God Message For You Today | Trusting God’s Plan | Inspirational Message for Strength and Courage | GOD Message Today

my precious child let not your heart be

troubled by those who may hurt or hate

you instead focus on those who love Au

dearly for they hold the key to

happiness do not waste your time trying

TN the love of others spend it with

those who genuinely care for

you trust those who can see beyond your

smile and understand the love behind


actions remember in the face off

difficulties have patience for with time

everything becomes easier when you seek

strength God May centrals to make you

stronger when you seek wisdom challenge

will come your way to be solved if you

ask for Prosperity you may receive the

tools for hard work and when you seek

rage God may present obstacles that need

overcoming know that you may not receive

everything you desire but you will

receive everything you

need trust in God’s plan for I am hereto

shower you with love guidance and

support through your trials and

desires you are a unique and and

magnificient being destined to shine

brightly as a beacon of light and love

in this gotic

world always remember you are never

Loney I am always with you surrounding

you with Divine love that transcends

time and

space comment amen if you believe in God

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