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God Message now : Take My Hand My Child | God Says | God Message Today

the solution to your problems is in this message my dear child but you must be willing to hear it and accept my love

see how much I adore you now I speak softly yet I want you to be fearless and bold

never give up or undervalue the benefits or successes you’ve already experienced

I’m telling you don’t give up it will be to your advantage there will be possibilities in front of you soon

just be alert and focused allow divine direction to direct your path

when the moment comes to decide grab my hand stride forth with courage and confidence proceed through those unlocked doors

have no fear of anyone and resist the urge to believe that you are weaker than they are

be fair honest and kind to everyone but do not submit to anyone nobody can control your destiny

or take away your benefits only I have power over your spirit keep no one in charge of your family

make decisions based on my love for you and obey my instructions my truth and my words

these are assurances of success and liberty this is a direct message to your heart forget about fear

and give up on feelings of helplessness you are fighting hard battles but I will be at your side to see you through

to the finish no power in this world not even witches magicians or false prophets can harm you

because you are fearless the only person who has ever died and risen for you is me

remember that nobody can hurt you and don’t let hollow threats deter you I’ll bless and prosper you

your family will always hold a special place in your heart even though you will work with caution knowledge and all of your strength

your family is the most precious thing you own and I promise you that spiritual blessings will follow

fill yourself with my word every night and morning listen and when you close your eyes and wake up

focus on my promises rehearse what I have to say since I am here to help and bless you

if you let me to guide you with this divine light that envelops you at all times then there won’t be any failure or defeat for you

avoid taking the incorrect route letting the callousness ensnare you and paying attention to rumors

that depress and embitter you as you stroll raise your head and gaze out into the distance

numerous benefits are on the horizon but your spiritual adversaries aim to snatch away your chance for liberty

and genuine wealth many people will try to cast doubt on you so ignore what they have to say

and keep your ears closed recall this voice let these kind words to resurface in your mind

and allow the love I surround you with to uplift your heart adhere to me now show me love

render assistance and absorb my knowledge visit me daily to get calm strength and peace but most importantly

take lessons from me please be patient I won’t ask you to put up with people’s humiliation

but I will give you the knowledge to know when and how to handle any request never shout at people

never use physical force in response and never give your adversaries the opportunity to point out your mistakes

to you when your issues get too much for you to handle don’t go around telling everyone what’s wrong with you

your secrets could end up in the hands of slanderous people and then all of a sudden everyone will know what is wounded you

making fun of and dehumanizing you come to me when you find yourself in unachievable circumstances

I will relieve your wake calm your spirit eliminate all worry from your existence and eliminate stress sorrow and guilt

I’ll fill your life with enough and make you happy I am the answer to all of your problems

I possess the key that unlocks doors and the answer to your queries I have provided the roadmap to actual happiness

in my written words nobody in this world determines your fate or owns the power to control your future

I alone your devoted father and closest friend dare to put all of your trust in me starting today

you’ll also observe how your emotions will gradually calm and your desperation fade you are going to travel into a new magical realm

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