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God Message Today: Don’t HURT ME By… | God Says | God Message For You | God Message For Me

God states that he knows you are too

busy to spend even a minute with me

however I promise that reading this

message will brighten your day God is

communicating to you today my child over

the next hours count on receiving an

endless supply of money good health and

success your heart will be filled with

happiness love and health therefore make

the most of your wealth and financial

Independence please like this video If

you believe in God

prepare yourself for the Plenty that is

coming your way you’ll be amazed get

ready for an amazing season filled with

discoveries triumphs and miracles I am

the magician who creates wonders and I

am very good at accomplishing the

seemingly hard tasks if you have

confidence in me a lot of Miracles will

occur in your life input if you

think so in the coming month you will

undergo a metamorphosis your life will

be touched by God in a way you’ve never

experienced before with miraculous

healing and complete physical recovery

you’ll effortlessly lead a wealthy life

just watching this video through to the

end will provide you several

opportunities I’m here to tear down the

obstacles that poverty illness and need

place in the way of progress your grief

will give way to happiness your pain to

healing and your challenges to Blessings

this week your blessings will triple

demonstrating that nothing is

insurmountable with unshakable trust you

are engaged in combat with God who is

fighting for you he will open the doors

you have been praying for if you put

your trust in him declare aloud in the

name of Jesus that you are open to

receiving an abundance of Love healing

and blessings that you so richly deserve

today type Amen to affirm my entire

family will be healed and huge financial

Miracles will happen right when they’re

needed God says you will see favor and

Marvel every day in ways you never would

have dreamed of so jump with joy next

month God is doing more in your life

than you could ever imagine the amount

in your bank account will grow rapidly

we will pay all of our bills in full and

ahead of schedule by the end of this

month you’ll have fully recovered from

your illness experienced debt relief and

experienced a miraculous healing God is

bringing you into a period of comfort

and restoration by rescuing from

suffering Misfortune and poverty this is

the time for you to rejuvenate I want to

let you know it’s possible that you

experienced hardship suffering or

Misfortune as we start a new month but

know that I am prepared to heal you and

that I am here for you if you give

yourself to me I will make life better

for you and your family I will complete

you wherever you are broken and turn all

of your setbacks into incredible

successes I promise not to disappoint if

you put your trust in me get ready for

an unprecedented period of wealth and

prosperity blessings will start to pour

into your life in ways you never would

have imagined if you’re ready to share

this video with seven people who believe

in God type

acknowledge my dear child that God

is your rock your source of bravery and

your constant source of support when you

need it most get ready for an amazing

journey that will be full of of Joy

blessings and miracles you will witness

How the Universe works in your favor to

fulfill all of your wishes as you put

your trust in God’s plan you are loved

supported and expected to be the best I

can now declare with joy that the curse

is lifted both your health and your

finances will get better I have

supported you through every trying time

in your life I will continue to look out

for and favor you and your family even

after I have given you everything you

need need prayers will be answered

you’ll soon meet the right people your

health will improve doors that have been

locked will open and you’ll achieve your

goals I’ll make your relationships

finances and general well-being better

my loved ones please have faith in me

and understand that I am a god of

healing and salvation I swear to give

you a long and prosperous life good

health and unending happiness these

promises kids aren’t just empty words I

am a God who never backs down from a

task every obstacle will be removed

every enemy will be defeated and all

wrongs will be made right I’m here to

help you heal from any emotional or

financial wounds you may have since many

of you have experienced financial

hardship please know that you have my

support enter God is with me and

subscribe to our Channel if you love God

be ready for Prosperity Beyond your

wildest dreams to fill your bank account

says the Lord you should expect a major

miracle in your life please know that no

matter what challenges you face whether

they be material Financial or emotional

I will always be by your side and never

abandon you I provide debt relief debt

healing marital reconciliation and

addiction-free living let me guide you

to the abundance that awaits you believe

in me you are getting the home you

desire the job you require the

relationship you desire and the

prosperity you desire financially please

accept my generous offerings and ideal

timing I knock on your heart again and

again waiting patiently for you to open

it don’t be afraid to open the door

because I am a loving and compassionate

God I want to help you at every

opportunity and become a vital part of

your life I’ll open my doors to you and

give you my power all of your issues

will vanish to be replaced by by an

incomprehensible sense of Peace get

ready for an amazing weekend filled with

groundbreaking discoveries fresh

prospects motivational news and

increased prosperous accomplishments how

to alleviate your current suffering make

up for what you’ve lost and bestow upon

you an abundance of money God’s Mercy is

sufficient to cover every error every

setback is followed by recovery every

setback is followed by an amazing

comeback and every loss is followed by a

new beginning prepare yourself for an

incredible downpour of God’s favor that

will take your breath away there will be

an abundance of gifts this week beyond

measure so remain firmly planted in his

presence and obediently follow his

Direction enter before the end of

this month God will give you a cause for

celebration you’ll be healed your

financial situation will improve and

miracles will occur just when you need

them your going to receive blessings

soon input to validate God assures

you that he will make you happy again

the prayers you have offered to him are

currently being answered by him

will see amazing developments

breakthroughs and miracles I Proclaim

that this is the ideal moment for you to

take action and seize New Opportunities

I choose to believe that I am blessed in

accordance with your abundant riches and

Glory today in the name of Jesus God

please take away all fear and anxiety

encourage those who are exhausted by

sending them a sign to let them know you

are still there remember that God is

bigger than any challenges you may

encounter this weekend

put more faith in his power than

in your own give your worries doubts and

fears to God if you ever feel

overwhelmed he is more than capable of

managing them input in case you

agree according to Lord Jesus it will

enable you to shine like a light and

give you hope for a prosperous future

that will benefit those around you as

you walk this path it will draw you

nearer to me and honor my name I have

the power to drastically alter your

circumstances so that you will no longer

struggle with money and will instead

enjoy plenty and wealth give up your

anxieties and problems because I will

replace them with wealth and joy enter

in case you agree the Lord

announces that although you might have

gone through financial hardships or even

lost money you can be assured that every

penny you spent will be doubled back to

you not only will your business career

or employment succeed but your financial

status will also significantly improve

I’ll give you access to unrestricted

opportunities you will receive what your

heart truly desires my loved ones it’s

time to make some exciting plans they

could involve the successful ful

marriage your dream job or a

groundbreaking invention there is going

to be a lot of change over the next

days so get ready for it the immense

love and power that come from the Divine

will Astound you remember that despite

all of the blessings breakthroughs and

miracles your relationship with my son

Jesus is the most important one you can

have he is your friend your Redeemer and

your savior he will mend your Brokenness

and provide consolation when things are

hard if you put your trust in him he

will always come through for you even in

the darkest hours of the night God

promises to bless you and your family

with prosperity prosperity and good

health today all you need to do is trust

that I won’t abandon you and have faith

in my plan for you in the coming week

incredible news significant advancements

and a host of other advantages will be

made public I will command the sky to

open and send rain in order to bless

your land and the work you do you’ll be

happier and achieve more success at work

and in your relationships again I’ll be

by your side every step of the way so

look forward to and joyfully embrace the

journey ahead no matter how hard the

adversary tries to harm you nothing can

forward God’s magnificent plans for your

life he will do for you what you are

unable to do for yourself he will bring

breakthroughs freedom and healing into

your life God will restore your

relationships body and mind and make

your life better than you could have

ever dreamed possible you’re going to

enjoy the rest of this week to the

fullest hear this God is sending you

health healing prosperity and blessings

press to get it people may have said

you wouldn’t succeed or that you don’t

deserve good things but God tells you

that however I can guarantee you that

progress and advantages come solely from

God have faith that God won’t let you

down because no one can take away what

he has promised never forget that God is

stronger and greater than anything you

face this weekend rely on his strength

and give him all of your worries doubts

and fears he is keeping you safe this

weekend great things to look forward to

include God’s favor growth New

Beginnings productivity and positivity

there will be lots of breakthrough

Fresh Starts and restoration while the

hard times come to an end happiness

endures forever even better news God

will meet your financial needs by

restoring what you’ve lost and relieving

your pain he will also meet your

physical needs there are plenty of

blessings and favors in front of you

enter the Savior Jesus simply you’re

going to have a week full of important

developments news Better Health

financial growth and success Jesus says

always remember what the Bible says seek

first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things shall

be added unto you this is the moment for

you to change as a result set aside your

worries and express them to God remember

to let him know what you need and how

much you appreciate all that he has done

for you he is listening to you and he is

prepared to heal you as the Bible States

whatever you ask for in prayer believe

that you have received it and it will be

yours believe that your prayers are

heard what then do you know God says

that he will heal you because yes I have

heard your cry and seen your tears God

will make you happy out of your

suffering he will specifically open

doors and create opportunities for you

there are wonderful things in store for

you and your family that you can’t even

begin to imagine I promise you that you

will pay off off your debt leave

unhealthy relationships get that job get

that acceptance letter to your ideal

School get that promotion and get this

incredible opportunity even when it

seems impossible God will make a way for

you maintain a strong faith in order to

get ready for the gifts that are going

to pour into your life God will bring

everything in your life to a close God

is with you and the weight will turn

into amazing experiences for you you’ll

experience a fresh uplifting song from

God in your heart despite their presence

you will be amazed by his love and

favor during this season your petitions

will be granted and happiness will

replace Tears In Your Eyes in there

will be a ton of changes inventions and

Marvels prepare yourself for

opportunities and Fresh Starts when

you’re ready type

the Lord promises that things will

get better for you you shortly both your

health and wealth will improve wonders

and blessings will soon arrive at your

doorstep those difficult assignments

difficult times and sleepless nights

will pass you will receive love

prosperity and everything else for which

you have prayed and looked forward to

you will have reason to celebrate when

God opens Windows into heaven blessings

Prosperity healing and miracles are

coming your way before the end of the

month your pain will be trans formed

into Power your anxieties into

understanding and your obstacles into

persistence even the evil that the enemy

does will be used by God for good this

weekend will change everything it will

be filled with accomplishments

opportunities good news Health

improvements and money gains this is the

moment for you to change we are blessed

with a day full of great advancements

expansion and output

a a special blessing may

particularly be on the way it’s on its

way to your door all you have to do is

accept it and Trust in the name of Jesus

I announce that you are strong and

powerful and that you are having a long

busy and fruitful life type

to receive it you will complete all

that God has asked you to do the Lord

promises The Best Is Yet To Come so keep

on to your optimism believing that you

are obtaining tremendous economic

returns money will certainly make its

way into your life to of your

outstanding Destiny even working for it

won’t be necessary God promises that you

would guard me with Divine protection

and provide for me in amazing ways today

he has boundless power and is able to

accomplish anything never forget that

God is a god of love Grace and kindness

he will always be by your side and adore

you wholeheartedly keep praying

repeating his words with assurance and

retaining a firm Faith you will

experience surprising miracles in your

life as his cherished children God will

provide for your financial requirements

cure your shattered heart protect your

family and supply for all of your other

needs accept the season of achievement

and financial Independence that has been

bestowed to you you’re going to enjoy a

terrific month in the following weeks

I’ll make your Tale one of prosperity

happiness and healing I’ll assist in

rebuilding your finances and

relationships in the coming days

I will restore your Vitality

tranquility and enthusiasm so you can

have a full and satisfying life I am a

God who provides for all of your needs

and I’m going to fling open the heavens

so that you might receive blessings type

if you believe may the Lord hear

your request and protect you from harm

in trying times

God’s anger should re on your enemies

but let the blood of Jesus cover all

that concerns you I beg this in the name

of Jesus by subscribing to our Channel

and contemplating a donation through

super thanks you can show your support

for what we do thank



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