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God Message now : You Are Worthy | God Says | God Message Today | Gods Message Now

my beloved kid pay great heed to my words which bring healing strength and everything you need

I have several promises for you and I give messages daily to overflow your trust

when you pray be confident in all that I have promised

you are deserving my dear son my adored daughter you deserve happiness

and that’s why I consistently urge you to listen to me each word nurtures and renews your soul

hearing my voice raises your spirit from misery and despair

though hardships struggles sickness and pain may be weighty

they don’t have to drag you down forever in the light of my words

you can always discover freedom you don’t need to carry the same loads all the time

your past does not dictate your future you are significant to me and everyone around you

you must live keep battling keep believing with all your strength

rise above whatever that worries you today and cherish these promises dear to your heart

speak these words aloud so you don’t forget them today

I encourage you to retain my love and your thoughts daily since your enemies will try to hurl dirt at you

Solly your sentiments discourage you and make you give up

but you will stand strong against these attacks by prayer trust and thinking on this divine love

that has never abandoned you no matter what comes this love will never leave you

after you finish hearing this message cover your face with your hands

feel the warmth of your breath the texture of your skin

in that instant sense a divine emotion going through your hands wrapping throughout your entire being

you will be delighted and empowered after hearing my words

I will anoint you with holy oil cleansing the emotions that steal your tranquility

my child my son with tears I implore you to accept my love

your opponents will always lie to you seeking to mislead you

how could I abandon you when I’ve given all for you you are not forgotten or alone in a bleak desert

you’re not at the bottom of a deep abyss I stand firm in my vows

I will be beside you in days of joy and nights of trial I will place my hand on your shoulder

and always remind you that my Holy Spirit within you is stronger than any obstacle or attack

you are really essential to me I pay attention to everything you do

think and ask of me with every step you take I defend and support you

today I grant you a rare unbreakable supernatural faith

expect wonders that will astound you everything is possible for those who commit their life to me

avoid evil stick to my word and genuinely believe that I will give

whatever good you seek of me the hardships you experience will make you stronger

the issues that develop will be opportunities to uncover new gifts

place great weight on my words and let my wisdom guide your journey

do not be seduced by the entanglements of this life or disillusion by its deceits

remember I never abandon those I love though it may sometimes feel like

all your worries are piling up always remember I’m your loving father who desires your success

in all you do I hope to remove your hurdles and give you power

I will bestow upon you my supernatural wisdom which will help you achieve your goals

and realize your aspirations do not give in to adversity or overlook all that you have accomplished

do not underestimate the opportunity I have provided you

if you embrace my words you will be a beacon of light amid the darkness

a Monument to my love and Grace for your dedication and desire to know me better

I will open the doors and windows of heaven for you and your family showering you with amazing blessings

you have already seen how good I can be but I assure you far larger and more lovely things are yet to come

if you embrace my words you will have great happiness and success in all your pursuits

trust in me and you and your entire household will be preserved

believe in my word and your past will be left behind the sadness you experience today will fade

and never return if you trust in my power to execute supernatural miracles

so hold on to this faith offer me your ideas ambitions and dreams and I will aid you call on me

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