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today God is talking to

you I want you breathe deeply life can

be nice but it can also be

hard I want you to thank me when things

are good and bad because I’m always with

you remember I am the reason for all

good things and I’ve kept you safe

before I’m still the same God W will

keep blessing

you I see you working hard in what you

do keep going even if you feel alone or

worried sometimes those feelings are

okay but don’t fully trust them because

you’re not alone and everything will get

better I’ve ass said bigger challenges

than any you’ll face and I’ll always be

there you’re alive for a reason you’re

me child and you mean a lot to me if you

need help ask and now better always

patient know that you’re loved and even

proud of you your prayers will be

answered because I can do amazing

things you’ll have hard times but with

you can get through them even when

you feel far away or mad at me remember


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