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God Say : I Will Protect You | God message says |

in the realm of faith and devotion there

are few figures as revered and cherished

as Lord Jesus across centuries and

continents his teachings have served as

a Guiding Light offering Solace hope and

salvation to countless souls in times of

uncertainty and Peril invoking his name

brings a sense of comfort and

reassurance a belief that his Divine

protection extends to all who seek his

grace as we navigate the challenges of

our modern world let us turn to Lord

Jesus with humility and Faith trusting

in his boundless love to shield and

Safeguard us may his presence be our

Shield his wisdom our guide and his

compassion our strength Lord Jesus

protect us now and always Amen in The

Quiet Moments of reflection amidst the

storms of life there is a voice that

Whispers oh my child I can feel your

Fragile Heart hurting these words spoken

with infinite love and compassion beckon

us to turn towards the sword of all

comfort and Solace as we journey through

the trials and triumphs of each day this

video serves as a gentle reminder of

divine presence and unwavering support

with each tender assurance and

exhortation to Faith it guides us

towards a place of inner peace and

renewed strength so let us Embrace these

words let us find solace in their

promise and let us walk forward with

hearts uplifted knowing that we are

never alone on this sacred path of life

oh my child I can feel your Fragile

Heart hurting I don’t want you to hurt

any longer come to me I will revive you

rejoice your blessing is soon

approaching have faith right now pick

your head up you have made it this far I

am so proud of the progress you have

made I see what others can’t my child

you have made it through so much this

year and I want to remind you that I am

with you continue to keep your head up

you will get through this I did not

create anyone greater than anyone else I

need you to be humble you have made it

through the entire week you are alive

things might be a little hard but

continue to have faith I need you to

rest a new week will begin tomorrow this

week will be a better week put your life

in my hands this week will be a week of

blessings and goodness things didn’t

start the way you had planned keep your

faith in me I won’t let you down get

ready for a change life can hurt at

times but that hurt will not last

forever I need you to keep your head up

today is a new day I need you too worry

only about today today has enough

worries of its own I am with you your

problems do matter to me no matter how

small they are I care no matter how big

they are I care you matter to me I will

give you peace talk to me I am right

here with you I am not going anywhere

you have been telling yourself many lies

you have been telling yourself that you

are no good you have been telling

yourself that you are unlovable I need

you to stop with all those thoughts I

love you and you are lovable I am

waiting to talk with you don’t forget to

put your day in my hands I will take

care of you I need you to stop worrying

about tomorrow you are forgetting to

live in the moment right now be present

right now I can sense some sadness

inside of you right now talk to me I

want to make make you feel better I know

what you’re going through you’re not

alone many people out there may seem to

have it all together but even they are

hurting I am here talk to me I told you

I will never let you down take care of

what I bless you with cherish and love

it with all your heart I will bring

happiness into your life don’t worry I

am with you you are not alone I love you

in moments of anger and frustration turn

to me I am right here don’t be afraid

stop running away from me I can sense

your fear I want you to know that things

will be okay do not fear allow my

presence to enter your life begin to

rest be in the present you have been

thinking too much about the future and

it has prevented you from living in the

present enjoy life right now I know your

true intentions stop beating yourself

down begin to align your intentions with

actions you can do it you need to have

faith right now I will not not let you

down I have never let you you get one

life here on Earth enjoy it with

everything that I bless you with if you

stumble know that I am here to pick you

back up I love you Heavenly Father

please fill me with the peace and joy I

know can only come from you during this

journey to healing and Recovery that I

know is possible through your power

Alone Corinthians says that we are

hard pressed on every side but not

crushed perplexed but not in despair

persecuted but not abandoned struck down

but not destroyed we always carry around

in our body the death of Jesus so that

the life of Jesus may also be revealed

in our body Lord please bring life to my

heart and soul heal and menend my heart

from this feeling you are my strength

and everpresent help in trouble

therefore I will not fear heal all the

pieces of my broken heart and M them you

said in your word Lord that if you never

felt pain how would you know I am a

comforter exhibit your healing power in

my life right now Lord Heal Me

completely by your divine power I pray

for restoration Lord I pray for Revival

take away every pain implanted in my

heart that doesn’t seem to go away I can

no longer bear it these eyes that shed

tears long to see Joy once again give me

peace in my heart Psalm says that

he heals the Brokenhearted and binds up

their wounds heal me Lord I come to you

today with a broken heart and ask for

your healing let it flow like the

streams of living water into my heart

and soul thank you Lord for your healing

in Jesus name I pray amen when God is

ready to promote you he doesn’t take a

vote he doesn’t check to see who likes

you who’s for you or how popular you are

it’s not a vote it’s an appointment

promotion doesn’t come from people it

comes from the Lord when it’s your time

to be promoted no person no bad break no

disappointment and no enemy can stop you

God has the one and only vote he has the

final say so let’s not get tired of

doing what is good at just the right

time we will reap a harvest of blessing

if we don’t give up God says it will be

your turn soon you’ll be doing all the

celebrating and sharing all your good

news you’ll be the one inspiring people

with your success story

enjoy your process and think of the

bigger picture you have so much

greatness to offer you’re going to be

telling a different story really soon

one of healing success Health abundance

Prosperity love happiness peace and

great joy you’re going to be stronger

wiser and full of Life Sharing all your

blessings and passing along the light

you’re receiving for Abundant Blessings

righteous God I thank you for who you

are I thank you for being the god of

abundance because because I know that my

financial Miracle will come by your

divine power you are able to bless me

abundantly so that in all things at all

times having all that I need I will

prosper in every good work I know that

my finances will thrive in your hands I

know that I will be successful in all

that I do amen all you’ll be hearing

soon is congratulations you have

manifested your intentions you have

created what you dreamed about you are

in it right now you have it already what

a blessing it is to know that it’s

finally your time you trusted you prayed

you worked you did your part now it’s

all happening for you there’s many great

things about you what’s great isn’t

staying Bible alone it’s a mindset a

feeling a state of being embody that and

feel good about yourself allow it

because you already are there’s nothing

you’re becoming you’re just realizing

what you’ve always been you’re starting

to feel elevated and you’re experiencing

an increase in your life increase in

abundance creativity ideas awareness and

self-love you’re expanding in every way

even in the depths of your being you can

feel so many changes and Transformations

all are a blessing everything is good

it’s all in your favor it’s all

happening for you this Begins the

multiplication of all that you are your

blessings and everything becomes

fruitful if you found this message

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your support means a lot remember you

are blessed to bless others let’s unite

in prayer and support each other all

glory to God I declare all the blessings

from this prayer upon you in jesus’ name

May the peace and Grace of Jesus be with

you all together let’s grow in faith say

thanks to God for everything he gives

you type amen if you love God thanks

thanks for watching

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