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God Message For You Today | Serious Alerts!- “This Answer Is Yes” | God Message Jesus |God Says |

sweet kid when you’re facing tough times

remember I’m here for you just share all

your worries with me because I truly

listen and care about you always lean on

me I am here to help you whenever you’re

in trouble instead of obsessing over

your problems even if you’re really

eager to solve them try to focus on

other things once you’ve done all you

can for now

Sometimes the best approach is to Simply

wait and find comfort in being with me

don’t buy into the idea that you can’t

be happy until everything is fixed life

will always have its challenges but with

me you can find peace and guidance even

when things seem chaotic our

relationship is a partnership we’re in

this together

look to me for direction be your part

and trust me to handle what you can’t

instead of rushing to resolve things

take it easy and ask me to guide your

steps hold my hand trust me and let’s

enjoy this journey together type our man

if you believe in Christianity

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