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God has a message for you

today God desires good relationships for

you with your family and friends but he

also wants a Clos relationship with

you he wants you to be happy but this

doesn’t mean everything will always be

perfect through challenges we gain

strength and

wisdom he wants to bless your life to

change change it for the better and help

you become the person had created you to

be you are beautiful and incredible just

the way you are you are loved be God who

created you with care and

love you are not alone in this world

there are others like you struggling but

we are here to support each other in our

struggles finding our way back home to

God’s kingdom Where We

Belong I know what you need but it’s not

in this world you’ll have to go through

changes give up things but don’t

worry God has a plan for your life and

blessings await if you trust and follow

it he promises to give you the power to

overcome everything you are his favorite

person in the world and nothing will

ever change

that he loves you has a plan for your

life and wants to show you how much he

cares I see your pain your tears your

hurt but God knows how to heal he wants

to help you feel better loved and

valued someday you’ll see the situation

as an opportunity to

to come closer to

him comment amen if you believe in God

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