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God Says➤ I Will Smile Again If You Skip | God Message Today |

my dear child I’ve given you a new life

cleansed your spirit and put you on a

special Supernatural path you are the

only one who will see and understand

what is happening be wise with these

gifts Bless the people around you in the

whole world but first bless your family

today keep going on your journey and

remember what I told you when

disagreements arise please accept my

help together we can climb that mountain

faster your spirit will be at peace

peace and you will feel calm as you go

about your days while I am with you what

a pleasure it is to talk with you it

makes me happy to help you and it makes

me happy when you come to me for help

let’s do the first thing together feel

my hug and your heart will be filled

with happiness and peace what a

wonderful feeling is growing in your

heart it gives you the strength to face

any challenge with confidence and

determination find my word what I said I

would do and my will

you live with me in heaven where you are

surrounded by good things but you have

to believe in order to get them you may

not fully understand or look forward to

these blessings yet but I am Real and

True more certain than the air you

breathe and brighter and cleaner than

the Sun that shines on your days I’m

always with you and listening to every

need that comes from your heart find out

what my grace really means it’s an

everlasting gift that comes from love

not because you deserve it or are

perfect I’m telling you that you deserve

the best because you already have it you

don’t have to win a lot of battles or go

through a lot of Trials to get more good

things Faith wins battles in my kingdom

and Thanksgiving and humility are shown

when blessings are given the skills and

Gifts I’ve given you are not for

bragging showing off or getting praise

and admiration from other people people

who really know me show it by the way

they act in a sincere and pure way they

don’t call themselves leaders or try to

get people to follow them they don’t

brag about having a lot of followers or

think of themselves as influential they

don’t look for fame or empty praise

protect your heart from Pride if you

really want to enter my Supernatural

Kingdom keep your head down even when

you know I’ve given you better gifts and

blessings if you genuinely want to help

someone in need and you do it from the

bottom of your heart you will see

amazing miracles happen there will be a

lot of healing blessings and strength

you have been given Authority you can

walk on conflicts and get through huge

problems without getting hurt you can

stand up and move forward toward victory

victory is already yours keep your faith

and unwavering confidence As you move

forward do not say anything that I don’t

like and get rid of any feelings that

have no place in your body get rid of

your old memories and regrets and make

room for new hopes and dreams let my

forgiveness heal you all the way around

let me change your past so that your

future looks bright I’m lighting a fire

in your heart that will shine on

everyone around you especially the

people you love very much look at how

their faces change when they look at you

the powerful anointing of my holy spirit

is what your eyes are shining with it’s

my gift to you out of love and grace you

are supposed to read my word and pray to

find me as you learn more about the

spirit ual world you will want to find

me even more I will tell you what I want

in your dreams be careful with this

valuable gift I’m not giving you a clear

picture of Heaven to share it with

everyone I want you to walk humbly and

treat others with respect because they

are related to you be kind to them the

way you want to be kindly if you are a

real and honest friend I will plant a

new Supernatural seed in your soul every

time you show love and kindness to

someone it will grow very well and bring

new Miracles healing and strength see

how beautiful it is when your family

friends and Brethren all come together

to seek me my Holy Spirit can’t live in

a place where people are always

rejecting me in fighting it makes me sad

when people say they love me but say bad

things about other people often without

being sure if someone keeps saying bad

things about other people but doesn’t

say anything good then their soul is dry

and there is no water water in the well

that is buried under the dust of

negativity allow me to do great things

in your life and in return show Faith

kindness patience and humility always

think well of other people and wish in

your heart that you can use your gifts

to make more good things happen the best

is already yours so you deserve it there

is no doubt that I love you and this

Holy Love can’t be taken away from you

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