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God Message now : My Blessings Is Upon You | God Says

my blessing my dear child

is upon you giving you consolation and safety

my unwavering love hears everything you have to say

and gives you hope that your faith will be restored

you will feel dread give way to happiness

after you hear and comprehend what I have to say

I will bless you putting a stop to the days you spent

roving around in uncertainty and grief

you won’t think that

you’re not worthy of my love anymore

nor will you be ashamed to be around me

or afraid to pray because you believe you failed

and are expecting to be rejected

you’re not correct

I won’t ignore your request or respond negatively

please put an end to these ideas

my sweet child

don’t think that because of my previous transgressions

I have abandoned you

I am aware that you are enduring

the fallout from your deeds

what was formerly attractive

is now a cause of suffering and anxiety

sin fills your heart with misery and suffering

but my forgiveness gives it vitality purification

healing and happiness

with the promise of eternal life

and the knowledge that my doors are always open

I am here to redeem you

when you are tired and troubled

come to me

and I will support you throughout this difficult time

by relieving your burdens

soothing your soul

and giving you the courage to face the fallout

from your mistakes

you won’t need to hide from your issues

or put on a happy front

while adversaries and problems lurk around you

waiting for you to stumble

human tactics will not be sufficient

to resolve your disputes

you have my backing in every circumstance

since your strength alone will not win

tell me what you need

don’t be embarrassed or afraid to do so

I’m present and prepared to hear

remember this message and give me your entire life

I promise to shower you with real love

authentic happiness and everlasting riches

that guarantees plenty rather than debt

please inquire if you need anything extra

if it’s in accordance with my wishes

it will be provided to you

I want to stop seeing your tears

it’s time to bid hopelessness farewell

accept the commitments I’ve made to you

I have a mission that will never end

unlike your phony buddies

who make empty promises and offer nothing

I will walk beside you on life’s journey

shielding you from misfortunes

disputes and calamities

reach for my hand when you’re upset

and hold on to me when you’re feeling weak

I want to hear your praise

grow your intelligence and fortify your spirit

have a friendly conversation with me

I appreciate your kind and devoted remarks

admit to me that you love me

I long to hear your lovely voice

and your lovely religious expressions

I have sacrificed everything for you

because I genuinely love you

I promise to never leave your side

to help you on your journey

and to save you from difficulties

disputes and misfortunes

accept my love let go of your anxieties and fears

and discover what I can use my power to accomplish

in your life it’s going to be different today

you’ll notice changes in your family

your surroundings and other people’s responses to you

you’ll sense my presence within you

and see how my influence changes people’s hearts

they’ll feel me

and you’ll see the look of surprise on their faces

as friendship and delight move them

I bestow wisdom upon you today

and set you up to realize your deepest desires

I know you want to be happy

so put your faith in me

I am conscious of your emotions and past experiences

I wish to shield you from damage

build your integrity maintain your honor

and give you the power to resist shame

brace a positive attitude

grin and make time for daily prayer to me

trusting that I will assist you in all that you need

celebrate the love I have for you

for as you worship and praise me

my presence comes to you dispelling your anxieties

and engulfing you in my spirit

despite your problems smile

raise your hands and adoration

smile and sing praises

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