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what message is God giving you today the

most unexpected blessing of your life is

going to come your way you’re going to

discover why your soul needed to develop

all that endurance humility and Faith

The Uncommon unmatched Enchantment of a

miracle is going to be revealed to you

just watch nothing will be the same

again anytime soon your path is going to

shift for the good of your journey

you’re going to experience the most

significant and satisfying benefits of

your recent Improvement

keep an eye on things

Joy love and Tranquility are going

to descend having said that the upcoming

days will be incredible anticipate

advancements in your professional life

spirituality and interpersonal

relationships you are calling in wealth

sincere connections recovery good health

and your soul family you’re becoming

more resilient mentally and spiritually

discover your inner strength and

acknowledge that everything that has

transpired has been for your advantage

you’re Fierce and Unstoppable what

message is God giving you today it’s my

War not yours keep in mind that your

strength comes from me whenever you feel

like giving up and you are unable to

recover challenge yourself not to give

up I have amazing plans for you for you

the current month will be a really

special month I am confident I will

achieve my goals this month and make

outstanding progress every day that goes

by a new obstacle will be removed making

your path clearer and clearer you will

experience something in current month

God wants you to understand the

following eight things this month one

everything is going to go smoothly today

two there will be healing in the

acknowledgement and fulfillment of

prayers three opportunities are going to

start to arise this date is going going

to be crucial four I declare that

everything you have prayed for is going

to arrive God will give you the keys so

prepare and start packing five today I

promise you will not worry about things

that are beyond your control God will

always be God and everything will be

taken care of people will be people and

jobs will be jobs six you are being

protected by God in the background so

get ready to receive some good news news

today seven the gift you will receive

will amaz you you haven’t even knocked

on the door yet God is going to open it

for you eight prepare for the

festivities God has already prepared

your spectacular return in the name of

Jesus God knows how far you want to go

you can put your trust in him click yes

if you need it to trust God he will get

you through this difficult time he will

mend whatever is damaged you may rest in

him there won’t be any problems

your path will encounter some sort

of event the difficulties you are

currently encountering are soon to end

unexpected benefits and opportunities

will come flooding in to clear your path

you should have patience and faith in

God’s grace because it will happen have

faith in the universe the wait is over

it’s going to be an incredible

experience for you as you raise your

vibration blessings will find you your

blessings are on their way prepared to

go say yes to indicate that you are

ready wait and you will understand why

God made you wait it is Beyond Your

Capacity to pray or even imagine what

God is doing you’re about to receive

some really positive news it’s all good

the news the times the connections the

health the benefits flame it right away

you using the knowledge at your

disposal you’re trying your hardest be

kind loving and tolerant to yourself

today the ability to accept a better

version of yourself while practicing

self-compassion to let go of things that

no longer serve you the will to follow

the path that will lead to your ideal

level of success and the confidence to

believe that you deserve what is Right

rather than what is left you have to

have confidence in your ability to make

changes in your life and believe in

yourself it is in your power to do this


if you needed this

greater people find you when you

Embrace who you are you may communicate

to the universe that you deserve the

best by taking care of yourself the

first step in anything is your view of

yourself have a feeling of respect

dignity and value think of oneself as

worthy of the best your aims will be

accomplished type yes to claim it

you are going to see a mind-blowing

transformation in your story all of your

effort and commitment to being the best

version of yourself will pay off this

next Discovery will show you just how

skillfully your trip has been planned at

this point your magic will rise

three-fold since this time won’t last

long take a moment to enjoy it type

if you believe in God this month God

is going to accomplish something very

spectacular in your life I have no idea

what you have been praying for or what

has left your pillows sopping wet but I

am here to tell you that God has heard

your prayers today you’re about to see

Miracles deco’s angels have been sent I

declare you will surprise the doctors

your health will improve and you will

get a job it’s your responsibility to

speak and perform as though it will

actually occur walk by faith not by

sight God is saying to you today you are

about to be moving into your destiny by

a transformation that is coming your

road will be filled with blessings a

double dose of good fortune and favor

will be released into your life by me I

have a blessing for you in spite of

everything you may have gone through in

terms of difficulties hardships pain and


God will make you known to the

right people you will be able to access

access doors that you previously unable

to open you are going to achieve Greater

Heights than you could have ever

imagined soar above the sky and totally

embrace your destiny once you’re

prepared type in the name of Jesus

Amen I declare that God will surprise us

in the current and the next month with

great blessings significant victories

and surprises like this video If you

believe in God by the end of this year

you’re going to experience in incredible

success in every area of your life watch

how fast things shift for you there will

be enough to be happy about to confirm

you are feeling better right now I

declare that God is healing your body

right now you’ll make more money we are

taking note of your requests both your

company and career will expand your

debts will be discharged nothing will

succeed in its attempt to harm you

a miracle in your honor is going to

happen this is beyond the power of man

yet God can do all things and something

truly incredible is about to happen

nobody will be able to dispute God’s

impact in your life after you’ve gone

through this if you would like type

your prayers will be answered here

and you’ll also receive benefits and

strengthen your

discernment Embrace this moment fully

and wait patiently for the things you

most desire desire if it’s something

that God wants you to have he’ll give it

to you your guards are asking you to

accept this shift and make the necessary

adjustments may you have faith that you

have a place at the table of grace even

in the times when you don’t feel like

you belong aren’t good enough or aren’t

successful recall that you are sitting

with Christ because he already won the

victory on your behalf get enough sleep

tonight type to submit a claim God

is telling you that right now all

barriers and strongholds are being

removed to further Propel your ambition

and growth you’ll see blessings and

miracles in your life and your hopes and

aspirations will all be realized if you

believe in God type

your tale has already been written

the material for your final scene has

been shot you will succeed in the end

not fail God has not forgotten you you

will overcome every setback and

difficult situation you face even though

you have been struggling with that issue

for a long time prepare yourself for

progress and healing position yourself

for victories perhaps things will

improve today things might change

suddenly God wants people to notice how

beautiful you are to think of you

specifically he wants you to be so

fortunate that people notice his

generosity in you so please don’t give

up you will receive blessings and favor

if you pray believe and share his word

the cosmos is urging you to move and get

up don’t just watch the time pass by

just sitting around there is always

power in the present moment have faith

that the work you put in today will pay

off later in life

God is still working with you your

later years will be better than your

earlier ones you can trust me you are

not at the beginning right now God is

going to transport you to an other realm

remind yourself that where you begin is

not where you will end up so don’t allow

your present situation to motivate you

this level of beauty that you have just

encountered is but a taste of what is to

come as you approach your latter years

remember that things will only get

better if you persist have faith in the

invisible since it is by faith that

healings and entrances into closed doors

occur I will reveal to you signs and

messages that are meant only for you

when you approach me with an open heart

and mind blessed are those who have not

seen and yet have believed according to

what Jesus taught I am writing to you

with encouragement and wonderful news my

darling kid I want you to know that you

have my undivided attention and that I

am available to give you the guidance

and understanding you require I

recognize that you may be looking for a

sign from God a specific indication of

what is to come to affirm type I am

taking back my power have faith in the

Divine wisdom and timing I have provided

understanding that everything is taking

place for a greater good affirmations

are a powerful tool that you can use to

align your ideas and beliefs with the

future you want and to strengthen your

relationship with me say this with

conviction allowing it to reverberate

throughout your being additionally it’s

important to remember that Celestial

signs May manifest in strange ways great

gestures may have hidden meanings I

believe that Divine love is directing

and safeguarding me so I can let go of

my fears and anxiety I believe that God

is orchestrating my life and I’m ready

to obey Heaven’s instructions and

suggestions I believe that the future

holds opportunities and rewards for me

trust the people who are really present

in your life but remain receptive to new

clues that come your way as a regular

reminder to yourself that you trust

God’s plan repeat these affirmations to

yourself remember my child that I am

your source of strength guide and

inspiration at all times if you seek me

out in prayer and meditation in peaceful

and quiet meditation I will reveal the

messages and signs that are intended for

you place your trust in my guidance and

the future I have planned for you enter

if you believe in God

hold on to the belief that

everything happens for a reason and that

in the end everyone will gain from the

revelation of everything hidden it’s

time for you to gather yourselves assess

the situation and rejuvenate yourself

you’re about to go on an incredible

journey and to make the most of it you

must reach your full potential if you

believe in God type

this month get ready for a huge

financial miracle that will bring you

Prosperity Health pleasure and happiness

your fight matters if you watch the

entire video well done if you’re having

trouble achieving your Vision or Dream

It’s still alive because of the struggle

but there’s hope even if you’ve given up

establish a connection with the God who

created called and saved you asking for

help from your creator will help you

accept the challenge alter your inner

conflict and enter achievement if you

concur leave a how men remark you are

aware that life is hard and will

eventually break you but I assure you

that the god you serve is bigger than

any challenges you may encounter you

worship a God who will give you the

strength to overcome the obstacles in

life God will put you in circumstances

that will enable you to overcome these

challenges and accomplish your

objectives so you won’t need to struggle

beg or borrow a situation in which you

don’t have to my dear child today I want

to speak a powerful word straight into

your heart from God are you ready to

receive his boundless blessings yes yes

you read that right God is getting ready

to carry out a magnificent Act of Grace

and goodness in your life if you are

willing to accept God’s promises please

take a moment to click yes to show your

trust in him God has told you that

throughout the next days you will

receive extraordinary blessings unlocked

doors and favor like you have never

known you have been longing to enter

these doors and God is going to open

them for you you’ll soon find your

entire existence completely upside down

and you’ll see miracles happen would you

please begin right away if you watch the

entire video Miracles can happen to you

nothing in this world can match the love

you have for your children Heavenly

Father we would be appreciative of your

help in keeping a daily record of all

the favors you have shown us your

generosity and elegance are boundless

you will see God’s hand at work in every

area of your life when you place your

faith in him and give him Authority

always keep in mind May the god of Hope

fill you as you place your trust in him

with his joy and and peace so that

through the power of the Holy Spirit

your hope will overflow into plenty the

Lord says that even when it seems

impossible to discover a solution he

will provide one please like and share

this video If you believe in God you

will have improved heightened renewed

and positive feelings God will will take

care of all of them for you your

financial spiritual and emotional

situations will completely change in a

little over a month if you keep praying

and believing you will see incredible

transformations in your life so keep

trying I will be at your side when you

cross oceans and rivers will not sweep

you away as you cross them I’ll be there

with you you won’t be burned when you

walk over the flames and you also won’t

catch fire since the Flames can’t get to

you Jesus promises that you will

experience unimaginable blessings an

abundance of love and Wealth Beyond Your

Wildest expectations in the following

year Jesus is going to put an end to

your self-pity and tears you have the

opportunity to enjoy absolute peace of

mind and long lasting benefits right now

you have been assigned Guardian Angels

holy people in heaven are praying for

you and the Lord is acting on your

behalf type if you believe that God

is favoring you and you’re going to have

a fantastic Week full with benefits I’m

changing the situation so that it works

better for you prayers will be answered

doors will open new relationships will

be made goals will be accomplished and

new possibilities will arise God has

promised to take away all that has

caused you pain throughout the years and

to replace it with happiness love

laughter and a host of other blessings

the energy of healing and repair is

starting to flow you are about to enter

the most prosperous and fruitful periods

of your life the love of God shown in

the person of Jesus Christ Our Lord

cannot be contained within anything in

all of creation not even the enormous

stretches of time and space the universe

is going to give you a tremendous

blessing tomorrow that will change your

life forever you’re going to experience

a positive event that will completely

change your life life get ready to

accept it with gratitude and Faith click

yes to acknowledge this kindness the

time and possibilities that were lost

are being restored through the

Providence of God amazing things are

probably going to happen in your house

tonight God pledges to work a miracle in

your life that will shock your

adversaries and append the entire world

he continues I am going to do something

so big in your life that it will shock

your enemies and rock your world I

sincerely want to help you therefore I

implore you to pray to me even when it

seems there is no way out of the

situation always remember that I am the

god of all solutions God declares that

he has no desire to see you suffer in

any way therefore remember that no

matter how dire the situation the Lord

your God is the one who goes with you to

fight for you against your enemies to

give you Victory spend time in prayer

till things improve never give up

because everyday miracles happen God has

the power to instantly and dramatically

change the path of your life dear God I

really pray that you will guide me in

saying the appropriate things at the

right times so that I might have a happy

and meaningful Life by you’ll show

that everything is possible with God’s

grace including performing Miracles and

that you may Inspire others by setting a

positive example type if you believe

in God and it is said God says have I

not commanded you keep your courage and

fortitude at all

times even if you haven’t entered the

room yet your name has already been

mentioned there you will experience

something exceptional as a result of

God’s action the Lord promises you that

your pain will finish your tears will

stop and fresh chances will come your

way you are going to go through a

massive miracle that will remove all of

your financial stress

Humanity has heard from the universe

saying my child you worry too much

remember there is nothing I cannot

handle successfully your path is divine

Harmony and Nature’s forces are working

in your favor continue on your journey

stay loyal to who you really are and let

your light shine brightly for everyone

to see I’m back to impart inspirational

and hopeful thoughts gleaned from the

depths of God’s love for you let these

teachings fill you with strength hope

and spiritual guidance as you let them

seep into your heart God wants you to

know that today will bring about

everything for which you have prayed so

earnestly you are being blessed with

abundance excellent health love and

inner Tranquility if you want to accept

this as true and allow it to ignite a

fire of trust within of you then say yes

with assurance and confidence that God

is accomplishing his promises in your

life the cosmos is sending you this

enormous amount of Happiness give this

present your all it’s much more than you

could have asked for you have come this

far via your unwavering Faith persistent

efforts and hard work as long as you

remain in God’s presence his timing is

perfect he is arranging everything so

that your soul will benefit from the

incredible things happening right before

your eyes do you see the evidence of his

majesty small adjustments in your

circumstances Heavenly experiences and

synchronicities are indications of

amazing things to come in your life

additionally never forget that God never

changes in terms of his love or presence

you are never really alone even when it

seems like everything is against you or

that you are all alone the all powerful

one who made the earth and the skies is

still with you providing steadfast

dedication and focus that is flexible in

the face of Temptation Divergent and

difficulty the way you should go has

already been made apparent by God and it

will be a worthwhile one Angelic numbers


are important Celestial indicators

as you go out on your path of

transformation they act as beneficial

reminders to speak your mind and express

your feelings these figures highlight

the growth of your body mind and soul

they also act as visual indicators that

you are moving in the correct way and

that the universe is rooting for you get

ready for an abundance of good things in

the upcoming months in this and the

coming month there will be Miracles

Prosperity economic expansion New

Opportunities and great happiness these

are crucial months in your life so

embrace them with an open heart and

thankfulness say Amen accept

responsibility for these gifts and Trust

the God will work everything out in good

time recall that you are God’s beloved

child your journey is distinct and you

are worth more than you may ever realize

never give up hope no matter how

difficult things seem for you

acknowledge your own power have faith in

the process and have faith that the

universe is working behind the scenes to

help you accomplish your goals I pray

that you would Embrace every day with an

attitude of thankfulness and a

determination to not let your circum

cumstances to find who you are recognize

your strength and let it shine through

so that everyone may see it you are

loved supported and treasured by the

almighty recognize that Miracles are

occurring in your life have trust in the

process and believe in yourself type

amen if you believe in


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