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God Message Today: Devil Will LAUGH If You… | God Says | God Message For You | God Message For Me

in this world there are some things that

no one can stop you from facing in life

however I can also advise you how to get

over it if you have a lot of faith in me

but for now you are choosing to

disregard my advice if you are

interrupted while listening to this

message you won’t have enough time to

finish reading will you give up or

continue as a result listen carefully

and quietly my dear kid please listen

carefully to what I have to say to you

now even the it seems like it’s being

repeated incessantly you still need to

pay attention remember that this is a

fix for an issue that will soon come up

for you my child I understand that you

are afraid of being exposed it is known

to me that you fear being unloved I know

you’re afraid of others rejecting you

but now is the moment to own up to who

you really are and stop hiding from the

reality refrain from seeing others who

are struggling where you are they are

unimportant to you examine yourself and

see if there is anything you can do for

them don’t look for miracles you won’t

get them those who trust in me don’t

need them so I can’t get rid of them

please like this video if you agree my

little one you have a great future ahead

of you it’s going to be an amazing

September and October full with

blessings and positive energy If the

message of this video aligns with your

belief in God kindly show your support

by like it our heavenly father is not

only kind but also powerful and he has

the ability to do amazing things in your

life like healing transformation and

restoration his Divine influence is

evident in your financial struggles

emotional stability and bodily

well-being to name a few you can show

your faith by typing

amazing breakthroughs and

significant changes could occur in the

upcoming months if you place your faith

in God and His unfathomable power

maintaining your faith and relationship

with God may help you reap the rewards

and learn from the changes that are

ahead of you as we come to a close this

week I have a special message for you

full of blessings and wealth get ready

for a plethora of Miracles that will

impact every aspect of your life such as

Prosperity health happiness and pleasure

to fully appreciate these surprising

Marvels I strongly recommend watching

the entire film I want to re assure you

that this weekend has been selected to

be full of heavenly Miracles made only

for you this will happen Monday through

Sunday get ready for more stability as

well as improvements in your

relationships with others health and

finances un currently quietly

implementing significant changes in your

life as you go your worries and

anxieties will subside all the things

God is working on inside and through you

even if you might not notice the shifts

happening happening as quickly as you’d

like to Jesus counsels being convinced

that they are happening maintain a

stronghold for the time being as part of

flawless arrangements for the years to

come that only he can see things that

you haven’t even asked God for yet but

he’s working on are beginning to fall

into place so don’t expect on me to

never stop trying to help you he is the

god who has always transcended all

things and he never permits fear to get

in the way of your achieving your life’s

Ambitions that will only hinder you it

will not allow you to succeed put an end

to your fixation on unimportant minutia

and begin living your life in accordance

with your beliefs Additionally the Lord

sent to Moses a promise that one

Celestial connection would alter

everything in his life get ready to make

some new friends and meet some new

individuals there will be a shift from

being ignored to being aggressively

sought after in the future there will

will be an optimal result for all


involved God knows the high standards

you have set for yourself and he will

not let you down in any way you’ll find

that the upcoming weeks have the

possibility for great success in your

personal and spiritual lives there will

also be a big Improvement in store for

your financial situation going forward

everything will work out for the best in

the end the situation is bound to be

generally depressing unhappy and gloomy

because God is working out everything

watch this video through to the end if

you want to build a beautiful work of

art by experiencing miracles in your

life he’s going to repair all the

damaged Parts in one way or another

there is cause for Hope since God is

always at our side wherever there is a

God we must never give up hope even if

at any point today I start to lose hope

for a better tomorrow I really want God

to be a continual source of inspiration

about the greatness of his purposes I’m

thankful when I’m alone myself because

I’ve accomplished more than I ever could

have anticipated God Alone offers me

Solace and strength when I feel like I

can’t do anything it is now your time to

give yourself up for your hairs for the

Lord has pardoned you you have to trust

me when I tell you that there will come

a time in your life when some of the

individuals who treated you cruy will

realize how wrong they were and that

time will come sooner rather than later

God promises that his plan and intent

for you will be accomplished so keep

going and never lose faith in him ignore

any incidents or barriers that could

attempt to stand in your path you will

be a part of both my plan and my

objective you will feel different from

feeling burdened to having a plethora of

options at your disposal you should

expect to be fortunate if you believe in

things that are not visible if you cling

to a different reality and if you wish

to be blessed we are are now rewriting

your chronology to include fantastic

endings amazing events and prosperity

for all parties involved you have been

acting under the assumption that if

something is God’s will it will happen

and that nothing can stop it from

happening quit overthinking he has a

bigger plan therefore rest easy knowing

that everything in my life is unfolding

as it should I want to praise God above

all things yet I had a lot to be

thankful for and respectful of

when you think you have used up all of

your options I will grant you the power

you must be depressed if you want to be

happy and carry on even though it

doesn’t seem feasible I can change that

for you you will receive a blessing in

the amount of times the original

value of all of your investments in

money both your financial status and the

quality of your social network will

improve in the upcoming years I pray

that each and every one of you will

experience the love of God The

Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the

favor and blessings of the Lord Jesus

Christ declaring with your mouth that

Jesus is Lord and believing firmly that

the Lord raised him from the dead will

save you from Eternal damnation dear God

please come to my house if it is your

will and take away all of my anxiety and

tension thank you for it furthermore

please take care of and heal my family

if at all possible I am grateful in

celebrate because you are going to be

given a wonderful gift and will be

healed of all the things that formerly

made you cry I ask God to maintain a

tight hold on my family and KNE and

never let go of us all of the things

I’ve said above about myself are true

because of Christ I am loved found

blessed saved and pardoned I will make

up for everything horrible that has ever

happened to you if you take a turn for

the better I will promise promise you

and your family a prosperous and

successful life declare unequivocally

that I depend on God for everything

including my entire awake time and every

breath I take my trust is with God

whatever it is that’s making you anxious

you’re going to get an unexpected

windfall of savings account balances

greater than you ever could have

imagined you might put your faith in God

give it to him he’s more powerful than

you think even though you can’t see it

now he will make your route more

apparent even though it doesn’t feel

like it now everything will work out in

the end starting tonight you will follow

the almighty if you have faith in him

something that has been giving you

ongoing stress is about to come to an

end and you might expect your life to

take a significant turn for the better

God has said that in the days ahead

things will improve for his people you

will achieve your goals pay off all of

your debt and have a great sense of

selfworth now at last the periods when

you felt hopeless and depressed are over

God has come to deliver you from your

addictions depression and pessimism mism

I’ll help you gain the Insight you need

to make the right decisions but you need

my help in order to get it is the

promise God makes to his people you

absolutely must come see me as your

Brilliance intensifies and the Grandeur

you exude begins to take shape nothing

and no one can stop what is destined to

happen to you click

if you think so God has communicated

with us and told us that you need to

work harder for him he requires you to

start acting in a way that shows other

people that you love him by the example

you set in life this is important

because you can only help those around

you if you walk the path that the lord

has laid out for you God is telling you

that your life still has a purpose and

that purpose is now more certain than it

has ever been because this stage of your

life hasn’t ended yet modify your

thoughts and enhance your actions

together let’s rise again and continue

in that direction imagine Pleasant

things happening to you while you

maintain a happy attitude and stay on

the route that will lead you to your

desired destination in terms of how you

view and feel about yourself it all

starts with you sooner rather than later

you’ll wake up and realize that your

relationship status or educational


have no bearing on your enjoyment in

your work life it was never about

fitting in with the other people in the

group Everyone is always staring at you

you find it really amazing that

everything is developing for you

precisely how it should your persistent

hard work will eventually pay off for

the remainder of the day continue to

pray in this manner avoid letting too

much thought or delay interfere with

your enjoyment is the Angel’s message to

you today are making GR gradual progress

but remember the larger picture show off

your skills to the entire world don’t

overvalue the things that can be

purchased with money rather Embrace each

phase as it arises you can count on me

to keep an optimistic Outlook and put up

a lot of effort to get the desired

outcomes believe in me my child I

promise to hear every single one of your

prayers I’m shielding you from these

storms and sometimes I even give you the

power to fight back against them you can

rely on me to lead you because I can see

ahead for the duration of this adventure

all right Del BL it it won’t even be

that big of a deal in the end I promise

to uphold that as your rock never waver

from my promise to you God spoke to

Moses through a sense of presence

telling him I will send you a financial

miracle that will serve as a reminder of

my love and provision for you more than

anything though I want you to know that

you have my unwavering in love Above All

Else regardless of the mistakes you may

have made in the past I genuinely want

you to comprehend this soon you’ll

experience healing happiness answers and

Paranormal Activity if you just have

faith that God knows what’s best for you

and Trust in his plan for your life then

in my opinion they are currently being

sent to you he undoubtedly has some

amazing things in store for you just

focus your thoughts on Christ and Trust

in the love and Mercy he bestows upon

you he alone has the ability to

transform your mess into a lesson your

test into a testimony and your struggles

into successes you can rest certain that

the king will never abandon you and will

always be at your disposal the knowledge

that God is constantly with you should

give you comfort I want to encourage you

today as we continue our conversation by

telling you to keep praying keep

believing and keep receiving these are

are real and he wants you to know that

God will not abandon you or turn his

back on you regardless of the

difficulties you are currently facing he

sees you as Priceless and he has amazing

plans for the years to come because of

who you are and what you stand for

therefore you shouldn’t be afraid to put

yourself in a situation where failure is

inevitable by having unrealistic

expectations and exceedingly ambitious

objectives to not worry or be alarmed I

will be here for you you whenever you

need me I recognize that life can be

challenging at times and that you might

think there’s no way out of the

situation you find yourself in right now

however please be informed that this is

untrue type – if you think so

opportunities to make money keep coming

your way because you have a wealth


magnetism accept the wealth that is

coming into your life by giving yourself

permission to benefit from this

advantage and enjoy it except this gift

from God and take pleasure in it please

help us by subscribing to our Channel

making you happier and more committed to

Jesus is our aim to indicate your belief

in God type amen thank


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