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God Message For You Today | “You Must Get Ready For What’s Coming” | God message jesus |

God is telling you today my cherished

one let not your heart be troubled by

the pursuit of Earthly wealth for you

are cradled in my affectionate

Embrace place your trust in me and

Triumph shall be yours even amidst the

heavy load you bear heed my voice

closely allowing the serenity of My

Affection to surround you my teachings

carry deep wisdom do not Overlook them

your essence invisible to many is

unmistakably clear to us and therein

lies its true worth you your love ones

and all that you cherish are designed

for a purpose grander than you can

imagine a unique space in my heart is

reserved just for you d the spark within

you a beacon to guide others and

showcase my strength and kindness one


challenges protect your home from harm

and distance yourself from those who

spread and rest under the guise of

friendship despite the world’s trials

place your full trust in my sovereignty

through your struggles my presence will

become Aid and offering you the

fortitude and determination needed enter

am and if you want miracles

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