will make your dreams a



God says crave the Lord’s presence he

will fill you with his life-giving love

and you will be empowered to accomplish

great things for his glory

by embracing the power of the Lord’s

word you can unlock the key to success

his word is the gateway to an abundant

life and an incomparable feeling of his


God wants you to hear this today

believe in yourself and know that God is

always in your corner ready to provide

the strength you need to persevere he

has blessed you with the Holy Spirit a

constant source of comfort and guidance

with his help you are unstoppable and

can overcome any obstacle that life

throws your way

type yes to claim this

God says trust in the Lord and rely on

his strength his power will give you the

courage to rise above any challenge

believe in yourself and in his mighty

power and you will experience an

abundance of Peace joy and blessings

God says your hard work will be rewarded

the Lord has chosen you for a special

Mission and he will always be there for

you you will witness the fruits of your

labor and reap the rewards of your


God wants you to know this today

rejoice in the Lord and He will support

your journey no adversary can take away

or ruin your Bounty you will flourish

from one Triumph to the next

God says this month will be your best

month of the year

just believe in him

type I believe in God to affirm

God says your strength is unbreakable

like an impenetrable bronze wall no

challenge no matter how daunting can

ever stand in your way you are safe and

secure in the loving Embrace of the Lord

God says

in times of difficulty the Lord desires

to surround you with his comforting

Embrace allow him to enter your heart

and share with him your worries he will

use his strength to bring you peace and


God has a message for you today believe

in the power of the Lord who has

overcome death and resides within you

cling to his promises and he will bring

you the long-awaited victory the Lord

offers guidance every day through his

promises hold fast to the word of God

and witness the Miracles that will

unfold in your life

type Amen to catch these Vibes

God says the Lord’s miraculous power is

transforming you into a better version

of yourself

old sinful habits are now gone and you

will radiate a Divine Light that brings

glory to God

each day the Lord communicates with us

via his promises so take hold of his

word and witness miraculous

transformations in your life

God says the Lord is transforming you

into a renewed being

leaving behind your past errors you will

be an embodiment of God’s grandeur a

Shining Light of assurance and virtue

God says you are not reading this by


you are meant to soar on the wings of

Faith bolstered by God’s unending

kindness in times of hardship he will be

your source of strength shedding light

on his divine plan for your life

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God says no matter where you are the

Lord is always watching over you with

joy and pleasure because of your

unwavering Devotion to him he will

Empower and bless you with his grace


God says no matter what happens the Lord

is always by your side believe in

yourself and you will be safeguarded

whenever you feel lost and hopeless

simply turn to the Lord and ask for his

mercy and he will forgive you clearing

away all the burdens and worries


God is saying to you today you are

summoned by the Lord to seek Him He will

stay with you forever restoring all that

has been taken away his name is raised

Above All Else


God says

be empowered by the grace of God as you

open your heart to his truth and

surrender to his presence you will be

filled with the Holy Spirit

you will be enabled to work wonders for

his honor and renown

God says are you ready to receive it

type Ammon to receive it

God says the almighty is ready to mend

all that is fractured in your life

he will imbue you with the power to rise

above any situation and shower you with

his Divine bounty

God says to you let us be thankful for

our nourishment and hydration

the Lord shall provide safety and

wellness to our family and heal all our

ailments let us be strong and healthy

God says

no matter how far you’ve Fallen the Lord

will always be there to pick you up

when life has been tough he has been

your companion providing his grace and

blessing to bring you into His Holy

Light he is ready to shine his glory and

love on you so that his name will be


God says are you ready

type yes if you are ready

God says trust in the Lord for he has

laid a firm foundation in your heart

believe that he will Elevate you to

unfathomable Heights in life


God wants you to hear this today

Rejoice put your faith in the Lord

without fail and give him the glory for

his goodness let your joy be an

inspiration to those around you


God says submit your ego to God with the

innocence of a child and open your heart

to his love

righteousness peace and joy shall

abundantly flow forth from your soul

granting you admittance to the kingdom

of heaven


God says start small for greatness

awaits you the Lord has big plans for

you so never fear failure for success is

in your future

type thank you God if you believe

God wants you to know this today no

matter what know that you are loved and

cared for by God all of his Divine

promises will come to pass in your life

so trust in him and be encouraged

finally after watching this video from

start to finish I can confidently say

that I have been truly blessed God’s

Divine Grace has shown through this

video right now and I feel like my faith

has been renewed it’s a powerful feeling

that can’t be beaten and I am so

grateful to have been able to witness

this beautiful moment it’s your time now

friends we’d love to hear your thoughts

in the comments section of this video

what have you learned from this video

about God’s blessings is there a

particular part that resonated with you

or maybe you noticed something that you

hadn’t considered before share your

thoughts with us and the other viewers

we’d love to hear from you

video is a great reminder of how God’s

love and grace overflow in our lives and

how even the most unexpected surprises

can bring us joy let’s take a moment to

appreciate God’s blessings and the

wonderful ways he shows his love for us

we hope this video has brought some

insights and encouragement to your day

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who need it


thank you

thank you foreign

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