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God Message Today: You’ll Regret Ignoring This | God Says Today


if you could hear a message from God

today what do you think he would say

in this video I’m going to share with

you a powerful message that Jesus Christ

speaks to us today

he says don’t ignore this you’ll want to

hear this

let’s get started

God says today

believe wholeheartedly in the power of

your faith hope and patience and trust

in God for the manifestation of his

Divine plans you will never be in

despair if you stick with it

God says today

put your trust in the Lord and submit

your studies work and yourself to his

guidance he will grant you Abundant

Blessings In all you do and help you

live a life of Holiness

God’s message today the Lord’s works are

truly a sight to behold for they are

pure and righteous his mercy and Grace

in pardoning our sins are the most

remarkable of his works and should be

praised and celebrated in his honor

type thank you God if you believe

today God says giving thanks is an act

of true happiness for it allows us to

focus on the Lord and His blessings

rather than our worries

today God says having a strong trust in

the Lord is essential to living a

meaningful life his words are like a

compass that guide us and help us

maintain our faith

when you have such unshakable Faith no

matter the difficulties you may face

your spirit will remain unwavering

God’s message for you today

being close to Jesus can draw the

attention of the devil who may attempt

to lead you astray with deceitful

tactics nevertheless God’s love for you

will provide a shield of protection for

you and your family

tight yes if you

God says today

God will bestow upon you an

inexhaustible outpouring of his grace

granting you the same strength he

bestowed upon Peter and John enabling

you to serve him with complete diligence

furthermore he takes pleasure in making

you an abundant source of blessings that

never runs dry

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the

End if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your

life God says today

the almighty has the power to bring into

being what does not already exist as you

put your faith into action the Lord will

do something new in any area of your

life that appears unattainable

the Lord will make the seemingly

impossible possible for you

God’s message for you today take care to

use your time prudently as investing in

temporal activities can lead to


prioritizing God in your life will help

you avoid any potential diversions

if you watch this video to the end God

will give you something really

surprising today

watch this video till the end in trust

in God’s power

God’s message today

if you adhere to God’s Commandments and

act with Integrity he will grant you all

the necessary Provisions you shall want

for nothing

God’s message today

when you prioritize God in your life he

will remain your foremost priority in

every Endeavor he will bestow you with

blessings and prosperity without any

accompanying grief

God says when you adhere to the

Commandments of God he will be with you

granting you immense blessings and

enabling you to achieve success in your

endeavors to lead a righteous life it is

necessary to avoid all distractions and

pay heed to the guidance of the Holy



God says the Lord is ever present and

mindful of us his beloved children to

bestow upon us His blessings he gave us

the greatest of his gifts his own son

with the protection of God we can

fortify ourselves against the schemes of

the devil

empowering ourselves with the armor of

God we can be Invincible to the devil’s


God says type yes to affirm

God is saying to you today open your

heart to God’s teachings and be rewarded


as you call on God and invite him into

every aspect of your life no favor will

elude you


God says you are not reading this by

accident let us be inspired by Jesus who

is humble and truthful and followed the

father’s will let us strive to live

according to his teachings and bring

goodness into the world with God’s grace

we shall be blessed not for any works of

our own but simply because he loves us

God says today

today rest assured that God the Healer

and benefactor of job will pour out his

blessings upon you let your worries

dissipate and know that in this very

moment God is granting your every wish

and fulfilling your every dream


God says something good will happen to

you in the next six hours if you watch

this video to the end

God says today by putting your faith in

God and following his commands he will

save you from all suffering and distress

by showing your reverence for the Lord

you demonstrate your loyalty and faith

God’s message today trust in the Lord

and He will never abandon you he has

promised to Stand By Your Side and

nurture you like a beautiful garden

rely on Jesus the River of Life he

understands your wishes and knows your

innermost thoughts allow Jesus to enter

your life

and you will experience an overflowing


today God says no matter what

difficulties you come up against

remember that Jesus Christ has already

conquered them all take courage and

faith in the Lord and lay your burdens

at his feet for he has already paid the

ultimate price for you

today God says even in the midst of the

toughest times never give in to despair

instead keep your hope alive knowing

that God is always faithful to his


type yes if you need this


God’s message for you today

as you strive to deepen your

understanding of God you will be gifted

with the wisdom to recognize his

boundless love and compassion you will

be strengthened and safeguarded

throughout the course of your life and

through faith in him you will achieve

remarkable feats

let God’s strength Empower you and bring

these aspirations to fruition

God says today let your faith be your

guide in this challenging world

do not let your spirits be discouraged

allow God to be your beacon of light and

bask in the comfort of Jesus who

proclaims I am the Everlasting Light he

is ready to be a source of Hope and

strength for you and your family

God says today

be not dismayed turn to Jesus who

understands your sorrow and sees all

your tears as you call out to him he

will be close to you and wipe away your

tears do not be discouraged in a

seemingly impossible situation

keep praying with faith God will grant

your every wish for with God no feat is

too hard

if you agree leave a thank you God


God’s message for you today

as you trust and believe in the Lord he

will provide the help and guidance of

the Holy Spirit

his word will be the source of your

strength and the power of His blessings

will be yours

God’s message today

when you call out to God he will hear

you and respond in his perfect timing he

will fill you with his divine grace and

love and the Holy Spirit will be your

advocate in times of need

God’s message today

trust in the Lord and He will lift you

up seek his help in prayer and he will

answer you when you humbly submit to his

will he will honor you

God says spending quality time with God

and your family as well as with the

company of godly people can be

incredibly enriching and uplifting to

your soul

if you believe it please share the video


God says this Fellowship can help bring

out the best in you and make you a more

enlightened individual avoiding

unnecessary conversations and taking

this time to invest in yourself and

others will be immensely valuable


God is saying to you today

don’t be anxious have faith in the Lord

he is a loving God who looks after each

and every one of us so let him take

control of your worries

God says you are not reading this by

accident when Jesus illuminates your

life the devil will be in awe of your


no matter how aggressively the devil

attempts to engulf you in darkness and

torment you you will prevail against all

of his schemes because Jesus is with you

God says type Ammon to receive it

God says today trust in Christ and

follow his path and you will receive his

Blessing be hold the wonders of God

Promises of the Lord are true and short

they will come to pass

take heart and be patient for God is

gracious and faithful

as you wait God will work miracles in

your life


finally after watching this video up

until now I can finally draw the

conclusion that this video has really

impacted me in a positive way it really

made me think twice about the decisions

that I make in life and how I can be

more responsible with my actions

your turn to share comment below and

tell me what you’ve learned from God’s

message today Jesus said you will regret

ignoring this

that must mean there’s a valuable lesson

here and I would love to hear what

you’ve taken away from it maybe you’ve

seen how God’s love is so powerful and

how it cannot be ignored or you could be

learning to be more open to the things

God has to say and the ways he speaks

into our lives whatever it is I’m eager

to hear your thoughts and the ways this

message has impacted you let’s keep the

conversation going

God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it



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