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God Message Today: MY Last Attempt To… | God Says | God Message For You | God Message For Me

God is telling you today my dear child

get ready for some amazing things that

are going to happen to you over the next

few days get ready for startling

Revelations incredibly thrilling updates

and Monumental triumphs these amazing

gifts are for the whole family in

addition to yourself you have been

bestowed with many benefits my dear

child including success prosperity and

excellent Health you have the power to

permanently raise your family’s standard

of living

imagine overcoming obstacles to

accomplish amazing wins and changing

from Good Times to extremely happy ones

if you believe in God please like this

video and tell seven other people about

it so they too might experience Miracles

and benefits you are standing on the

precipice of a momentous event that will

change your life very soon you’re going

to start enjoying tremendous wealth

great health and general success you

will be rich beyond your wild dreams and

money will come to you like honey

whether you believe it or not type –

if you think so before this weekend you

can look forward to some amazing

surprises in your work finances health

and interpersonal relationships tomorrow

is a day that extraordinary things are

going to happen not just another

ordinary day we’re talking about

incredible Miracles happening to you

advancements knocking on your door and

your Destiny coming to pass hold on to

your hat for everything fantastic that

you have been wishing and praying for is

going to happen true love prosperity and

good health are on the horizon for you

please watch this video through to the

very end get ready for an incredible

surge of possibilities victories and

accomplishments in your life type

when you’re prepared never give up

because I’ll find away even if it seems

impossible you are going to get well

grow stronger be braver and have faith

you’re going to go from feeling

overwhelmed to being surrounded by good

fortune wonders and Joy Soon your Lord

God is currently working on transforming

your life he wants to make your frowns

disappear your failures become

incredible victories and your empty

wallet becomes stuffed full God sees

your tears hears your prayers and will

be there for you in trying times he’ll

see to it that all of your needs are met

on schedule whether you like it or not

this is your chance to shine no more

challenging losses debts or failures a

new era is upon you one in which

blessings abound Serenity lasts forever

and prayers are answered imagine that

this year will be a unique year for you

and your family filled with healing

blessings and miracles the extraordinary

happenings that are about to crash into

your life like a freak train can never

be stopped type if you’re sure my

sweetheart I’m here to help you get well

if you’re sick or in agony I’m fully

committed to financial matters in

addition to giving you more than you

need I want to provide you with many

opportunities for a better life

everything about you is about to change

and improve Mind Body Spirit emotions

and pocketbook included in addition to

the promotions freedom and healing I

have previously planned I have a surpr R

in store for you I’m going to open doors

for you that have been closed for far

too long you’ll begin to experience

extraordinary miracles in your life

suddenly God’s healing touch is mending

your money and relationship problems

when you’re ready Ty with God’s grace

we sincerely hope and pray that this

year would bring with it even more

blessings fresh opportunities and Better

Health now is the perfect moment for you

to begin leading a successful contented

and joyful life money will come to you

easily and abundantly much like water

from a spring you won’t enter the next

one in the same manner as you did this

one peace fortitude blessings power and

goodness will envelop you God is

rearranging your circumstances he will

soon relieve your pain and bring you and

your loved ones Comfort there’s going to

be a miracle before the night is through

that will change your life forever

imagine yourself wealthy in fantastic

relationships and at ease all the time

you are about to embark on a truly

amazing journey into a new period filled

with freedom success and Endless

Possibilities I’m here to provide you

opportunities you never would have

imagined having along with healing love

improved Financial circumstances and a

full recovery everything that has been

holding you back such money problems or

physical health issues is being released

today imagine your anguish going away

your tears of sadness becoming happy

ones and all those hard things turning

into an abundance of pleasant things if

you would only confess that Jesus is

your lord and that you truly believe

that God raised him from the grave your

way to Salvation will become evident

imagine this year as a magnificent work

of art full of surprises where you are

bestowed with strong bodies new

opportunities and an abundance of

amazing things that will wow you

envision possessing an abundant amount

of cash in a piggy bank get ready for

something really awesome when this year

goes on I have a plan to make your

relationships money and health better

imagine all the pain stress and

adversity turning into happiness

contentment and having more than you

need I want you to know that I

understand your pain when you’re sick or

tired trust in The Amazing potential of

healing picture my love enveloping you

and a cozy hug giving you more self

assurance and empowering you to conquer

challenges know that you are never alone

and that I adore you you can utilize

this succinct statement with confidence

today I’m feeling better getting a ton

of love and good things that I totally

deserve type in

if you’re sure my family will

prosper because of my unwavering faith

and enjoyable surprise es will

materialize when I need them a great

week is ahead of you filled with

exciting news and opportunities Envision

possessing everything your desires

affection wealth and Sound Health all

due to me you are going to experience

wonderful things so stay open-minded I’m

here to protect you your family your

finances your time your health and

everything else that matters I will

stand up for you I am the incredibly

magnificent all powerful God who

validates you gives you amazing gifts

and showers you with blessings it’s like

having a wonderful life on Earth and

amassing wealth in a fanciful realm

Called Paradise when you give yourself

to me I give God my deepest gratitude

for this new day and for life itself I

promise not to lose sight of how special

today is please remind me of the amazing

journey that is your design for my life

Envision a world in which God is active

in all aspects of your life including

your finances Faith Family Home and

health there you have it then take a

time to reflect on all these amazing

things that are heading your way it is

like a loving Melody that the Universe

has composed my lovely child I am in the

business of creating magic so listen

carefully imagine me as an unseen

magician at work can make your empty

Pockets seem like treasure troves and

your frowns into grins recall an old

book that told the tale of very ill

patients who with help made a full

recovery out of all of them just one

expressed gratitude but guess what that

person improved even more saying thank

you seems to enable even greater things

type I am grateful for this wonderful

life father like a friend offering help

when you’re in a rough situation I want

you to believe in me when things in your

life are tough consider me your

unwavering guide Dependable counselor

ferocious protector and loving mom you

are not going this trip alone we are

grateful to you God for giving us this

new month make sure our loved ones are

safe by keeping a watch on them kindly

bestow upon us excellent Health an

abundance of blessings and the strength

to endure hardship please eliminate our

worries and anxieties and instill in US

the constant need to have faith in you

thank you for taking the time to listen

to us and for blessing us he serves as a

lighthouse guiding you toward a

prosperous future you are going to go

through some really incredible

experiences before this weekend if you

have faith in God and his intentions

nothing can stand in your way Envision

receiving your money return times not

just once the excitement the

anticipation the sheer Wonder of what

lies ahead

as though a show featuring you and the

incredible Adventure you are on is about

to open perched on the brink of a grand

stage you’re ready to take center stage

and shine like the Superstar you were

destined to be prepare yourself for

something amazing and let your heart to

open up think of your life as a puzzle

with all the pieces fitting together

perfectly prepare yourself for a

transformation that will leave you

asking are you ready for this from your

job to your health and everything

everything in between if you’re ready

type eight there will be joy and love

for your loved ones your family and

friends see these gifts as enormous

waves that will drastically change your

life imagine having a day full of smile

inducing surprises when you wake up

tomorrow a year ahead of us all right

now picture a gift box filled to the

full with wealth happiness and laughter

imagine yourself opening it with

excitement and finding your name there

like Limitless presence from God from

the universe Prosperity affection and

Recovery imagine having to wait in line

for a life-changing Miracle let’s

declare it together the hard times are

over imagine that your financial account

is increasing together with your health

picture yourself being surrounded by

money relationships that have been

healed and healing imagine being

happiest at your highest point you might

have run run into money problems

consider getting paid interest for each

dollar you spend consider giving your

finances relationships and help a

thorough makeover take up the attitude

that God is all about forgiveness and

Second Chances if you’re willing to

trust and let go see your life getting

better over time envision your anguish

turning into achievement much to a

caterpillar transforming into a

butterfly I have wonderful news for you

from God the year you start acting

differently is this year if you believe

in God type

remember that when you pray in the

name of Jesus you are essentially

communicating with God himself as though

you were requesting his intentions to be

fulfilled think about this proverb I am

the one who revives life even in the

most dire circumstances if you believe

in me you will never really be gone

remember that you are never alone like a

super superhero sidekick the holy spirit

is constantly there to support encourage

and be your buddy imagine all the

negative things going away to make room

for wealth and love get ready for a big

helping of Happiness think about this

having a close relationship with Jesus

is like having the best buddy you’ve

ever had he will assist you in healing

when you are injured think about

miracles for a moment sometimes only God

can perform the impossible assum for the

moment that God is active in all aspects

of your life including your finances

house family health and Faith you are

now aware of the events for a brief

while picture yourself experiencing all

of these amazing things it sounds like a

masterfully composed Symphony from the

universe God says believe me trust me

and prepare yourself for the blessings

that will soon be yours I’m here to

guide every action you take because of

of my amazing strength your

relationships are about to experience

love understanding and happiness

furthermore I have influence over all

facets of your life not only those

involving money this includes your

interpersonal connections and physical

well-being just remember that I’m always

available to you I’m here to support you

in your moments of joy and to lift your

spirits in your moments of Sorrow I

simply want you to know how much you

mean to me and how hard I’m trying to

fill your life with amazing surprises

people might have issues but I’m strong

enough to deal with everything I have

advice for you as well and it is so true

Jesus once uttered I’m here to alter

your life to take you from having

insufficient resources to having far

more than you need and to turn your bad

times into Happy ones consequently don’t

worry nothing you face is as strong as

me I’m fighting your Wars with all of my

might if you are tired of feeling

hopeless and miserable just come to me I

will take away all of your pain worry

and problems instead I’m here to bring

you fulfillment health and peace of mind

believe me when I say that I’m the

greatest backdrop magician the main

purpose is to make you laugh at the

things that have been taken from you and

I’m constantly working on performing

Miracles that are perfect for you you’re

going to have greater tranquility and

success if you believe in God type

your bank account is set to overflow

with more money than you may ever

conceive and those invoices are taken as

fully and promptly paid I’m working on

the Miracle you’ve been praying for

tonight as you sleep I have so many

blessings for you my darling child along

with my special Grace and a ton of love

I’m always keeping an eye on you get

ready for a major change in your life

more wonderfully than you can realize

your relationships income job and health

are all undergoing a makeover remember

that I sent some angels to watch over

you and take care of all the debts and

debt you’re worried about they always

watch over your family so you don’t need

to be worried because you’re not alone

they’re completely safe my angels keep

an eye on everything to make sure

nothing is a Miss as we start this

season of Wonder let’s say a little

prayer together for you you asking for

some incredible blessings dear heavenly

father we humbly ask for your shield and

guidance we believe that good things are

going to come our way which is why we

place our faith in you Ammon this week

is going to be very critical for you my

child get ready for a lifetime of

blessings and success one Miracle after

another if you give your food and drink

some love and praise the Lord your God

will undoubtedly bless them addition

Ally if you are grateful for what you

already have bided you to illness and

get ready for even more positive things

to come your way I sincerely believe

that you should receive blessings till

you are entirely covered in return you

will always be loved forever I love you

despite all of your imperfections

remember always that I am your Creator

and Lord and that I will watch over you

until the very end my darling child you

never have to travel through life alone

I want you to remember it at all times

I’ll be right here by your side ready to

guide you and keep you safe even when

things go tough I like to think of

myself as your strongest Ally and the

person who can enable you to fulfill

your potential if you considered

yourself my beloved kid and accepted me

as your leader it would be like joining

a royal family you will inherit all that

Christ mentioned as being excellent

speaking up with a strong voice let’s

declare today is the day I embrace

healing Endless Love and all the good

things I so richly deserve because of my

confidence in God my family will heal

and amazing Miracles will occur right

when I need them all of this instead of

Jesus I intend to assist you in ways

that you may not even believe are

feasible Joy well-being and everything

else you could ask for will pour into

your life type grateful to God for all


a plethora of blessings are on their way

to you so prepare yourself for them

numerous favors excellent health and

other favorable things are in store for

you if you hold fast to your faith you

will encounter something genuinely

remarkable a blessing that is unmatched

I can assure you that seemingly

overnight Miracles and healings will

start to happen in your life doors that

had been securely closed will now spring

open for you imagine that I am sent

sending a gentle comforting light

throughout your home be ready to receive

sporadic calls and messages throughout

the day from people offering support and

advice including cash assistance

everything that the hard times have

taken from you Serenity prosperity and

joy should return to you now your

direction and God will both come back to

you when you’re with me hope should

always be present because of Jesus I

feel like a new person since I am a god

of love and tenderness you can join me

in saying God Is providing for me in

absolutely miraculous ways so I’m not

alone rest assured my dear friend that I

will always be there for you no matter

what you are one of my cherished unique

children keep saying what I have to say

pray for me and have faith you’re going

to experience some incredibly incredible

Miracles I promise to look after your

financial needs consult P your hurt

feelings look after your family and make

today really special and important for

you my dear kid prepare for the return

of your loved ones relationships health

and Financial Security to make this the

best year yet for you let’s free

anything negative from its hold both

your financial status and your health

will get better I’ve supported you

through all the tough times and will now

keep you and your family blessed and

safe with my divine healing your body

will return to its optimal state by

putting your trust in me get ready for

your life to be filled with numerous

miricles and now for a wish may your

bank account grow and prosper Beyond

Your Wildest expectations imagine being

able to pay off all of your debts well

ahead of the due date this is the season

of achievement and Financial Freedom

that you so richly deserve you’re going

to have the most incredible upcoming

month you won’t believe it I’m going to

turn your story into one of Happiness

success and healing in the upcoming days

I’m going to help you feel better

improve your relationships and take back

control of your finances regardless of

the challenging issues you’ve been

facing with your body or heart I am here

to heal you like a super doctor

you’re starting to feel excited

calm and confident again get ready to

have a happy life because my dear child

I’ve taken care of all your requirements

get ready for I’m going to shower you

with gifts from above my darling do you

feel prepared when you’re ready type

remember that I’m here for you

during good times and bad I’m not simply

there for you when things go wrong in

your moments of hurt or sadness I’m here

to support you sooe you and give you

courage I’m not here to be harsh or to

pass judgment but I do believe that

kindness is more important than

punishment I’m here to show you love

instead I created the sky the Earth the

Seas the mountains the Sun and all those

dazzling Stars you were also made by me

never allow fear or anxiety to overtake

you remember that the wonderful God who

is the creator of infinite wonders is

always with you wherever you go in the

name of Jesus I ask for your blessings


and bravery today oh Lord guide and

uplift me and improve my life the angels

are informing you that someone will tell

others how you are the reason they have

all they require to live a happy and

fulfilling life they find falling in

love with you to be the most amazing

thing imaginable and they are utterly

attracted to you type

if you believe in angels I’d want

to share with you a very exciting fact

Jesus will make all of Heaven’s lovely

benefits disappear from your life and

they will continue to pour out on you

until you receive them all God has made

up his mind whoever reads this will

become a millionaire within the next

months how wonderful of a surprise keep

in mind that I will answer your prayers

and show you some incredible things you

never would have believed were possible

it’s like going on a secret treasure

hunt when you walk with God these days

you could receive money in your home in

a matter of hours or even less you will

be beaming it may be late at night but

don’t fear I have a very unique miracle

in waiting for you that is obviously

meant to be for you even though you

might be asking for particular things

guess what God’s solution is greater and

more all-encompassing than yours he is

incredibly giving tomorrow morning

you’re going to experience an amazing

Miracle never fail to give thanks to God

for this wonderful day dear God I I want

to sincerely thank you for everything

that you have done for me you are really

very kind you’ll discover that you’re

drawing nearer to all the appropriate

things and people if you pray today like

a magic key to success in life prayer

works wonders father I want to express

my gratitude for always encouraging me

to set aside anything that stands in the

way of my goals and to strive toward

higher ones achievement in order to

confront my shortcomings I need your


I am confident that I can Triumph in the

name of Jesus with your help amen after

watching our entire video type Jesus Is

My Savior if you would want to help us

out please subscribe to our Channel and

send us a donation through super


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