God Message For You Today | God’s Message: Understanding Life’s Challenges and Free Will

today God has a message for

you when things go wrong in your life do

not Point accusing fingers at me I am

not responsible for bad events

occurring this planet is imperfect and

therefore there will be

tribulations but I shall lend my support

in all of

them this is what God told

me being angry can spell do more Le to

other severe consequences watch out for

those times and you are mad and trying

not to do anything

terrible never go to sleep while still

enough enough with someone else keep in

mind that Earthly life is

transient do not hold me accountable for

your mistakes or challenges as they face

you I have granted you the capacity to

exercise free will do the choices are

yours the cause of children dying from

hunger in Africa or explosions claiming

thrives of infants isn’t me

either rape doesn’t exist because it

permitted it instead people did so of

their own volition since they were given

free choice by me do remember this

however everybody is going to get paid

back one

day if you believe in Heavenly Father

comment amen

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