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God’s message for you

today along your journey you will find

challenges and obstacles that will seem

daunting however know that I am at your

sigh empowering and guiding get every

step you take Tower sire

achievements life is a journey full of

opportunities for growth and overcoming

every challeng youo face is an

opportunity for learning Gan

fortification don’t be afraid to take

the risk of leaving your comfort zone

look for what you

wish remember I gave you unique talents

and it is through the use of these

skills that you will achieve your great

accomplishment when you feel weak

remember too seek my presence because I

am the inescapable source of power and

inspiration often the most significanty

Vivant are those that require more

effort and dedication don’t get

discouraged in the face of challenges

that seem

insurmountable I’m here to encourage you

to persist to get up every time you fall

and to learn from each experience also

remember that achievements are are am

more meaningful when shared with those

whom you

love if you agree comment onen and share

this message with someone who also needs

to hear it

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