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God Says➤ Hell Can’t Touch You If You Watch | God Message Today |

my cherished child as you rise each

morning your Vigor and Faith bring a

smile to my heart you face challenges

with unwavering determination never

faltering in your resolve you bear a

striking resemblance to me in your heart

I see a burning desire to do what is

right I am here to support you to keep

your family united and harmonious and to

bless you with each new Dawn’s first

light I urge you to continue down this

path to never let go of that Faith your

way of living is a beautiful devotion a

praise that fills my heart with joy your

virtuous actions Inspire and Elevate me

I long to open doors for others to

witness Someone Like You someone with

genuine Faith someone who truly loves me

I hold you in the highest regard you

face the fiercest winds without

responding with hatred or resentment to

those false friends who have harmed you

who may have taken material possessions

but could never steal what true matters

your faith dedication and unwavering

commitment to follow my will no matter

the trials you are undoubtedly my child

the word I planted in your heart has

borne much fruit and there are still

countless blessings and gifts for you to

harvest your future shines brightly and

rest assured I Stand By Your Side in


circumstance you can come to me with

confidence and pour out your soul at my

altar whenever doubts or mistakes weigh

on you my faithfulness will never waver

my presence will surround you and you

will feel it in your very being with a

multitude of heavenly armies at your

disposal ready and willing to Aid you I

will grant you victory over those who

may try to oppose you I will provide

healing banish illness and Empower you

when you speak my word the forces of

Darkness shall be defeated your life

your family your health your finances

and all those under your roof shall know

freedom and live in Victory your home

will radiate with my Majestic glory and

miraculous wonders will become a daily

occurrence you will be surrounded by

families of good-hearted people who will

also be blessed by your loving spirit I

urge you once more to stay the course to

resist straying into the land of

disbelief seek me learn grow and be

filled with my holy SP Spirit which will

reveal my love and affection to you

daily embrace the peace I offer the

peace that strengthens you my beloved

child you are forever loved you’ve

already thanked me today for the gift of

life so why wait it costs you nothing to

open your heart and express your

gratitude I know your needs even before

you voice them trust in me come and

spend a moment of serenity with me find

a quiet moment and reflect on the

countless reasons you have to be

grateful today your life your family

your health the air you breathe the

nourishment on your table the shelter

over your head my Supernatural

protection that envelops your home the

Vigilant Warrior Angels who stand guard

watching over your dreams and ready to

wage battle you have so many reasons to

feel blessed so fill your mind with

positive thoughts and open your eyes to

the goodness I place along your path

rest assured that I hold your destiny in

my hand

I dwell within a grateful heart one that

recognizes its need for me one that

seeks me with Faith and Hope because it

knows it is profoundly blessed you don’t

have to wait for that pain to happen

before you come close to me though come

to me now and let me hold you close with

love as a sign of how much I love you

today I’m right here ready for you don’t

let hopelessness take over I’m here to

help you before you even say a word I’m

always ready to listen know that I love

you very much and want to help you get

through the hard times that are weighing

you down you’ve come to me today because

you believe I can help you heal your

wounds erase the marks of the past and

give you back the good things you used

to have please know that I love and

admire you your strength in tough times

makes my heart sing don’t give up I am

your real faithful and Powerful God and

I will always be with you share this

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