God Message Today: Wake Up and Listen to His Call | Powerful Blessings


if you’re feeling lost or like you’re

not sure which way to go

when God wants to get our attention he

frequently uses signs and if we’re smart

we’ll heed those signs and take them to


this video is for you I’m going to share

with you some of the signs that God has

been sending me and how I’ve been

learning to listen to them I hope that

by sharing my story you’ll be encouraged

to pay attention to the signs in your

own life

let’s get started

God says trust in the Lord for he is in

control and will help you find strength

and Faith he knows the struggles you

have endured and the pain you have felt

but with him you can have hope for the


believe in him for he will never abandon


God says

we may become so entrenched in our

trials that we forget our faith in a

higher power

but God is always present watching over

us and our struggles when we focus on

him he can whisper to us words of

comfort and strength allow God to be

your companion through difficulty

and you will experience his Divine


God is saying to you today hear the Lord

Our God calling you his precious child

and reminding you of your inherent worth

for he has created You In His Image

deeming you valuable and full of


do not be discouraged by your flaws God

sees the good in you

Comet amen if you agree


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your



God says believing in yourself and

having faith in God’s strength your

sincerity your heart and your courage

will carry you to success

remember With God all things are

possible he can move even the highest

mountains so don’t give up on the

challenges you face have faith and trust

that you will prevail


God says believe in yourself and your


Every Day brings you one step closer to

achieving them

God says to you don’t let change just

come to you take action and face your

struggles Vanquish that fear stand up to

the discouragement and don’t let the

views of those trying to steer you away

from God steer you off your path

type yes to claim this

God says trust in God

and allow his grace to flow through you

hear the voice of encouragement strength

and faith that will show you that no

matter what is happening in your life it

is all part of his divine plan

God says no matter what others may think

of you or what you may think of yourself

you are exactly who God intended you to

be he has a special plan for your life

and everything that happens is part of

his Perfect Design

all you have to do is trust in him and

have faith that everything will work out

for the best

God wants you to hear this today trust

in the Lord and have faith that he will

leave us on our journey

though we may not be able to see it with

our physical eyes he has given us the

gift of life and we must not take it for


we all have a purpose and each one of us

is important and valuable

God says this month will be your best

month of the year

just believe in him

type I believe in God to affirm

God says feel empowered knowing that

your life has been given to you for a

reason God did not make a mistake when

he created you you are a work of art a

masterpiece crafted by the Divine

remember we all have an important

purpose to fulfill in this life


God says living in love is our highest

calling for when we do we tap into the

heart of God when we love without limit

without prejudice and without boundaries

we come to know the divine within us and

around us

God wants you to know this today it is a

way of life that benefits not only us

everyone with whom we come into contact

for when we love we bring peace

understanding and acceptance to the


let us love fiercely and living God for

it is the highest expression of our


God says as our ultimate source of love

God has commanded us to love one another

Jesus said

just as I have loved you you also must

love one another additionally his love

for us is so great that he extends it to

our neighbors and even those who oppose

us saying

type Amen to catch these fives

God says love your neighbor and hate

your enemy let us take these words to

heart and make loving one another our

highest priority


God has a message for you today

love those who oppose you and offer

prayerful blessings to those who seek to

do you harm

in so doing you will become true

children of your heavenly father he

brings the Sun and Rain to both the good

and the bad blessing all with his mercy


God says as you show love to those who

love you think of the reward you’ll

receive even Tax Collectors are doing it

so what more can you do to stand out why

not be the one to reach out to those

outside of your own Circle

oh God says why not be the one to strive

for Perfection just as your heavenly

father is perfect be bold and set an

example of kindness and love that will

be remembered

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

God says you are not reading this by


by displaying your love to those around

you you are providing them with a

tangible reminder of Christ’s love

when we accept God’s love we become

responsible for conveying it to others

God says

this is God’s Will and it is through his

love that we are able to show kindness

and compassion to everyone even those

who may be our enemies

let us strive to spread his love without

fail for it is our privilege and Duty as

God’s children


God says God’s love is a transformative

power when you share it with even those

you deem enemies they will witness the

profound effect it has this love will

touch their hearts and minds and by

experiencing it it will lead to a change

of heart ultimately enemies can become

friends through the power of God’s love

God is saying to you today spread your

kindness and compassion especially to

those who may not be friendly to you

God says are you ready to receive it

type Amen to receive it

God says let us be passionate about

loving God with all our hearts no matter

the circumstances we can show his love

to those around us and by doing so they

will feel the love of Christ

in our joy let us display our love for

God and in our sorrow let us still

express our devotion to him


God says be thankful to God for every

moment of every day

Praise Him in every phase of your life

and thank him when you rise each morning

appreciate the wonderful gifts he has

bestowed upon you and always strive to

live a life devoted to him and his


God says to you put God at the Forefront

of your life be mindful of your

decisions abstain from that which God

frowns upon and always strive to advance

his kingdom as his devoted child he has

vowed to love you forever

make God’s favor be upon you

God says are you ready

tight yes if you are ready


God says trust is the foundation of our

relationships allowing us to remain

connected even in the moments of waiting

and hoping it’s the response I seek for

my children and the reinforcement of

trust that provides us with a strong



God says waiting and hoping are merely

extensions of our foundational trust

forming an unbreakable chain between us


God wants you to hear this today

the trust that you have in me while I

work is a powerful Testament to how much

you believe in me when you say I trust

you with hopeful enthusiasm your words

are a beautiful reminder of the faith

you have in me seizing the opportunity

to remain hopeful in the here and now

will bring you great rewards

type thank you God if you believe

finally after watching this video till

the end I am filled with a sense of

understanding of God’s message for us

today don’t ignore his signs it’s an

important reminder that as individuals

we need to keep our eyes and ears open

for any signs from God

now is your time tell me in the comments

section of this video what God’s message

for you today has taught you don’t

ignore his signs take time to reflect on

what he is showing you and how it may be

leading you on A New Path

in the Bible God often Reveals His plans

and wisdom through signs whether it’s a

star in the sky a burning bush or a

whisper on the Wind

maybe you have seen something that you

thought was insignificant but that could

be the sign you need to pay attention to

maybe God is speaking to your heart

guiding you to make the right choices in

life don’t ignore the opportunity to

listen you might be surprised at what

you can learn and how

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


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